Has Ramsey finally found perfect role in Arsenal system?

Aaron Ramsey has been focussed on for praise for his display for Arsenal against Chelsea this weekend, and is said to have dominated Cesc Fabregas.

The Gunners earned a hard-fought 0-0 draw away to the Premier League champions on Sunday, and Aaron Ramsey has rightly been singled out for his performance.

“As soon as you saw Fabregas’ name on the team-sheet, you knew that Conte was picking him so he can pick out those passes, to create opportunities for those front players, to dictate the pattern of the play,” he said.

“For the first 15-20 minutes he did that, he hit one great ball in behind Arsenal for Pedro to run onto and he should have scored.

“But after that, Ramsey started to dominate him.

“He got tight to him, he stopped him playing forward passes.

“When he won possession, he got at the weakness of Fabregas.

“He started to run behind him, he had one great run where he hit the post.

“Those two central midfield players, Xhaka and Ramsey, were absolutely brilliant.

“They were more disciplined than they ever have been and I thought they were outstanding.

“Only once did Ramsey, when he broke forward, allow Xhaka to be outnumbered.

“While of course Chelsea weren’t at their most fluent best, Arsenal were more organised, they were better disciplined and for once they showed a great defensive understanding.”

Was this Ramsey’s most disciplined and workmanlike performance in an Arsenal shirt? Is he set to be key in the way our season pans out? Is his central midfield role perfect for his abilities?

Pat J

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  1. Arsenal players did a great job man-marking Chelsea’s players. Xhaka and Ramsey made Kante and Fabregas unable to develop their games, because Xhaka and Ramsey always pressurized them.

    But as a deep central midfielder, I think Ramsey’s skills, his ability to break the opponent’s attack and robbing the ball are still below Kante’s. He would be better if playing behind a striker, because of his high work rate and his adventurous habit.

    Both Xhaka and Ramsey need a good defensive midfielder behind them, to free them from the opponent’s pressures and give them space to develop their vision.

  2. 9 years and 300 games for the club
    and we are still wondering if Ramsey
    has found his best position.
    Lets not rush things 🙂

    1. Ramsy did not need that many to find his best with Wales. At Wenger’s Arsenal it has been different and difficult. Same for Walcott, same for Oxlade – same for Arshavin, for Wiltord etc. etc. Wenger has never looked for a tactical formation and game plan which brings the best out of his players. He has had his own idealistic dream and the players have had to fit in – even if it obviously doesn’t suit.

    1. Previously he was sometimes stuck out on the right wing, for example. Or when in central midfield ….. Wenger would seek wins via his beautiful attacking ideal …. with Ramsey told to surge into the oppo. penalty area. This worked occasionally but too often left us short in midfield. He and the team have not often been sent out to play with shape and discipline. WENGERS LAW.

  3. ramsey is really amazing if he keeps it simple instead of bombing front like a striker, if he can replicate 13/14 season form again it could really help our season.

  4. Ramsey wil shine in a forming part of a threesome man midfield in a 4:3:3 formation with a strong defensive midfielder at d center and Ramsey and Xhaka by the sides… And a trio attackers of Sanchez Lacazatte Welbeck… #myarsenaldream#

  5. As vijay said…If he could keep it simple,dont rush foward early rather late and dont dribble unnecessarily then he be as good as any midfilder. He plays as a better midfielder and ball creator for the national team maybe because he feels there is no better ones there. But as soon as he comes back to london and ozil and sanchez included in the same team he leaves all the creativity for them only looking for space to score. Meanwhile he is a good creative midfelder…with good short and long range passes. Hope he understands his role relative to what the team needs.

  6. For me, Rambo has always been good for us and he showed he potential a few seasons ago when he got 20 goal or so in all competition. However, he problem has always been the fact that he is not consistent enough and that is for lack of discipline, he also tends to want to impress rather than just play his normal game. Also, he seems to always come up with the odd injury every time he manages to puts in a consistent run of games and then he out of a few weeks and then he has to come back again and try to himself back to form and just when he puts in a consistent run of games, he gets injured again.

  7. Wouldnt this be our best formation to bring the best out of ramsey/xhaka:
    Bellerin mustafi koscielny kolasinac
    Wilshere/ramsey xhaka
    Ozil sanchez
    We really dont have a good right winger… bellerin has to run up and support the attack and 1 of the CM/DM should cover him if we are attacking.

  8. Wurrrr errr doo to the doo ..to the do, to the doo to the dooo, to the doo to doo ..wuuurrr stat attack stat attack, do do, stat attack stat attack, stat stat stat …stat atackk!!!!!!!

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