Has Schneiderlin proved that Arsenal SHOULD have signed him?

I am not just writing this article because Arsenal have a central midfield crisis on our hands, with injuries and fitness issues making it appear that we could have no Jack Wilshere, Aaron Ramsey, Abou Diaby or Mikel Arteta available for the next two very important games against Galatasaray.

But it does highlight the fact that signing the France international Morgan Schneiderlin from Southampton this summer would have been a very useful piece of transfer business indeed. The 24-year old capped off a great season for the Saints by breaking into the France team and appearing at the World Cup finals and he has started this campaign in even better form.

A combative but also technically gifted player, Schneiderlin seemed to me to be the ideal man to come in and beef up the Gunners heart, but although we were heavily linked with him, it did not happen for some reason even though he made it clear he wanted to move on to a bigger club. I am fairly sure that a good offer and a real attempt to sign him would have made him an Arsenal player now and he seems determined to make Arsene Wenger regret that he’s not.

With a previous season best tally of five goals, the deep lying midfielder already has three so far and that is not really what his game is all about. Excellent stats for passing, tackling and work rate make him a top player to have sitting in front of the back four and if he carries on scoring goals as well, surely he will have proved beyond doubt that Arsenal should have signed him this summer. So how about January?

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    1. Dude, Southampton have said multiple times that he is not for sale at any price multiple times after losing half their teams. You’re deluded if you think Wenger had a chance of signing him.

      1. An akb troll telling me something about being deluded, how funny, lol. There is always a way, if the money is right everything is possible, and i am not tllk about being a penny pinching old fool.

        Of course he had, how many times have we heart the famous quote before he is not for sale before we have seen a player move the team.

      2. By then half their squad was gone so they refused to sell him.
        If we went in for him earlier it wouldnt have been a problem

      3. Best example. Your beloved Wenger tllk about. Henry, Fabregas, Song, Van Persie, Nasri not being up for sale. LoL

    2. This season he has been more def mid than box to box.
      He creates quiet allot whereas wanyama has taken up the def mid role

  1. After losing many players Southampton were never going to sell him for anything less than 30mil,is Schneirderlin worth 30mil?

  2. I don’t care what he’s worth, the fact is we need him and we have to pay for him. Direct answer to your question: yes he’s worth more than that if the (fat) overrated show is worth £32m from the same team. Which I rather have a versatile and stronger player in (CHAMBERS) for that much (£32m), than him for (shaw) £16m. So schneiderlin is worth it!

    1. Shaw and Chambers are 2 different players. Shaw ain’t overrated. He had a great season and could tie down left back for 15 years. That is why he cost so much. Schneiderlin is in no way worth 30 mill. Southampton not sell him anyway.

      1. There was a raid on Southampton where Shaw, Llana, Chambers and a host of others were transferred, IF Wenger had identified Morgan early on in the transfer window then he could have had him, but after half their team left the directors of SH were no longer in a selling mood.

        So if the timing was right we could have had Schneiderlin, but towards the end of the window it was too late.

          1. And we didnt even get KHEDIRAAAA, we got.. oh wait who did we get for DM? Remind me again?
            Remove your head from Wenger’s ass and get some original thoughts of your own, Or else you and some of the CUUUNTS who are in there with you will suffocate from his farts.

            1. Khedira is a quality but injury prone box to box midfielder, we have someone who fits that role in diaby. We also have two very talented box to box in Ramsey n wilshire

              Def midfielder we need has to be discipline and able to react quick so we aren’t vulnerable to the counter ATt.

              Players in the mould of rio mavouba would be ideal or the powerful wanyama.

  3. Koscielny is reportedly 50/50 for the Galatasaray game, with an achilles injury. Arsenal now have an injured XI

    well done wenger for not buying a cb & cdm 2 pos which we needed the most

  4. who needs schendrlin when we got flamini/arteta & diaby what a joke we have become just hope wenger leaves another 4th season trophy for us disgusting

      1. no one cares wenger is untouchable I used 2 be a wenger fan but not anymore how can anyone defend him after this summer’s transfer window everyone knew we need a new cdm/cb besides wenger if diaby was a manure player fergie would have dumped him long time ago yet year after year he is our new singing & oh wenger sees diaby in cdm role perfect excuse 4 not buying one in jan

        1. I think all Arsenal fans at one point were big fans of Wenger as well, but now you need to be only living in the past to support his actions.
          Transfers, Tactics, Player selection, Motivation, have all been missing for the last few years. It really is past time for him to move on.

          1. Yep. Just like in your fifa game. Tell you what, go and win for us against Chelsea. Must be easy, you pay and then you win 7-0

        2. You can’t sign as much as you want you fool. There’s a rule of 25 for BPL. We have to keep young people in the squad so that we don’t break it.

        1. Of course its not on you, your life is so seeped in mediocracy, that Arsenal coming in 4th year in year out is actually an achievement in your sorry life.

      2. Right back
        3bellerin = jenkinson

        Centre back
        3Chambers(versatile)= vermaelen
        4Hayden= djourou
        5Ajayi= miquel

        Left back
        Monreal(also learned to be the 4th cb)

        On paper that isn’t bad but we have less experience in def position. We could have done with keeping jenkinson as he wanted to stay.
        Unfortunately the injuries have added up early.

        Defensive midfield
        To get a top def mid we would have needed to get rid of flamini n coqulan who would be ideal for the emergency left back role vermaelen played.

        Solution in January ?

        (Ideally somone with a vetonghen skill set cb/Lb/dm)
        Luis gustavo has to be the stand out candidate. Loan them Joel Campbell to knock a couple million of the price

        This would also allow us to get rid of coqulan and/or flamini in January . 2-5m

  5. Marco Reus have had two injuries, first one serious. Yet he’s back kicking a ball. incompetence at Arsenal

    after having 15 corners & failing in it wenger now is working on it now!!!!! face it he has ran out of ideas has no tactics all the young managers have evolved learning from him he hasn’t changed still same old arrogance

      1. He is an arrogant French Fool and the older he gets, he becomes more foolish and more arrogant.
        Look he was great, he did great things, Arsenal owes him a lot, but enough is enough We will build a statue, we will give him a board position, we will hand him the keys to the stadium.

        Just please let his last great deed for Arsenal be his departure and arrival of Simeone or Klopp.

          1. I am happy i can make you laugh NY. What part of what i said was harsh? Arrogant? French? or a fool?

            Also wouldnt you want a younger, hungrier, more inspiring manager at the helm of Arsenal? I for one would really like to see Simeone or Klopp both of them have done wonders with smaller budgets against massive opposition. With the budget and the players that will be available to them in Arsenal I can see them doing wonders with our team.

            1. Why the hell would Klopp or Simeone want to leave the Dortmund and Madrid fans for the AFC whining pussy brigade?

        1. Yes. In 2 years time they can come if they are still riding the wave they are doing now. Not like they are doing spectacular but just for the sake of exercise.
          Besides, I’d loathe to see us play like Atletico. Dortmund style is OK but Atletico is really crap.

          1. @Budd
            Exactly. The thing I do admire about the Atletico players is their fighting spirit. The are well aware of how average they are as players. But they make up for that by fightin over every blade of grass from whistle2whistle and box2box.
            And as I stated before, anyone of those managers come in and we’re lookin at a whole sale clear out of players. Total restructuring which in itself brings no guarantees. But hey, anything to satisfy the lustful hatred of the few biased bigots out there…

            1. Totally disagree with the average player part man for Man they are as good as if not better than our team. Only Sanchez n ozil, Ramsey,scezney are better players.
              1Mandzukic is better than giroud
              2 turan is slightly better than santi
              3 koke is better than jack
              4garcia is better than welbeck
              5 Guizmann is similar level to Walcott with better technique
              6gabi would walk into our midfield he is better than arteta
              7miranda is as good as kosc/godin is better than mertesacker
              9 juanfran better than debuchy
              10 monreal would struggle to make there squad
              11 Mario Suarez is better than flamini
              12curci is as good as poldi
              13saul is as good a young talent as chambers


          2. @ budd
            Exactly people just chat sh*t and have no clue simeone is just like mourinho no style and plays 10 behind the ball

  6. Why are we so concern about the Galatasaray game. That’s the champions and we shouldn’t let patriotism get the better of us, we don’t stand a chance in that competition.
    Arsenal should focus more on the League where there’s a possibility we could finish 4th.

  7. Robert Pirès & André Santos will be teammates this season for FC Goa in the Indian League.

    You couldn’t even make that up.

  8. We’ve known he’s good enough for a long time but not for sale yet. Wanyamma, kondogbia, gustavo, etc any of these and more are better than what we have. Not looking forward to wed or the weekend, wengers fooked up and left us short again. He must of known wed rack up injuries we always do! Were top of the physio room injury charts again what a suprise!

  9. We didn’t get Schneiderlin so the line up should be.

    Ozil Sanchez
    Campbell Camberline
    Gibbs Mertesacker Koscielny Chambers

    1. Check my formation, I am morel like LvG and trust young people a lot:


      I don’t expect Wenger to be so bold but hey, if leo or Jimbeam are allowed to talk $hit all day long why wouldn’t I do it as well?

      1. @Budd
        My team didn’t come out right so here it’s again

        —————-Ozil ——-Sanchez—————–
        Campbell —————————–Camberline

        Does it make more sense now 🙂 🙂

        1. I believe that in your squad the middle 3rd is very thin. Flamini has to get some sort of cover and I am not sure how will he get that. Nevertheless, I think that Wenger will actually play your formation, not mine. He needs a win so he will play safe.

      2. @ Budd, I actually like your formation. talking $hit aint so bad you see, you are beginning to think outside the box.

        1. @Budd
          And still have the stamina to roll for 90+ mins, 2/3kms a pop, twice a week…Damn….
          F**k viagra, I want what he’s on….

  10. We need to field a good team against Galatasaray, or we might be saying goodbye to our CL chances this year.

  11. Chelsea 1 Arsenal 0?
    Chelsea 2 Arsenal 0?
    Chelsea 3 Arsenal 0?
    Chelsea 4 Arsenal 0?
    Chelsea 5 Arsenal 0?

    So worried about the weekend.

    🙁 🙁 😀 😀

    1. I cant see us winning it, but I would love to be completely wrong, I see Chelski beating us 2-0 or 2-1.

      I would take a massive risk and play Chambers in DM, Ox in midfield, Bellerin as RB and Campbell as a winger. I cant see it being worse than playing Flamini, at least it gives us a chance.

      1. @Jimbeam
        An even bigger risk that might pay off, would be to play Flamini as CB with Kos instead of Per. It might sound daft but Flamini is a scrapper and would be perfect to mark Costa, especially in the box, while Kos neutralizes any other threats.
        The rest of your selection looks good to go.

        1. Lack of height might kill us, against set plays. I am not saying Per is defending those very well but at least he gives the team some height. With Flamini in there every free kick every corner will be a free for all.

          1. @Jimbeam
            I did say it was a big risk, and slightly daft. But I see Costa either manhandling Per or Kos being isolated with havin to deal with Costa.
            I think our main problem with set pieces is we always get caught “ball watchin”

    2. @Twig
      If we are going to lose we might as well through everything at them, you now the old saying the best form of defence is a good offence. GOYG

  12. Scezny

    We have fight in midfield with Chambers and Ox and a fast attacking trio ahead. Cazorla might be better than Capmbell but I can see Campell tracking back and putting up a fight on the left wing.
    Highly unlikely but with no Jack,Ramsey, Arteta, Diaby to play this looks like the best way to play for me.

  13. I have come up with a great idea, we could always ask the FA to reopen up the transfer widow because Wenger didn’t do his job properly.

  14. Signings, signings and signings…

    The objective is top four. The squad we have right now, can achieve that.
    Again, the only objective of this club and people running it is not to miss the CL financial reward. THAT IS ALL.

    Anybody is in his right mind (I am talking about Wenger because he is smart, but nobody on the board, Gazidis or the manager will come out and state the objectives because there are NONE… Except making sure we are in this “holy” bracket) knows we cannot bring any major trophies to the Emirates with the current group.

    The manager has no tactical sense and all is up to the intelligence and talent of the players. They are the ones who won the FA Cup (Wenger was over his head) because enough was enough of the failings…!!

    Now he is thinking about playing “l’homme de verre”, Abou Diaby, as a DM… lol 🙂 (I don’t know if to laugh or cry listening and reading about another ridiculous and delusional idea of the, in fact, “deluded one”). The guy can barely sustain contacts… He might end up in a coma after the first impact…!!

    We have no chance and never had any, really… Wenger acts like we are a financially struggling outfit and we are lucky he is here to keep it all in check as well as qualify for the CL (which we cannot possibly win… We barely managed to get out of the group every season before meeting a “top club” sealing our faith)

    He has, finally, brought a new fitness coach (well known), but still kept his “dear” Tony Colbert around to work with him.
    Shad told the US sports newspaper that preparation methods at Arsenal were “prehistorical” (and I am quoting the guy) and he will take him at least a full year with the players to make it work with no “outside” interferences…!! (What does he mean by that?)

    Anyway, let’s hope for the best… I can trust the players, Wenger is and has been a liability.

    Gunner Till I die 😉

    1. Really “prehistoric” training methods, is that what he said? No wonder we have more injuries than any other team.

  15. Exactly it’s no coincidence apart from debuchys bad luck that none of the new players that have come in have been injured, we’ve spent years weakening/damaging our current sqaud, lets hope this can be rectified.

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