Has Saliba goal helped Arsenal in pursuit of French midfielder?

Has Saliba helped out Arsenal with a transfer decision?

So, with the Ligue 1 season finally at an end will us Arsenal fans have William Saliba to thank when he eventually returns to Colney?

After what had been a difficult start to his Arsenal career, Saliba was sent on loan to Nice to give him more game time.

So having had a rather successful loan spell, it will be a disappointment if he wasn’t given the chance to prove himself in a Gunners shirt when he does return.

But I think his performance in the final game of the season against Lyon may just have a big part to play in what happens next.

In a game that meant more to Lyon than it did to Nice, you would have thought Lyon would be up for the fight and would go all out to get all three points, however it was not to be!

Lyon were in a battle for third place with Monaco and desperately needed the win, and the hope that Monaco would lose or draw to guarantee a chance of getting into the Champions League qualifying round. Monaco had done their bit to hand third place to Lyon if they got the result..

Going 2-1 up with 40 minutes gone, it seemed as though Lyon were going to be in for a tough game yet had the ability to get the much-needed win.

However, it wasn’t until 10 minutes later that they had a real game on their hands when Hassane Kamara equalised for 2-2, but with 40 minutes still to play, it was anybody’s game.

But it would be William Saliba, of all people who would have the final say when he scored what would turn out to be the winning goal of the game, to ensure Lyon fell in to the Europa League.

Now although it is still European football for Lyon, you can’t help but think that that may just be enough to decide the fate of Houssem Aouar.

And despite Arsenal not being in any European competition next season it may be a blessing in disguise, and surely the end is nigh for his career at Lyon right?

Well if it is and we do get him I think we can safely say thank you to Saliba for playing a big yet subtle part in it!

Here’s hoping hey Gooners?

Shenel Osman

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  1. Seriously???? The guy will leave because Lyon wont be CL and only EL so he will join Arsenal who aren’t in europe at all. What sort of logic is that !!!!

  2. Had to read the article twice to get my head around the writers thinking, though I rather think the Aouar ship sailed some time ago but if he does join its down to Saliba scoring?

    1. Pretty sure his family even said Arsenal would just be a stepping stone on the way to a real big club if I remember correctly. Shows you the thinking and he’s a mercenary.

      Also if Saliba has said anything to him, it would be to stay away from MA after his own experience.

  3. It actually would help. It would lower aours price tag as he is not in CL. Would also probs be less of a blow to the player not being in CL. I mean these are small factors but still factors all the same.

  4. That’s 5 years in a row St Totteringham day has had to be cancelled.
    Arsenal actually already has a top 4 squad. But with an 8th place manager that’s where you end up.
    It’s not rocket science.
    8th last season.
    8th this season
    If we have such a great manager why do we need to change the squad?
    Just throw some fairy dust or 200 mill at the problem and hope for the best.
    Never mind we have been throwing millions at players and salaries for years. Funny these are the same fans who protested that money is ruining the game.
    We must preserve good old fashioned English values by buying 200 million worth of foreign players every season.
    Just keep doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.
    The Arsenal way it’s in our dna.

    1. That was a bit random Wyoming
      Regardless of Arteta, a squad always needs freshening up as players age etc and I believe that Arsenal didn’t have a top4 squad last season in any case. Top6 definitely was achievable though and scraping into 8th was not good enough.

      It won’t be me saying pay them what they want either because that is what is ruining the game.

      1. 👍 SueP, you only have to look at the Club’s above Arsenal in the table; they won’t be “sitting on their hands, resting on their laurels. ”
        Unfortunately, you can’t fix “stupid” .

        1. We’ve already lost martinez to villa apparently they now in talks with buendia who we shud get before aoar he iz anothther bullet dodger like that Thomas lemar let’s get buendia before we done by villa yet agen😔

    2. Arsenal spent 258.2M pounds since start 2018/19 while United spent 261M. just few pounds short of united.
      Ole has managed to bring the best from his squad (even shaw) but our fans believe we need to spend like Chelsea before we can see even a minor improvement. We will be watching.

  5. I would not go for Aouar. A lot of money for a player who blows hot and cold and would be hacked to pieces in the EPL. I would rather see Emi Buendía who has performed and is used to English leagues.

    1. I agree Sean Aouar hasn’t been great and Buendia is a good rounded midfielder.

    2. Correct. Let’s buy players who we know can cut it in the English league. It frequently takes overseas players a whole season to adjust – if they ever do.

    3. Sean, he hasn’t set the League alight this season. For the money Lyon will want, you would want to see more consistency, not a player who may be a “one season wonder”.

  6. When you write an article based on other team’s misery but forget about your own team.

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