Has Petr Cech been as good as ever for Arsenal this season?

This season (so far) Petr Cech has only played in the Premier League games for Arsenal, with Emilio Martinez getting the League Cup games and David Ospina allocated both the Champions League and the FA Cup. Cech is the record holder for the most clean sheets in the history of the Premier League, but this season he lost his record of never having conceded in 8 games in a row before.

With Arsenal conceding more and more penalties in this campaign, there is also the unfortunate fact that the 34 year old has never saved a spot-kick for the Gunners, and many fans have also noticed that he has let many goals past him on the near post. With Ospina putting in some amazing performances in the cups, many Arsenal fans have suggested that the Colombian should be chosen ahead of Cech in the EPL as well.

But, according to Cech himself, his performances have not dropped, he has simply been a little bit more unlucky than usual, especially with penalties. “So far it’s a kind of a different campaign,” Petr said on Arsenal.com. “because I think I have been doing well but if you take clean sheets, we had a run of games where we conceded at least one goal,” Cech said. “The most important thing is obviously that the team wins but it is good sometimes to have a clean sheet and that solid base at the back.

“We have conceded a number of penalties in games where the penalty was the only goal [we conceded], so sometimes you have these runs which are a bit unlucky against you but you would like to do something extra and find one extra save.

“Overall it is a season in which I am playing at the level I need to be at. You want to improve every game and keep the standard up the whole time – you don’t want to have a period where you are not doing so well or you are not where you should be, which hasn’t happened yet so hopefully I can keep like that.”

Personally I can’t help but feel sorry for Ospina, who has been excellent when called upon and extremely patient, but will he be happy to stay as backup and just play in some cups until Cech retires? Or do you think that Cech has deteriorated enough that Ospina should now be first choice in all competitions?



  1. Zimbo gunner says:

    They bring different qualities, much like alexis vs Giroud at striker… Ospina is much better at reflex saves and probably doesnt get beaten from range as much as Cech does, however Cech is much more commanding in the box when it comes to crosses and corners which is vital in the physical premier league, thus its all about what you are looking for in your keeper. Personally I think it should stay as it is.

    1. josh37 says:

      my thoughts exactly.. Ospina is just too damn shaky on set-pieces

  2. G-Rude says:

    I reckon Ospina should get a run. What happened last time he had a 6 month run in the side. His stats destroyed every other keeper in the Prem.
    Cech was replaced at Chelsea because he was getting older and slower, now he is even older!

  3. SUNNY13 says:

    I think, Ospina should get a run of games, Cech might need a break, every players needs completion. This will also be a signal of intent from the manager that every player needs to constantly improve. One of the flaws of Wenger is that he never drops players even if that are not 100%.
    Once he returs to the team he might be more charged up.
    No one’s place should be guaranteed.

  4. Break-on-through says:

    It’s an awful feeling knowing you give a penno away it means a goal. I am never confident after giving a penno away, who is, but rarely have I been less confident than with Cech. It might be a case of just saving one so to get it out of his head. Ospina is shaky with crossing, I could never understand this as they hold a huge advantage in using their arms. But Cech should not be immune to being dropped, if he is costing us points. The thing is ..about this different keeper for different comps, it shows that Wenger is trying to please everyone. Both keepers probably know their positions are safe, neither has to fight to stay in the team because Wenger has set up to try and please both. I’m not a fan of this arrangement.

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