Has Thierry Henry changed his mind about Giroud?

The Arsenal legend Thierry Henry famously upset Olivier Giroud last season when he stated that the Gunners could not win the Premier League title with Giroud as our centre-forward. We don’t know whether this criticism became a self-fulfilling prophecy as Giroud’s confidence took a knock and he went on to fail to score in 15 games in a row, which effectively ended Arsenal’s chances of winning the title.

Now, after watching Giroud come on against Sunderland and score two goals with his first two touchs of the game (surely that must be some sort of record?), Henry is now saying that Alexis should be moved behind to allow Giroud to return to his normal Number Nine role.

Henry said: “At the beginning of the season I said I would play them both [Giroud and Sanchez] up front because you can still play around the Arsenal way, but you can also play long when Giroud is there,’

“As soon as Olivier came on [against Sunderland], Alexis Sanchez went on the left. Why not play Sanchez behind Giroud?”

So can that be considered a U-Turn by Henry considering what he said last season. Is he now saying we CAN win the League with Olivier up front?

But the big question is; If Wenger listened to him, where would that leave Mesut Ozil!



  1. sanchez still starts , it has worked for us. losing cazorla to injury has effected our transition
    sanchez ozil and theo is the one
    giroud for those difficult to break down games, impact sub

    feel for him, he was never meant to be our first choice, he was gonna learn off bentdner and sanogo..but you know how that go-go


    i cant stop this train, frodo

  2. Giroud can start the odd game here and there, but Sanchez is our main striker now. Not just because he’s scoring plenty, but it’s because the system that Wenger likes to play is finally working, with the pace and movement that Sanchez provides. Arsenal are much more dangerous with three pacey forwards, and Ozil playing just off them.

  3. The problem with Giroud is inconsistency, but with Sanchex Wenger was able to determine the patern and style of play which the club are in dying in need of for yrs ago. Giroud shouldn’t be our main striker but in some game he can start because of the patern which that club played. With the calibre of players we have now trophy is sure at the end of this saeson

  4. starting with Alexis as false9 n Giroud coming in the 2nd half is just perfect…. if we stick to this we ll win the title

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