Has Reiss Nelson ended Marquinhos’ Arsenal future?

In a surprising turn of events, Reiss Nelson has committed to extending his stay at Arsenal for several more seasons, reportedly agreeing to a new long-term contract with the club. Just a month ago, it appeared that the Englishman was destined to depart the Emirates as a free agent, with his previous contract running down.

However, Arsenal has successfully persuaded Nelson to remain, showcasing their belief in his potential. The talented winger now aims to secure regular playing time in the star-studded first team at the Emirates, eager to make his mark on the squad.

With Nelson’s contract renewal, journalist Charles Watts speculates that Marquinhos is likely to depart the Emirates, possibly on loan once again. This development adds an interesting layer to Arsenal’s transfer dynamics as they navigate the upcoming season.

He said on his YouTube channel:

“Marquinhos, I think, will go out on loan again. 

“I’ll be surprised if he sticks around, especially with Reiss Nelson signing a new contract. 

“I think Marquinhos needs a good season, obviously he spent the second half of last season at Norwich. I think he needs a full season somewhere, it doesn’t have to be in England, it could be somewhere abroad.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Nelson is one of the finest players we have groomed at our academy, so he is one of our own.

We needed to keep him and now expect him to be very influential to the team in the next campaign and the ones that come after that.

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  1. So Reiss Nelson is one of our own?
    And Marquinhos is not just because he was signed?
    It should always be about what is best for the club and not about misplaced loyalties (although loyalty is very important).
    It wasn’t that long ago that we signed him and he is very young, having to adapt to a whole different culture.
    A loan to a Spanish or Portuguese club would do him the world of good – he clearly has a lot of talent and just because he hasn’t smashed his way into the first team does not mean he is a poor player – Martinelli disappeared from sight for a year before he broke into the first team.
    Reiss Nelson is a great player as well – it is good to have two good players competing for a place – it is exactly what Arsenal needs.

    1. Your points are clear but Martinelli who was actually recruited by our South American scout Cagig ao not Edu had all the ingredients to succeed in the EPL including pace and trickery which Marquinos don’t have.

  2. Something and nothing, it doesn’t affect Marquinhos at all, he could figure in pre season, impress and get a spot on the bench in games next season. He could also likely go out on loan again to get further experience. The headline question is somewhat misleading in this respect, as why would Nelson signing affect him? We are apparently looking at signing back up to Saka, so would that spell the end for both of them?

  3. Marquinos and Viera not making it in the EPL.
    Marquinos lack pace and trickery to succeed playing on the wing in the EPL.

    Arteta should’ve vetoed Edu’s purchase of Marquinos. Not good enough. Waste of money I think.

    Viera also lack pace and physicality. He also lack dribbling and trickery like Bernardo Silva of City. This year may be his last trial year.

    Edu’s penchant for recruiting Brazilian/Portuguese players using his superagents friends Kia and Mendes has to be stopped else he’ll be dumping these type of players on Arteta which will cost the club.

    Re: Cedric

    Nearly bought:
    Neto-Brazilian reserve Gk of Barca
    Royal-now playing at Spurs
    Douglas Luiz-playing at Villa

    1. So explain why his last club were so angry to let him go? He definitely has what it takes to succeed in the Premier league.

      The transition phase is different for every player. There is no denying he has talent.

      I think maybe going to Norwich wasn’t the ideal choice. Maybe his first loan should have been to a team in the spanish/french leagues so that he can flourish.

      I for one am looking forward to seeing him in the first team one day. If anything I’m less convinced by Nelson. I’ve always thought that Nelson performs for the odd game then goes missing for about 5

  4. Sorry but I’m sick of reading such rubbish, marquinhos is a class player. Pace and trickery? Now my memory ain’t great but I’ve been well Impressed by him. I’m not a football scout or coach but I’m certain he has a future at the club. He may have been bought as an investment and sold but to sit n say he ain’t good enough when we have seen him play well when given chance

    1. Nigel if he cannot make an impression in the Championship, he is highly unlikely to make it in the EPL.I hope I am proved wrong but I don’t see Marquinhos nor Veiria making it with Arsenal.

      1. I definitely think you are wrong.

        The beauty of the Premier league and why it is the best league in the world is down to the fact that the demands to succeed in this league are different.

        Anyone that goes to the gym knows that gains don’t come instantly, they come with consistent effort day by day.

        The reason I’m saying that is that the physicality of the league is one of the hardest things for foreign players to navigate. And physicality takes more time than technical ability.

        Viera is a good player, but he was brought in as a prospect. His potential was obvious, as is marquinos’.

        Any skill is trainable, but some skills require more time than others. So the skills that those players are lacking may take more time to acquire than other tricks and skills that can be easily taught in the training field.

        I have complete faith that both players will come good in time

        1. Obviously by technical ability I mean “skill aquisition”, which can be taught and learned. “Get stronger” is something that will always take time to happen

  5. Nigel

    Watch this space. He’s not going to make it. Lacks pace to take on full backs. Seen him fail on that score few times I’ve seen him play.

    Edu just wanted to buy a Brazilian as always.

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