Forget Ozil and Sanchez – This signing began Arsenal’s revival

When Arsenal somehow managed to mess up the League cup final against Birmingham City, it was a real low point for the fans and the club in general and after we had already waited many years since Arsenal had last lifted a trophy, the 2005 FA cup, it was beginning to look like the success we had gotten used to under Arsene Wenger might never come back.

A few scares and scrapes later, most notably going 2-0 down early on in the FA cup final against Hull City, and the Arsenal fans have at least had a couple of trophy wins to keep us warm at night. After a storming second half of last season and after our latest Premier League demolition of big rivals Manchester United, the belief is back that we could now be heading into a second era of success under the Prof.

We all hope so of course, and I wonder what the turning point was. Perhaps these words from the boss reported on the Arsenal website might explain a lot. Talking about the signing of Santi Cazorla, it sounds as though he believes it was a real turning point for the club.

Wenger said, “You could question whether he was physically equipped to play in the tough Premier League. It’s true that I had that doubt, but his quality was so big that I was ready to take that gamble.

“His technical quality, his right foot, left foot, his availability, his vision and the quality of his passing made me go for it.

“I thought, ‘If there is a team in the Premier League where he has a chance to make it, it’s with us.’ That’s why I went for it.

“I think I first saw him when he was about 20 or 21,” he said. “He was not a regular player, but in some games we watched you could see he had talent.

“After that Robert Pires moved to Villarreal and played with him. Sometimes I asked Robert, ‘Are there any good players there?’

“He said to me straight away, ‘Cazorla is a fantastic player’. So Robert was a scout for me! He at least confirmed the impression I already had about Santi.”

Don´t forget that Arsenal and Wenger were still paying off the debt at this point and if Malaga had not hit the financial skids then we might never have got the little Spanish magician and who knows where we would have gone from there. So was this one risky signing the start of Arsenal´s second summer of success under Wenger?

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    1. Agree. Ozil a great player still but Cazorla has been one of our best signings ever since joining the club, and he’s put in some unreal performances in big games. I still give a huge thanks for Santi’s unreal freekick in FA Cup final. It sparked the rest of the comeback.

    1. @RSH
      What a kick from Randolph to set loose Long. Crackin goal also…
      Germany thought they had it won before kick off.

    2. So you are back on this site. How was the leave you took when Arsenal prove you wrong against Man U? Was it a coincident that you went into hiding like United fans? Maybe you are one of them.

      1. @godswill I’m very irregular anyways. And I did post after United games anyways. Search harder since you’re so obsessed.

      2. And what do you want, an apology? Wenger beats United in league for first time since 2011 and all of a sudden he’s invincible again? I’m not a short sighted, ignorant fan, so you’re not getting one.

  1. I miss Santi’s goals… when he’s on his bike, confusing defenders with his two-footedness before unleashing a stinger, his goals are just fantastic to watch when they come. I’m sure The Ox will come good in front of goal too sometime soon… and so will Ramsey’s goals return! Theo will get going… However, this revolution begins with our speed & accuracy of our passing! This is exactly the speed we need to be consistent on. When Liverpool had Suarez & Sturridge on song, their attack had such a beauty in their passing, much I hated to admit it! The same for United when they won the league with Robish Van Whatshisname & Wayne Looney! Hazard brought that out for Chelsea! As we witnessed with our Sunday performance, we can perform at that speed. Imagine how terrible Mourinho’s face will look if we can deliver that kind of performance at the Emirates! I’ll burn my gigabytes of data watching the highlights in every language (BTW, the 3rd Arsenal goal (Alexis) commentary by the Spanish commentator, Andres Cantor gave me the biggest orgasm of all time) until my phone service provider text me a warning!

  2. He’s a fantastic player. Most people like his passing and vision, but what I like the most about him is how he has adapted to his role as a holding midfielder – he has brilliantly added tackling and reading of the game to his game. His defensive record is not bad for such a small chap (2.4 tackles per game, 2.4 interceptions per game) compared to; le coq (4.0 tackles/game, 2.1 interceptions), matic (3.8 tackles/game, 2.4 interceptions), schneiderlin (3.1 tackles/game, 2.9 interceptions/game)

  3. Samper should be brought into backup Coquelin. Last thing we need is to overplay Coquelin and have him suffer a long term injury like many Arsenal players in the past. Arteta and Flamini’s contracts expire after this season so it makes sense to find a replacement during winter window to integrate into the squad so that he’s ready to rock come August 2016.

    Chambers rotting on the bench is hurting his development significantly. He should be loaned out during the winter break and the following year as well. He needs some serious game time before he can step into Arsenal’s starting 11.

  4. Most assists in the EPL since his signing in 2012

    Crucial free kick equalizer to put us on the way to end our trophy drought

    He has been very vital to Arsenal. Would like to see him score more goals this season though (but that’s another topic…)

  5. have commented that Götze got injured in the loss to “Scotland” in “Hamden Park” and Schweinsteiger got injured in the warm up “Scotland”?!!?!!? Jesus…….

  6. Santiago Cazorla has been very good for Arsenal since he was signed. But so too has Ozil been good for Arsenal and the other Gunners too that were signed by the Boss who are currently in his 1st team squad. They are all masters in their own rights and in their own positions on the field for Arsenal. It’s a team work with an occasional display of individual showing of class in Arsenal games. No player can be an Island to himself. On the audacity calling, will the Boss sign Neymar from Barcelona if he can persuade him to join Arsenal instead of Man Utd during the January window? Can Arsenal afford his wage bill, after succeeding to pay Barca his transfer fee of £??m. Did Arsenal need one of the like of Ronaldo, Messi, Suaurez and Neymar. Not Benzema for God’s sake! If Arsenal want to eat frog, let them eat the one that has eggs. If Arsenal did not sign Neymar soon, one of the Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea and Liverpool might signed him, I suspect. Chambers will come good for Arsenal. But he has to be patient and work hard to improve on his defensive duty weakness. I am sure the Boss will continue to give him game time this season when the opportunity to do so becomes available. I think the Boss will start him in our away game to Watford and also in our COC game away to Sheffield Wed.

  7. I like both players(Cazorla & Ozil). Actually I love it when they together with Sanchez (and Ramsey sometimes) get their ultimate passing going on. Gosh, I can’t get my eyes off from them. And then Walcott using his pace to run on to their through balls beating defenders.

    One Love Gunners

  8. Great player but needs more goles but he is getting on so another player needs to come in and challenging him for the starting place next season

  9. Second summer of success…lol… Who ever questioned santi’s quality … Wenger’s job for last 2 years to combine santi ozil and jack with striking options …. Finally has two out of three working with Alexis … Aguerro injured on int duty …man city panicing … There but for the grace of god go us!

  10. The season we bought giroud podolski and cazorla was a turning point. But we ended up selling rvp and that didn’t really help.

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