Has thigh problem ended season for Ramsey AND Arsenal?

Typical or what Arsenal fans? Just as the Arsenal and Wales international star finds his scoring touch again with that incredible backheel finish against Tottenham in the north London derby, Aaron Ramsey lasts just 16 minutes of his next match and is back in the treatment room.

Even worse news is neing reported by the Daily Mail, though, with his thigh problem thought to be a potentially season ending injury. Ramsey and Arsenal will find out more about the extent of his lay-off today but the initial assessment yesterday apparently suggested that it would be around six weeks.

If that was the case then the Welshman might be able to return for the final two Premier League games of the season, which are away to Man City and at home to Aston Villa. He would also be able to make the FA cup final if Arsenal were to be in it, but without Ramsey in the middle and with Jack Wilshere and Santi Cazorla still not fit the chances of the end of the season holding much chance of a trophy is vastly reduced.

And there is a chance, and with Arsenal’s track record it is a very big chance, that Rambo will not play again this season. So has that pesky thigh just ended his season and the club’s?

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    1. Ramsey injury is a good news for arsenal, it was the only way Wenger will drop him, since Carzola ‘s injury, fans were saying was a chance for Ramsey to take over .well well we see how useless Ramsey is,our stong midfielders was dead, the option was simple drop him the way we could play our normal games,but for Wenger dropping Ramsey was a no,no, Ramsey has been terrible, useless but Wenger had is eyes only on benching better players for him. For that reason and that reason only, I will say thank god he is out.

      1. My tots exactly, what the hell did ramsey do to make us miss him that much?? He never quits running I know but is that all??

  1. To be frank am not sure if this is a curse or a blessing….the way his season has panned out since Cazorlo’s injury am not exactly having a panic attack at the thought of not having him….well, maybe number wise as his injury will mean one less body in the squad….might be the making of players Joel Campbell, Elneny, Iwobi seeing as Wenger is always unwilling to drop Ramsey when he.ia playing rubbish and other players are benched for him even when they are in better fettle

    1. Its never a blessing for an Arsenal player to be injured
      As an Arsenal fan I hate seeing any Arsenal player injured
      Also Ramsey scored an important goal for us against Spurs

      1. n how many has he cost the team? decision making poor and always trying to be Messi while a simple pass could lead to something better. let him rest and watch others play for the team

    2. When Wenger has been “forced” into decision making, it sometimes turn out a blessing. Coquelin & Bellerin comes to mind. Maybe, it’s an opportunity to unravel another player.

  2. Probably yes when you consider other teams injury counts:
    MC – 3, Spurs – 3, Leicester -1!
    Arsenal 8.
    Why is it the likes of Leicester and Chelsea last year went through the season with so few injuries and we drop like flies?
    Interesting the both Chelsea and Leicester kept the same squad of players for a high % of the season.

    Are there rocks under the grass at London Colney?

    1. In my opinion our lack of size + steel in the middle may have contributed in a big way to our recent poor injuries record. The invincible team have physically imposing patrick viera – gilberto silva combo in the middle and I don’t recall flair players such as robert pires, freddie lunjeberg and dennis bergkamp as having being required to do as much defensive work as sanchez, ramsey, cazorla is expected to do today. When smallish players such as cazorla, wilshere, sanchez is expected to run up and down and tackle physically superior players on a regular basis, serious injuries are bound to catch up with them sooner or later. Even Pep had remarked before our first match with BFC that its unusual for teams to have smallish players such as Cazorla to perform defensive work in the middle. I just hope next season we would consider pairing him up with a more imposing midfielder in the mode of patrick viera, silva or roy keane because in too many games this seasons we often look far too brittle in the middle and too vulnerable to set pieces. At times I think the main reason Arsene Wenger is reluctant to take Giroud off even when he clearly wasn’t performing is becoz without him on the pitch, we would be left with Mert and Kos/Gab to defend corners and freekicks.

      1. I don’t agree with everything you said but you do have a fair enough point with their size. Although, you can find small/short men who can be tougher than some of the biggest, lets not forget that. Attitude and a players mannerism need to be weighed, Cazorla is no Roy Keane ugly annoying pitbull of a player, and Jack or Aaron are hardly the aggressive Makelele types, so you have a point about their size, esp the centre of midfield which is supposed to be the engine and were the game is won or lost.

    2. LOL!!, LOL!, LOL!. Do you guys ever check up on anything you claim, any research however how little?. Please just google – (Revealed: Arsenal are not the most cursed PL club when it comes to injuries), it is from the daily telegraph and is a bit of an eye opener if you were a believer in sensational headlining or a quick quip from regulars in here. You actually highlighted the worst team when it comes to injuries and it isn’t AFC or LCFC. Ill give you a hint, it’s the other one?

  3. Arsenal never have clicked with Ramsey this season, it will take some-time and effort by the club to make sure that arsenal don’t concede. So therefore a partnership between Coquelin and Elneny is a decent duo. A defensive minded midfielder would suit the team in breaking down the attack and give Ozil license to attack further up the pitch.A tactic used by Chelsea to force teams into sideways passing. Arsenal can use the Juventus formation to break teams up with Bellerin and Monreal as Wing-backs.

  4. Didn’t even know Ramsay’s season had started. What a rubbish article, just writing for the fun of it

  5. I must admit Wenger was right,when he played Ramsey on the wing, all of us were complaining that he played Ramsey out of position, well we must to admit we were wrong ,that was the only place Ramsey could play without damaging the team and knowing Wenger he wanted to punish us by playing Ramsey were all of us was dreaming to see Ramsey in the middle is Wenger ‘s way to say to us he knows what he is doing and let us see who is the boss. Wenger out and take Ramsey with you.

  6. Our chances to win the game is increasingly high without Ramsey in the middle, he can pass the ball, didn’t know is position no discipline, he is the player who lost more possessions and the player who was dribbled and his agent claim that Barcelona want to sign him. …lol first if he want to play for Barcelona he must to learn to pass the ball, having the discipline and have talent maybe is agent to try Cardiff? Oh Guardiola is not signing him .only chance for Ramsey is Wenger to stay for life. Wenger out take him with you.

  7. For the writer to suggest that Ramsey’s injury could end Arsenal’s hopes of success this season, proves they hardly ever watch Arsenal and that they haven’t properly done their research on the player.

    Ramsey has been in a tight battle with Walcott for worst Arsenal player of the season. He’s been dribbled past more than any other player, he slows the play down with his lack of technical ability, he can’t pass, barely assists or scores. What on earth are we going to miss. Ramsey is one of the reasons we have been so poor, yet Wenger refuses to drop him. Ramsey’s injury is fantastic news because Wenger cannot pick him now or put him in the wrong position just to accommodate him. Will Elneny or even a youngster from the reserves do any better, who knows, but it’s irrelevant anyway. Ramsey should have been dropped months ago…in fact, years ago!

    1. I think that there are certain players who have got/have or had one eye on the European championship!
      (Ramsey, Walcott and maybe the Ox)
      They are not fully exerting themselves for their club, not giving 100%,
      As if -to avoid injuries and saving themselves for the prestigious international tournament!
      (Where Walcott has missed out through injuries on a couple of occasions in the past, The Ox too and Ramsey has never been in one before because Wales have never Qualified since his been in their Squad) ?

      These player’s are regularly international’s,
      So it is not as if they are out to impress to get into the squad,
      Like the likes of Chambers and Gibbs, who would have to perform well to get a place!

  8. Ramsey’s thighs and hamstrings are a ticking bomb!
    And it was only a matter of time, before one or the other exploded onto Wenger’s stubborn face! And it serves our deluded manager right, for overplaying an injury-prone player who wasn’t even performing well.

    It’s important for players to stretch and warm up before coming on as a Sub, Especially for the (muscular) injury prone players…Some reports are suggesting that was the reason for Ramsey’s injury. … No lessons learned from the similar events against Sheffield Wednesday (Theo Walcott)

    Anyways! .It’s sad when theres certain player’s who won’t be missed much and you can add Ramsey to that list,
    to keep the Ox company.

  9. Love Rambo to bits, but I think he has been trying too hard to be the superstar he thinks we think he should be. To that end, him not being in the team could mean it will be better balanced than it has of late. I think Joel has done a much better job on the wing than Rambo ( though I’m not sure AW will play him as first choice over Theo). As for the centre of the park, Rambo’s desire to get forward has left our central defence open all too often. The pairing of Coq and Elneny looks like it may have addressed that issue to some extent. So, I’m rather hopeful. I think the league may be out of our reach now, and to be honest, we messed this one up badly. But a 3rd FA Cup in a row is sensational if we can get it. A good show v Barca something I hope to see. Another finish above Spuds a must, and a few more sensetional goals a dream

    1. Sorry for the dopey original post under the wrong article Need to get new specs, or brain more like.

  10. Off the subject: PASSPORT TO THE TITLE. Dennis Bergkamp ( Head coach – mgr.).
    T. Henry ( offensive coach), M. Keowen (defensive coach ). All in the dugout together.

  11. If the argument here is what kind of manager rather that what manager I would need to see a manager with guts with anger with emotion with firing tactics not some one watching a girly flick with popcorn MR wenger is too gentleman like and very cool I like MR wenger I like what he has done to the club Arsenal is a top club at the top four all seasons for the past 20 years Is there a fiery manager out there that can win us the league year in year out for the next 20 years ?????

    1. ” Is there a fiery manager out there that can win us the league year in year out for the next 20 years ”

      Answer is no.
      If there was then it may be Pep and he is off to City.

      The best we can hope for after Wenger is to get someone like Henry in… Or an accountant. Then it will be 1 of 2 choices for the new manager:

      A) Make profit for Silent Stan
      B) Make a ton load of profit for Silent Stan.

  12. Nah, I don’t think so. In fact, unless he’s scoring, he has been a bit of a liability in our midfield. Time for Chambers and El Nenny to step it up.

    1. At least others see what I have been screaming about 😛
      Rambo has been a shadow of himself and the problem he has is his defending, he has all the attributes to be a world great, he just lacks desire and the ability to put the team 1st over his own personal desire of attacking.

      Great goal he scored, it was a joy to watch ^.^
      Apart from that I only got frustrated at him 🙁

  13. Hmmm…. Perfect timing for ramsey! Can’t wait to see more of elneny and Campbell. Barca, where is your 50million?….COYG..

  14. I support Wenger strongly but even I get bamboozled by Wengers favorites, Ramsey is one of them and he isn’t living up to his potential and making a joke out of the boss, I am glad he got injured so Wenger can not pick him and leave holes in the CM to allow the opposition to attack.

    I will defend Ramsey when he plays to his potential, when he gets back with equal desire that he shows to get forward, when he puts the team first. He hasn’t recently and it is frustrating.

    Glad he is injured and hope to see more of Elneny.
    I hope Ramsey comes back from this injury with the desire to defend as Elneny isn’t afraid to defend at any moment, Elneny deserves his chance to claim that spot and if he does then Rambo will have a big wake up call.

    Oh and it also means Wenger can NOT play him on the right for a while… YAY!!!!!
    Joel Campbell is the man I like to see playing on the right, not a CM who gets dragged into the middle and ends up tripping our attack up.

    Urghhhh. Why Ramsey WHY!!!
    He has so much potential and he has all the attributes to be a GREAT cm.. one of the best B2B in the world, not seen since Vieira…

  15. Not complaining in the slightness…Ramsey has been awful this season in the middle no way near a replacement for Santi, hech Ramsay couldn’t lace Santis boots yet alone replace the lil magician…

    This means that unless Wenger wants to be stubborn and cost us the title he should play Elneny instead of Flamini and Play Campbell on the wings (I still don’t know what Wenger has against him??)…..

  16. This is a good thing because we all wanted him droped. M E can take his place or even MF TBH coz let’s face it when he is sent on he plays all over the park. But MR AW not buying has made the problems

    1. Who Wenger?… Well…. He has been doing a great job in driving the fan’s around the same old bend, for the last decade!

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