Has Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang really said yes to Man Utd?

Doing my usual perusal of Arsenal related headlines I came across the beauty that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has said yes to a transfer to Manchester United.

Obviously, I clicked on the various articles and not one linked to the source of the claim, they did name Tuttopsort but that was it.

So I did my own research, went to Tuttosport and typed in the name Aubameyang into their search facility.

And nope, no headlines about Aubameyang saying yes to Manchester United and you would have thought that was fairly big news.

I did see the name Lukaku in a headline from the choices and thought I would try that and there you go, it was contained within that particular article.

About halfway down the page, I found the name Aubamayeng but I could not understand a word because it was all in Italian and so on to the notoriously unreliable Google translation service and this is what it said.

Stefano Pasquino

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang said yes to Manchester United. This can make the Red Devils more malleable on the Belgian so that Inter made a first offer equal to 60 million (ie the figure to which the attacker is budgeted). Yesterday a new summit took place with Federico Pastorello, an intermediary in the negotiations. Between today and tomorrow it closes for Sensi: easier than the counterpart is Gravillon instead of Vergani. Meanwhile, Agoumé’s agent has confirmed that he is close to Inter.

That is literally it, just eight words, no back story, nothing. You would have thought there would have been some sort of explanation, anything, but nope.

There is simply no way this is at all credible. I am not saying it will not happen but I am saying that there is no reliable evidence to back up the sensational headlines.

For now, I am dismissing this one as nonsense.


  1. ThirdManJW says:

    It probably is nonsense, but the board have said they’ll get rid of players with 2 years left on their contracts, unless the player signs an extension. Aubameyang only has 2 years left on his.

    Given the lack of assets to sell because the previous regime, and the low transfer kitty, selling Auba isn’t too far fetched. Despite is amazing goal tally, we looked better with one up front from what I saw last season. Lacazette is younger, and can play the lone striker role because of his excellent hold up play, and work rate. If we got 2 natural wingers either side of him, we will be deadly in attack. Auba is also 30 years old as well.

    I would still be very happy with Auba staying, but he has to sign a contract extension.

    1. ForeverGooner says:

      A 30 year old who won Golden Boot

      Quality doesn’t automatically switch off when you turn 30. Like pressing a light switch on and off
      Sports doesn’t work that way

      Ibrahimovic was awesome into his mid 30s

      Aubameyang will be as good next season as he was this season. Maybe even better if we can find a creative winger or CAM

  2. Sean says:

    Not a chance any of the big players are leaving after all of them feature in the new Adidas kit launch video. Saw Koss there too he must be staying the season but didn’t see Mustafi who is being targeted by Fenerbache apparently or Monreal & Mhiki in the video?

    Looks like Ozil, Bellerin, Laca & Auba is staying, Mhiki could be the one to go. The video tells you alot. Does Ozil not have a sponsorship deal with Adidas aswell?

    Teirney & Saliba look like could be the defensive players brought in, near £50m for the both.

    We still need a RB, CM & Winger.
    Though Nelson is back & will play we need more than that for the wings. The midfield still needs an upgrade alongside Torriera (who is staying also) as Guendouzi/Niles are the back up. All depends I suppose on what happens with Xhaka if he stays or goes!

    Early days yet Gooners, if Mustafi leaves I think it’s been a successful window no matter what. Elneny also can go out the door along with him

    1. Louis -marcel -Marquis says:

      Absolutely spot on there pal. I’d love to hear more sense. Instagram is king_ louis_3rd

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Good post, Sean. Thanks.

  3. Louis -marcel -Marquis says:

    I’m not against selling the player if he does not sign an extension. But i would rather get a much better player than zaha…a ziyech or a draxler

    1. ArsenalwinsWorldcup says:

      Nah man, Zaha is a Maverick… Ziyech and draxler are good but only as good as the team can get…. But Zaha is a monster even with CP, just give him the ball in the final third and he’ll deliver …

  4. Malik says:

    100m and martial then we’ll start talking, otherwise they can @$#+ off

  5. Thomaskelly says:

    Milan wants Lucas Torreira for 4.5 million for a 2 year loan then 25 million for making permanent that is a joke should be 50 million with no loan hes better than kovacic for 40 million

  6. Auba should be asked to extend. We cannot continue to sell our prime to direct rival. Remember Man Utd will never do this ever under this circumstance. Auba is a Legend.

  7. umair says:

    Arsenal must not sell Auba under any circumstances. United go and cry in the corner while trying to sell Lukaku.

    It’s time Arsenal shows some spine and let United suffer for their own mistakes & poor performance.

    Same goes with Laca and Torriera.

  8. OxInTheBox says:

    Get him an extention is bad idea, it will mean we will have him on a 250-300K a week until he is 33-34. We don’t need another Ozil.
    Sell him to United is also bad.
    I say sell him to PSG. We might get 2-3 palyrs in exchange. Having Draxler and Kimpibel for him is not a bad deal.

  9. Tommogun58 says:

    Its a tricky one because of his age, the only thing I am sure about is that we do not sell to another Prem league club,especially Man UTD.

    1. OxInTheBox says:

      I heard we are asking 65m for him. Thats insane, PL top scorer wirh two years in contract to a PL rivals, anything less than 90m is mad. Martial+45m will be a good deal.

  10. Gily says:

    If Auba says yes to ManU, then we should sell, sell, sell and run away with the money. It’s not as if he a deadly striker even though he won the Gboot, because he actually wasted dozens of clear scoring chances.

    This is the only chance we have to get good money from him.

  11. Sue says:

    I hope not… it’ll be sickening seeing yet another of our players depart for Old Trafford

  12. dotash says:

    Selling Aubameyang to fund Stan Kroenke ranch business is a good business for Arsenal. We can even sell Lacazette, Torreira and Guendozi also so that the ranch business can blossom, mtcheeew

  13. Sean Williams says:

    These clickbait articles are started by some bored journalist in Italy or Manchester. Just like videos that become viral, these clickbait articles suddenly spread like a meme (in the true meaning of meme). Best to avoid this clickbait at any level. Clickbait is manipulative and has it’s basis in self-serving intentions.

    1. Admin Martin says:

      Just needed a bit of research to prove the original claims wrong

  14. Tom says:

    Just like Spurs and Liverpool did with Bale and Suarez, if the proceeds from the sale of aubameyang will be utilise effectively to improve the team….then we should collect the money ..but knowing my dear arsenal from recent dealings I doubt the money will be use to acquire the right replacements for the various poaitions needed

  15. Mogunna says:

    He’s already tired of depressing Arsenal lack of ambition. Just as Van Persie, Sanchez who made wrong Manchester choice, City fits more his play. Henry had to go to Barça to win all titles, he saw lack of ambition and Wenger trying hard
    Making miracles with no money; reaching CL final!

    Anyway, Auba style fits Man U, let’s take 80M, get Zaha.

    But it wont happen, Man U is on him too. Spurs got Dombele in our face and about to do for Saliba.

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