Has Rob Holding now earned his place in the England team?

In my opinion, Rob Holding has been one of the most improved Arsenal players this season, and I don’t think we managed even one clean sheet before he was drafted into the side. But he has now become a regular and is very keen to join up with Gareth Southgate’s young revolution in the England national team. “I think this is my best run in an Arsenal shirt,” Holding said. “Consistency-wise, it’s been 12 games consistently playing to a good level, not playing because someone is injured but on merit. That gives you more confidence.

“Gareth Southgate has brought a refreshed feeling to England with a lot of young lads. If you’re playing well in the Premier League week in, week out, as we saw with Callum Wilson and Lewis Dunk, you’re going to get chances.

“You want to be a part of what they are creating at the moment. Obviously what they did at the World Cup and there is the Euros in over a year’s time. It’s a great time to be involved with England so why wouldn’t you want to be.”

And so he should be involved judging on current form. The ex-Bolton man has also outlined why he has improved so much under Emery’s direction. He continued: “The main difference is how we’re defending when we’re attacking,” he said. “When we’re up the other end of the pitch, how we are organised and prepared for a counter. That has been the biggest difference.

“We’re really focusing on video work, moving as little as five yards in some positions which makes all the difference when getting to the ball.

“When we were playing we would be stood there and no one would be talking to each other, whereas now there is much more communication.

“We seem a bit more organised and a bit more together at the back.”

And long may it continue! If Rob holds onto his place in the team and goes to the Nations League Final this summer, then we may finally have an Arsenal and England player to cheer on at the Euros!



  1. I suggest in all seriousness that the much improved Holding still has some considerable progess to make before being seriously regarded by Southgate as an England possible. Hope is positive and ambition is fine. But those qualities should be temperered with realism both by Rob and by us Gooners. Though vastly better than last season, he is some way from full England level still. So, in my view, is Lewis Dunk, even though he has already played. In olden times such hugely talented an ex player as George Armstrong who played for us more than ALMOST any other player ever AND WHO WAS A TRULY GIFTED AND PRODIGIOUSLY HARD WORKING MAN, never made full England level. Caps should never be given as mere cannon fodder, eg Chambers and also Rooney in his bad joke 120th cap last week.

    1. I don’t know about George Armstrong, but I don’t think getting into ur national team should be used to determine how good you are.

      Cazorla was our best player for a few years, he never made it into a star studded Spain first team, Ramsey is one of the first names in Welsh national team. If ur George Armstrong was a very hardworking talented player like you said, he might not have gotten into that English team cos of the other players there, like ur Cazorla, or maybe the coach doesn’t prefer him or something, like ur lacazette.

      Armstrong might not have made it into THAT english team for one reason or the other, but I don’t think a defender needs to because godin or a kompany to get into THIS English team

        1. George Armstrong played at a time when England caps were not handed out like they are nowadays.He was a great winger.Tireless worker and provider for all his strikers.England never really played with wingers in the mid sixties to late seventies.But trust me the fans and his team mates loved him

          1. Right Phil, never had 10 subs in those days, picked 11 started with 11 and finished with 11. Under today’s format Geordie would have had 50 caps.

      1. It is a crying shame that you as a Gooner have no clue who George Armstrong was and how important,popular, revered and long playing a player and then coach he was at Arsenal. These facts can easily be found out in our digital age, if you are interested. When I was merely 10, nearly sixty years ago and long before our easily past researchable modern age, I knew a great deal about Arsenal former greats who were long deceased. But then I was passionately interested and still am, though now 68. And he was not “my,” or to quote you “ur” George Armstrong but known to Arsenal fans world wide then and since. Proper fans! You really might do your Arsenal homework FIRST if you want to discuss with us old fans who know our Arsenal onions. And our Arsenal PLAYERS!!

        1. Jon,Kenny,Andrew E and all us other “Old Timers”.Its So Khoisan’s for us to reflect back in time.One day all the other Young Guns will be doing the same.Most only probably know the Wenger Era so have no clue what and who we were brought up with.Kenny went into great detail over WHL 71 the other day and we all jumped in with out two bobs worth (that’s 10pence in today’s money).I actually spent the night with the TV OFF telling my wife (for the millionth time) about those days and how different things were back then.Although only in my mid teens in 1971 (14 to be exact) I remember everything about those days as if it were yesterday.My wife was a season ticket holder from 1982-83 and my god were we absolute RUBBISH back then despite having some very very good players.When we lost Brady at the end of the 1980 season we seemed to fall apart.But even my wife remembers how loyal the supporters were to the Club.Highbury with only 25000 (less than half full) was a lonely old ground at times and yet we still have 40,000+ on the waiting list for season tickets nowadays. The latter day fans should know it wasn’t always like it is now.But no matter how poor we were we were still THE ARSENAL.I don’t seem to get that feeling these days with the younger fans.Im not blaming them.My son was born at the beginning of the 1983-84 season (First game Birmingham at home December 1984 I think.0-0 draw.F***ing worst game you could ever imagine.He was 16 months old and I regret I didn’t get him there sooner).So He was 6 when we won the League in 89.He was at home watching with his mum (could not get another ticket for Anfield forvlove nor money) and he remembers those days like yesterday.Sadly nothing before.But as Jon said there is technology for anyone to read up on our glorious (and not so glorious past).Do yourselves a favour guys and do this.You will learn the very foundations of this Club and why were and continue to be known forever as THE ARSENAL.
          Now I’m off down the pub for a Milk Stout.
          And I will not go without a shout out to Ken1945,Declan and ALL OLD TIMERS EVERYWHERE.

          1. Have a Mackeson and mild for me Phil, but don’t touch that awful Red Barrel, the start of the demise of REAL BEER!!

            1. Hear Hear. Awful stuff and I have not drunk that muck for well over forty years. When I used to go to away games on the Suportrs Club coach they sometimes passed around a sick bucket, which was well used on late journeys home from Oop North. Enjoy your lunch folks!

              1. Been away from the computer for the last 36 hours, missed some good articles from Phil, Jon and Ken talking about the youngsters lack of interest in the history of our great club. When I was a kid I read every book about Arsenal I could get my hands on and took in all the information I could get about the older generation. Even today, now they’re are computers the youngsters can get so much knowledge from watching “You Tube” videos. I suggest to them they start by buying the book “The History of Arsenal” by Martin Tyler and Phil Soar, it’s a truly great read and deals not only with the records and statistics but the little stories like, for example, the horse and it’s cart that fell into the foundations when the original North Bank was constructed and was left there. Wonder if the residents of Highbury Square know of it’s existence.

    2. Jon, agree 100% with your Geordie Armstrong epitaph, can still remember the words to his song Geordie Geordie Armstrong Geordie Armstrong on the wings, a great Arsenal man, sadly missed by all who were fortunate to have seen him play.
      Someone else who never got the praise I felt he should hae got was Peter Simpson from the ’71 double winning side.
      A real professional, quite and confident, the perfect opposite to our other midfielder Peter Storey as far as different players and personalities went.

      1. Ken-Dont you believe that is what made gather 1970-71 double winning side so special? Different characters all with great ability and a desire to win that is very rarely seen in any side.As you said in an earlier post -thatcteam was allowed to break up far too quickly

        1. Phil, absolutely agree.
          I read somewhere that Peter Simpson has never been back to The Arsenal, having fallen out of love with the game.
          Do you know the circumstances behind his story?
          As far as I am aware, he has just disapeared from view and has no contact with anyone/anything related to football.
          Did you enjoy your Mackeson?

          1. Also Phil, your comment regarding only knowing the Wenger era is so true.
            My grandson said exactly that when the season started, being 22 now and going to see AFC since the age of six.
            He actually watched the video of 89 and remarked how different everything about football in general seemed.
            He loved the passion of that DVD however and is one of those who called for AW to go about four years ago.We had a few heated arguments as you can guess!!!!

            I looked up Peter Simpson on google ,but could find nothing more and ended up buying a signed photograph of him for £2.00.
            Will be in the room by end of next week!!!

            1. Ah those memories Ken.There were very many reunions and tribute evenings held at the Emirates organised by Sammy Nelson and Charlie George.I must have been to a dozen or so over the years but not for quite a while now.Im pretty sure Peter Simpson was at the 1971 Reunion.Not many were not there.Obviously George Armstrong had passed away and Bob McNab was living in the States but I seem to recall PS being there.I will ask around as I’m now interested in what happened to him.
              Kudos to your Grandson for 1)Wanting Wenger Out 2) Being keen to track back on the history of the Club.
              Peter Storey-I Just loved that player.And who can forget that double including a last minute penalty against Stoke at Hillsborough in the semi final.Should have had more England Caps than he got.His book is a great read.

            2. Four years ago eh Ken? Aged only then eighteen he had already left you behind. Only teasing dear friend. Oh, I am a beast and don’t I just love it! Stay nice and don’t be like me, for your own sake. I do have a nice side though – it comes out every Christmas Day and then hibernates again for the rest of the year! So sad about Peter Simpson. They used to say he could shell peas with that magical left foot

              1. Phil, Ken and Jon, Do you remember how Peter Simpson used to jump behind the attacker with his forearm firmly planted on the attackers back just below his neck so he could never get off the ground. Brilliant, got away with his whole career. PETER, PETER SIMPSON OOH OOH.

  2. Jon fox,Rooney is a legend so I don’t think I get your argument on him being given a deserved fair well match, I think he’s the all time highest goals scorer for the English national team,he deserve that to be sent out on a high.

    1. Wayne Rooney , 53 goals in 120 games…… Jimmy Greaves, 44 goals in 57 games. That’s what you call a legend.

      1. I agree, Jimmy Greaves was Englands most lethal striker. Very similar to Gerd Muller who was probably the most prolific international striker of all time.

      2. Or to put Rooneys career another way, 53 goals in 119 caps plus a farce 120th selection, which has shamefully cheapened all caps awarded from now on. Spot on about Greavsie. Different class, even though a Spud.

    2. Leon, That is your prerogative. You have your opinion and I have mine. No one suggested you have to “get my argument.” It may well depend on how important one thinks a full cap should be to any player.

  3. Depends on how fast he can improve his speed

    He is good in the air, but I don’t think he is as fast as VVD

    1. He needs to improve massively.Can be easily turned at times and susceptible to being beaten for pace due to poor positioning.I don’t think he’s good enough for Arsenal at the moment let alone England where he’ll be competing with others in different leagues for the same spot.

  4. For the record and a lifetimes experience, I’m including Rooney, Shearer, Linekar, Wright and anybody else you wish to mention, without a doubt and don’t let anybody tell you any different, James Peter (Jimmy) Greaves was the greatest English striker we’ve ever had.

  5. At the moment Rob Holding is not international standard but it is early days he’s only 23 and nowhere near his peak. With the new coaching system behind him and with hard work, I can see him developing into a top CB. He definitely has the right attitude to succeed.

  6. Spot on JF.While Holding is doing well be is still a good bit below the likes of Maguire,Stones and Gomez in the pecking order.This is an area where England are fairly strong at the present time.

  7. @georgie b-I believe he was one of Mourinho’s first signings and that to me he was rated very highly at the time.The fact that Portuguese Twat has him now down the pecking order does not mean he has lost it.Wasnt Linderoff Another “Must Get” player for £45m+ that he had to buy but noe plays second fiddle most weeks.
    I’m with you on Bailly.He is a very good defender who will strengthen our back line immediately.And he KNOWS the Premier League Which is important.

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