Has Sterling ALREADY made Arsenal transfer decision?

There were already plenty of Arsenal transfer rumours linking the Gunners with the Liverpool and England star Raheem Sterling. These were fuelled by the player admitting that he had already turned down the chance to sign a bumper new contract and by Brendan Rodgers and other top brass at the Merseyside club putting public pressure on the youngster.

But now that the Daily Mail has revealed that Sterling is set to put his house in Southport up for sale will surely bring a torrent of further rumours flooding into the football media.

Not only does the paper say that he is selling that house though, but that he has already started to look at property down in London, which would strongly suggest a summer move to either Arsenal or Chelsea, as a place in the Champions League would surely be a requirement for the talented young star. But as Chelsea already have Eden Hazard and Willian, I would make it much more likely that Arsene Wenger would be the manager planning to sign Sterling.

The Frenchman is said to be a big admirer of the Liverpool forward and despìte Liverpool´s insistence they will not sell even though his contract has just a year to run, the FFP rules make this a very risky tactic. The big question for the summer could be whether Arsenal try to buy him outright or use Theo Walcott as part of the deal.

If Sterling is looking at houses in London he may already know what is likely to happen this summer. What do you think Gooners?

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  1. id have sterling, but not on mad money .

    question is who would u prefer sterling or theo?

    1. Walcott is only a better finisher and maybe a little bid faster, however, sterling has qualities like dribbling and penetrating, passing, and less injury prone player …
      Actually players like sterling would help us to break down organized and deep defense line (yesterday game as an example) …
      Ox is more similar to sterling but you all know Ox is very very injury prone player …
      I think if sterling to leave liverpool for an English club, then it will be for city or chelsea because they can afford better offer and salary …

      1. I honestly don’t think Sterling isn’t signing a contract because of the money. If he wants more than 100k/week, he’s an absolutely delirious brat overestimating his own worth. I think it’s because of his ego requiring Champions League.

        Imagine if we bought Sterling and put Ox as the midfielder Wenger intended him to be last season.


        Dat pace, eh?

        1. Thumbs down for what

          pun intended

          No really, where is the reason for thumbing it down? Because of the line-up? It’s about the pace, not about making the best lineup possible. Pretty hard to understand i guess.

    2. Off Topic___

      Guys, that was just one stupid joke from me, ok? I am absodamnlutely sorry about it, no one saw the funny side of it, I’m very, very sorry.

      God knows, I’m no racist. Never at aaaaalll.

      White or black, who gives a f****k??? I’m even black!!!

        1. Lol! Posted a stupid joke in under a very recent article (Wenger— Arsenal were anxious and unlucky). Realized later how dumb it just was.

    3. if sterling joins the arsenal, then it musn’t be at the expense of walcott……. But 1st of all….let’s stop contradicting ourselves, wenger already stated his new plans for walcott (C.F role)……..so if sterling comes, it won’t be walcott leaving!

      1. Wenger did say he thinks Theo could do well down the middle (for what it’s worth I can’t agree) but what he and AFC are probably saying behind clothes doors is that ‘you are asking for way too much considering you haven’t played that much this year”.

        So AW is saying, I believe in you kid publicly to let everyone know he would like him to stay, but…whether or not he does it not is another kettle of fish entirely!

    4. I’d take sterling and let Theo leave, Theo always frustrates me fkin always, he missed an open goal last night.jack on the other hand is promising and he should start more often

  2. Sterling is a wealthy young man no? Perhaps he is expanding a property portfolio? or Perhaps its just a load of walcotts?

    1. sterling is far better than Griezmann … if not for sterling, liverpool won’t even make the top 7 this season, he helped them so much especially at the beginning of the season…
      Don’t forget he will increase our home grown quota

  3. If we sign him,where he gonna play?
    He is not a striker and we have sanchez left winger.
    Ox is better than him at RW and we still have welbeck and Gnabry and I doubt wenger will sell wallcott.
    we don t need him,we need a pacy striker to alternate Giroud and a DM.
    Jenki must come back,he is as good than bellerin for me and as quick.
    Ospina is our man,people tend to forget that after his injury Cech had many silly mistakes and that why maurreen took over Courtois.No goalkeeper is perfect but Ospina is solid and secure,the ball was behind him that why he could not stop it and one more thing Lorris is not taller than him so stop about size.
    Wenger should stop play the guys out of position but he won t so we won t win big.That it.

    1. I will take him for Walcott+15M … think about it
      Walcott spends around 2-4 months in the medical room and when he plays he goes missing most of the time (he has brilliant moments no doubt with a good stats in the past) and hardly defend and cannot penetrate dense defense ….
      If it is for loyalty then keep him, but I don’t think this exists anyway otherwise he should have signed his extension already and not ask for pay rise when he was on the sideline for almost 1 year.
      Walcott+15M == sterling “very good business, believe me”

      1. Exactly!

        Ditch Walcott , and say bye to Jack.
        Cash in on both and buy sterling who can play Right Wing Back, Right Wing and has been blinding as a No.10 for the Poo! So he could be a Jack or Walcott replacement.

        As for the Ox being better on the RW, not sure about that. I love the Ox but he is another injury prone player.

        Messi would not be the player he is today with the records, accolades, titles and ability if he spent all of his time on the bench like some of our lot. What good are talented (?) players if they hardly ever play for you?..

        1. Why ditch jack? He has potential, that is wrong but I agree with getting rid of Theo.

    2. Mourinho dropped Cech because it made sense to. Cech has probably 4 or 5 years left in him. Courtois is already one of the top 3 GKs in the world and is in hs early 20s. It made sense to keep Courtois than sell him.

      1. Courtois isn’t one of the best 3 goalies in the world, sorry you are overhyping him.

        Top 10 maybe. Could make a case for top 5 but top 3 don’t be stupid.

        De gea would have saved that Gerrard header for sure. Can see neur saving that one also.

        Ospini let in was unfortunate but at least he was close to a save and 9 times out of ten he would have saved it.

        Courtois is good but over rated in my opinion.

  4. Hahaha !!!
    This rumour reminds me of Josip Drmic who was “spotted” in London with his girlfriend inspecting accommodation en route to joining Arsenal.
    Lothar Mathaus ( if my memory serves me correctly) put his credibility on line as leverage to buttress authenticity of his claims that Drmic will play for Arsenal. Alas! the season started and ended with Drmic not even visiting London.

    Rumour !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. just so right Josip Drmic 2.0…… Where is he 2day anyway?……..what happened to his goal tally?… Infatuation is a very very bad thing L()L

  5. We don’t need Stirling and that’s a fact we have Ox and if we keep him Walcott, the truth is we need a beast of a striker who will put 25 goals away a season why waste money on players we already have cover for when we need another option up front.
    We wont buy him and that’s that.
    Next !!!!!!!

  6. Watching the game last night was really frustrating when they took giroud off and we were crossing the ball in to no one walking didnt even look like he was bothered or even on the pitch u can’t cross a ball to a player like walcott or even play him as a single striker he just aint good enough i really liked walcott but i honestly cant see him as a striker for arsenal , he’s better on the wing , my opinion we should get dm and spend whatever money is left on a bloody striker and not a shit 1 , someone when a opposing team looks on the team sheet and thinks ah he’s gonna give us some shit today

    1. Giroud should not been taken off, big mistake. Biggest mistake ever, the only way we had a chance was whipping in crossed from flanks and we had no giroud. Ridiculous

  7. Hahaha !!!
    This rumour reminds me of Josip Drmic who was “spotted” in London with his girlfriend inspecting accommodation en route to joining Arsenal.
    Lothar Mathaus ( if my memory serves me correctly) put his credibility on line as leverage to buttress authenticity of his claims that Drmic will play for Arsenal. Alas! the season started and ended with Drmic not even visiting London.

    Rumour !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Events in the last 2 transfer windows have shown that Arsenal transfer cards are held close to Wenger’s chest. No one saw Özil, Sanchez coming to Arsenal. Even the retrieval of Francis Coquelin was not seen by Daily Mail or Mirror.

    Wenger knows all !!!

    1. Özil and Sanchez were bought because they were available and possibly going to warm the bench for respected clubs …
      I was very excited, and still I am, about sanchez signing because I believe at that time we need more skillful and speedy players on the wing (Walcott, podolski and campell won’t cut, ox is inconsistent and never stays fit, can’t really count Gnabry even he shows a glimpse of quality) …
      with 42m we could have done better than Özil (I believe it was a panic buy) but nevertheless his signing lifted the team spirit …

      1. You’re retarded if you think ozil was a panic buy, he was more of a luxury buy than anything.

        1. Yes bigperf – I won’t call out anyone as retarded but you are right. However there are plenty who are still trawl out the Ozil “panic buy” conspiracy. If there is a way of sticking the knife in to Wenger it will be found – even if it requires a vivid imagination and a touch of fabrication. Wenger tripling our transfer record for a player he tried to buy in 2010 because we lost a game to Villa. Doesn’t really compute does it? Not on any level.

      2. Sanchez for sure would have warm the bench but ozil would still be starting. Better then what they have.

        Isco is over rated and bale is flopping. James is class and ronaldo is undroppable. Modric place is secure, so either James is on the wing or ozil.

        Sanchez could not displace any of the top 3 of barca all three are in the top 5 footballers around for me, including ronaldo and aguero. But he is way ahead of Pedro, who is their only replacement.

  8. Typical, every year is the same story. We know we’ve qualified for CL, we can’t win the league so what do we do? lose to Swansea. Then we travel to Old Trattford to play a healthy UTD then we have west brom and a Sunderland team that is fighting to stay in the league. If the fans weren’t so divided we would’ve seen better change in this club.

    1. Swansea won because we played Monday. We didn’t want it as much but we were far the better side. We did need a result Swansea did. The prepared and parked that bus well in the first half. We didn’t really want to close down players because 2nd place didn’t seem the effort.

      They tired in the second the bus was parked else where. We could have scored but only Ramsey seemed up for it.

      Wenger’s sub’s were bad but brave and monk’s was good but lucky in the end. Gomis wasn’t closing down and Swansea didn’t look like they had the energy left. Against the run of play a slightly tired defence allowed an attack. They lucked a goal. End of story.

      Why read so much into it.

      Sometimes teams get lucky. Swansea have used their luck up against us. For the next five years they will most likely lose now against us. Remember hull doing this to us. Now hull just seem to be unlucky against us.

  9. We would be better off without Sterling and perhaps Walcott as well. Both seem greedy and wanting more money.

    1. They are premiership footballers used to six figure salaries a week..what do you expect?;)

  10. Delusional fans believe we have enough wingers.Look welbeck,OX,wellington Silver,campbell,have no end product Theo is weak defensively,podolski lazy.Only sanchez stands out,I say get rid of midiocre players and buy world class pedro,reus

    1. Agree, we need a world class winger more than a DM. Although I have faith in the ox but still we need someone on the left flank, and reus would be perfect… For the love of god Wenger go and sign a fkin winger

    2. We play with false wingers and ozil Ramsey and carzola have played and can play that position. Welbeck plays the false winger role also.

      What we need is quality and mark up. Is sterling a mark up? I can’t see it but if Wenger can then I defer my judgement.

      Pedro isn’t a mark up. I would go as far to say he is a mark down. Hasn’t impressed of late at barca and certain not for Spain.

      Depay could have been interesting but he was always going for united. Dybala, I would, but only because of the hype. We need a gamble. Reus? Maybe. Certainly is quality.

      Seems to me that all the players which could upgrade us are available. At least for us. Cavani could be a gamble we need. I would prefer an ageuro type though. Sanchez could do that but he prefers the wing. He certainly has a great first touch.

      We need a striker and Schneiderlin. We need to start playing with two DMs for games. Maybe Sanchez can play upfront then.

      1. Fair comments there. This is only an emotional reaction – but there is something about Sterling as a person I am not getting and not liking. If he came it would probably only be a stepping stone in his mind. Pedro is only being touted around on here because he scored a bicycle kick last weekend. That will fade. Reus is still an enigma, not sure what he is thinking or what he wants but we would be in a long queue for him whatever the situation is. For me, I still like Draxler.

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