Has Rob Holding put the blame on Granit Xhaka for Liverpool draw?

Arsenal defender Rob Holding has opened up about the unforgettable 2-2 draw against Liverpool at Anfield in April, shedding light on the challenges his team faced and the pressure of playing in front of the Reds’ passionate fanbase.

Mikel Arteta’s side took a stunning 2-0 lead within the first half-hour of the match, a result that could have put them eight points ahead of Manchester City in the Premier League table had they held on. However, Arsenal’s hopes were dashed as Liverpool fought back to grab a draw.

The game appeared to change when Granit Xhaka clashed with Liverpool defender Trent Alexander-Arnold and while Holding does not specifically name Xhaka, it is clear that he thinks that was the moment the game changed in the Reds’ favour.

Holding stated on the JAXXON podcast as quoted by 90mins, “We were 2-0 up, and suddenly there was an action, and their crowd just got lifted and got aggressive, and you could see it boost their players… It is a tough, tough place to go and take all three points, and we should have to be fair.”

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It has divided opinion on Xhaka’s role in Liverpool’s comeback in that game, Arsenal was still two up at that stage, however, Holding’s words do point towards the Swiss midfielder being the one that lifted the Liverpool players.

Maybe Holding is not blaming Xhaka but referring to “an action” is obviously the incident that involved the former Arsenal captain and it is very hard to read it any other way.

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  1. I don’t think Holding was blaming Xhaka but I certainly think that as a result of what happened, the crowd and Liverpool team reacted positively, unfortunately. I felt it altered the direction of the game.

  2. It was the turning point of our season. Xhaka riled the crowd and the rest is horrible history.

  3. Water under the bridge, as far as I know. More concerned over recent reports that the X-man is still thinking about extending his stay with us.

    Really don’t know what to think.

    Granit in? Or Granit out?

  4. Holding would have the brass neck to blame Xhaka for the lose. 2-0 up and then get outplayed? Do me a favour! For multiple reasons the team didn’t have what it took to win the league. They are young and it will come.

  5. What good does diggingup what is now history do us? Answer: NONE!
    Lets look forward and not back.
    Recriminations are pointless and just a poor excuse to have an entirely academic debate which , I repeat, does no good but can do harm.

    Its not for me as I am a realist and concerned with the present and near future and NOT the pointlessly raked over past!!

    1. That’s great news Jon – at last I won’t have to read about all the “subpar” players you think were signed from 2008 until 2018, along with the manager who signed them.

      I will remember that last paragraph for future reference when you start berating players who left the club during the period outlined above.

      I actually preferred Rob Holding’s quote from yesterday anyway.

      1. BRAVO Ken. Guilty as charged, which is yet another well observed reason why I SAY WE ARE ALL HYPOCRITES. I have never claimed that I am not one either.
        Though in my defence, I was, THIS TIME, simply trying to look forwards, not backwards, to what I REALLY feel wil be a special season under a special manager.
        And you were up late last night I NOTICE!

  6. I take this as an excuse, a professional football who cannot perform cuz of Liverpool’s crowd especially when they are 2-0 up is not a good footballer.
    I believe Liverpool was beaten in that same ground this season.
    Is that also the same reason we find it difficult to beat Man U and Man City at there home ground. We only beat Spur at there home ground last season after how many years?

    We’re not just up for it and that’s all. We’re even surprised we found ourselves 2-0 up. So was it the Liverpool ground sound who made TAA dribbled past Zinchenko?
    Maybe the sound help us make Salah lose the penalty. So many things happened in the match that shows we’re no more up for the season

    I believe the sound of Liverpool didn’t affect us against Westham when we went 2-0 up and immediately the boys remember the Liverpool sound, they went into melt down and the sound was in Saka’s head and that’s why he missed the penalty.

    I hope this sound will not follow the boys around next season too.

    Believe me, Arsenal before the world up will win that match 2-0 up and no amount of shouting from the crown will make them lose that match.

    Arsenal meltdown has been on display for long but we’re only grounding out result but that match is the beginning of the end.

  7. The situation with Xhaka was a turning point in the game, it incited the crowd and in turn energized the home team, but we should have galvanized ourselves. Is it a lesson learned? We will see. No point in dwelling on this any longer.

  8. I still don’t understand why people think Xhaka started that. Trent started the fight, Xhaka didn’t even retaliate, he just stood his ground and people think Liverpool got back because of that. Whether Xhaka stood his ground or fell like a weakling, the Anfield ground would have still woken up. It was our inability to control the game, which Xhaka was the one of the best performers, that lost us points. It’s just lazy analysis considering the video can be seen anytime, anywhere.

  9. That what separates boys from men. When you go back in time and see the replays of GG’s men defending, then you realize that Holding is made for a Sunday league or maybe a school tournament at most. Stupid decision to hire him in the first place.

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