Has signing Declan Rice just got more difficult for Arsenal?

When West Ham Executive David Sullivan’s remarks about Declan Rice’s fate this summer transfer window sink in, I’m left with the impression that his move to Arsenal is more complicated than we imagined.

“We promised him he could go. He set his heart on going,” said Sullivan about Rice on talkSPORT.

“You can’t ask for a man who has committed more to us this season.

“In due course, he has to get on, and we have to get a replacement — or several replacements.”

Many believed that Arsenal only needed to make a record deal of £100 million before Rice would join. But the harsh truth is that West Ham have just made it hard for Arsenal to sign their midfield engine, and here are my two reasons:

1. West Ham has just set up a bidding battle for clubs that want Rice. If they had kept quiet about their position with their midfield engine, it would have been simpler for Arsenal to quietly close the deal and shock us with, “Breaking News: Declan Rice is headed to Arsenal.” The same way Manchester City quietly signed Aston Villa’s Jack Grealish. But now, it will be breaking news after breaking news about how much various clubs have bid for the 24-year-old.

2. With the announcement that Rice would be sold, practically every club that has ever desired him will believe that now is the moment to sign him, Apart from Arsenal, Manchester United, and Bayern Munich, Manchester City, Chelsea, and, who knows, Newcastle may also be interested in him. West Ham will now have the option of selecting the finest bids among them. Clubs may make straight bids, while others may make player-plus-cash agreements. Arsenal will have to make a strong offer and be willing to battle, not like how they handled their interest in Mykhailo Mudryk, who ended up joining Chelsea.

Arsenal may have the favour of Rice allegedly wanting to join Arteta’s project, but they may have to deal with West Ham and any other suitor who will be ready to also go all out to sign the 24-year-old.

Darren N

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  1. Here we go again, wasting time and effort on a player that more than likely we won’t get…Jus sayin

    1. Arsenal will not sign Rice. It is just to excite Arsenal fans. Arteta is good at that. It happens every seasons. Just be patient and see how if finally end.

  2. Usually Arsenal avoid getting dragged into bidding wars, usually.

    I hope Arsenal stick hard to their valuation and limit, and walk away if West Scam want their bidding war.

    There are other quality options available that can upgrade our midfield without leaving a crater in our transfer budget.

  3. Their wanting the fee paid over two installments is a big blow. It’s a big chunk of money out of the future war chest and I’m sure that last season’s buys spread into this season too, so it could prove very difficult, for the big money transfer

  4. Rice is already proven in this league and he do not need to adapt to the any new culture or surrounding. In addition, he has the fear factor with him. If we are ready for trophy we should sign him. Money will follow with the trophy…

  5. If Declan Rice is only use as a Smoke screen for Arsenal targets according to Lee Dixon, this deception would rival the well anticipated amphibious landing on the Kuwaiti shores that didn’t took place.
    Many analysts have said that single act of deception had save countless lives, and shortened the then Iraqi war.

    If Lee Dixon is right, that would signal a significant change in our transfer strategy, after been burn by Chelsea and others planning on hijacking our moves for more targets.

  6. Rice’s contract is running out, if he doesn’t move now he walks away for free next summer. So the power is with the player, not the club. Only Declan knows what his priorities are, does champions league football trump wages ? But he’ll end up where he wants to be not where West Ham want him to be.

    1. I believe he has 2 years left ,(West ham have an option for an extra year )because his price wouldn’t be that high with 12 months remaining

    1. Excellent point and let’s not forget that he’s a London boy, with his roots truly cemented in “The Smoke”.
      As for saying he’s costing too much, this is the kind of attitude that clubs like city, united and chelsea love… they just go in immediately and reap the rewards, in most cases anyway.

  7. Why make it as if every club can afford the player fee and wages?Do you even understand players go where they want not who bids what to club?Arsenal can just leave the table in case of bidding wars as better alternatives are all over.

  8. Apparently West Ham want £115m for Rice and Liverpool, according to Sun Sports, paid Brighton £35m for McAlister. Both players are 24 except that the latter is a World Cup winner. Why are English players so overpriced?
    Big risk to pay anywhere near the asking price imo.

  9. I do not get this comparison with the Mudryk saga that people keep comparing with Rice’s situation. First, the selling clubs are totally different. Mudryk’s was an Eastern European club, Rice’s is English. I may be wrong, but I believe within the English game, players’ wishes are more respected than in that other part of the country. Secondly, Rice has been a good servant and captain for his club. If it is true that his heart is set for a move to Arsenal, I am sure Westham will have to respect his wish and negotiate with Arsenal for more reasonable terms. The club has already demonstrated their respect for the player by making it clear that they will allow him to move this summer as they had promised. Remember Raphinha’s transfer last season? Despite Chelsea offering the better deal to Leeds, the player’s wish to move to Barca ultimately prevailed. There appears to be general acceptance that he is going to Arsenal. Otherwise, bids who have been flying in immediately after the Conference Cup final.

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