Has Shkodran Mustafi done enough to earn a new contract at Arsenal?

Shkodran Mustafi has emerged as one of the most improved players at Arsenal under Mikel Arteta.

Since the Spaniard became our new manager, he has given fresh chances to every player in the team and Mustafi is one player who has taken his chances so far.

It is hard to deny that Mustafi has become a better player and that the German has probably done enough to earn a new contract.

However, is he really worth it? I doubt that.

Players have capabilities and I am a strong believer in the fact that a player has a limit to how far they can go.

I have enjoyed Mustafi’s recent performances, but I believe that the German is over-delivering for us and I reckon that he would hardly get better than he is right now.

If that is the case, I don’t see a reason to give him a new deal because he isn’t getting any younger.

We are at a stage where we should be looking to land the best players around Europe and offering a new deal to a mediocre player doesn’t speak well for us at all.

It is a good thing that he has become better and what that should do for us is to help us sell him at a good price while we can.

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  1. He’s the German Otamendi. He’ll have good spells and horrible spells. Right now he is on a good run when we need it, and also when contract renewals are being considered. Is Mustafi good enough to win the title with us? No. Is he fine for a transition into a better defense? Perhaps. I’d have no problem w/ Mustafi getting an extension if we also didn’t sign David Luiz. That’s just too many defenders that get starts and are very clumsy and lack focus at crucial times. Mustafi is a funny guy and really divides opinion. If he does well today people will say stay, if he has another one of his classic moments, people will say he has to go.

  2. Lets see how Mustafi and for that matter Luis cope with forwards from teams like Leicester,Spurs and Liverpool.If they produce the goods against these teams perhaps they might even convince old doubters like me.

  3. Depends if we hope to get back to top 4 or be part of the chasing pack … If the former we only need to retain one of socrates Luiz mustafi so something has to give … but can wait to see how they do in next 4 games

  4. Don’t be daft, he isn’t good enough, never has been, never will be, we need defenders to step up to the mark, and he isn’t the one to lead us forward

  5. Ok so one thing needs to be said here.
    VVD wouldnt have made a difference to our defense in the last 3-4 years simply because we havent had teh midfield base to support them its that simple!
    If he stays we all need to get behind him and support him

  6. We should definitely sign Mustafi. He is our most improved player under Arteta. It send a message to the team – if you work hard and follow instructions – you will be rewarded. It also sends a message to good players considering AFC as a future home – if I join AFC and work hard for the boss, i will get playing time.

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