Has this defender played his way OUT of Arsenal transfer?

Not long now Arsenal fans! It is less than two days before the January transfer window opens and most of us are hoping that it will not be much longer than that when Arsene Wenger completes the first Arsenal transfer of the year. There have been hundreds of Arsenal transfer rumours involving all sorts of players, so it is anyone’s guess who the first new Gunner will be.

But a betting man would probably go for a centre back as that is where the Gunners have been most stretched in the first half of the season. And one of the players that has been most strongly linked, as he ticks most of the boxes, is the West Ham and New Zealand international star Winston Reid.

The Mirror is the latest paper to report that Wenger was possibly ready to put in a £4 million offer for the 26-year old. They claim that Arsenal scouts have been keeping a close eye on the defender, who will be available for nothing in the summer, for the last two months.

And Reid has been putting in some real quality performances, right up until he had the chance to show Wenger what he could do at close quarters that is. Because he was not too great against the Gunners. The stats on Squawka.com had him as the worst player on the pitch with just one star out of five. I think that may be a bit harsh, but do you think he may have played his way out of transfer to Arsenal or is he the right man to strengthen the Gunners back line?

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  1. A one game off performance by Reid doesn’t make him a bad buy cos his overall performance thus far has been good…so get him if you can Wenger

    1. HoLding a newspaper with the headlines “Arsenal signs Grzegor Krychowiak” ….*someone tapped my shoulder*…..*wakes up shockingly and rubs eyes*….. it was all a dream, but it felt so real

    2. Sorry I cannot see anything good about Reid, I would personally take any of our 8 defenders over him. I want a defender that forces highway onto the first 4 or is at least the 5th best.

      I would rather have Jenks back than reid and use chambers and debuchy as centre back, back up.

      Jenkinson debuchy mertesacker koscielny monreal gibbs with chambers bellerin hayden and ajayi as back up would be more than enough.

      Chelsea pretty much get by with just 5 defenders ivanovic cahill terry azilpuecuta and Luis. Then they have zouma and ake as back up.

  2. Being a defender itself is enough to put Wenger off. He only spends money forever chasing a player he can play on the left wing. His 4 most expensive signings:


    Played all of them on the wing. Let’s not forget the man of the moment, Cazorla. It took a complete Game of Thrones style cull for him to finally end up in the middle again.

    Wenger doesn’t like to pay for defenders. He doesn’t get any props for that.

      1. Actually Wenger bought Debuchi 12 mill
        and a 19 yr old Chambers for
        16 mill this past summer.
        7-10 mill for Reid would be a steal.
        Ensuring ECL qualification is worth 30 mill
        so whats 7-10 mill for a 26 yr old
        London based, EPL experienced and desperate
        to step up to the big time. Schneiderlin got injured
        and got a red card so is he now wiped from the list?

        1. He isn’t arsenal material

          Perrin is the bEst French defender in liege 1 and third overall behind thiago Silva and my favourite nkoulou. Who are all playing for big teams. This makes him the best attainable target if we’re looking in France he is as good as vermaelen and he is also seen as a leader for saint etteine and statistically he is up there with the best in the leauge.10m

          I would also take a punt at djilobodji from Nantes. They aren’t a big team so they can’t put up a fight if we went in for him. He is 6’3 fast like kosc he is very strong and aggressive and at 26 he would be coming into his best years.he is a left footer making him ideal for the role vermaelen had.he averages 14 defensive actions per game,79% heading duels,56% tackling. And is ranked the 2nd best defender this season. Both of these are higher than per,kos,chambers although France isn’t as good as here.He was linked with a Dortmund move in the summer and his secondary pos is dm.

          He would make the perfect low pressure signing and could develop into a real defensive force for us. He has a 4.4m market value so he wouldn’t cost more than 7m. We could even loan them sanogoo if he can’t find a premiere leauge club.

    1. Its not always about the price.
      Sol Campbell was free, Kolo Toure was a small figure and also was a holding CM/RB, Lauren wasn’t a massive signing and Cole was a youth product.

      With a realativly cheap Gilberto Silva and cheap young Vieira at time of purchase infront of that defense…

      Get where I am going?

      Also the Nasri/Arshavin thing, Wenger made those signings after Dein left and prior to Gazidis and it took years to break the bank again after Gazidis came in a few months after the Arshavin deal.

      I wont argue that Wenger isn’t the best def buyer BUT he use to have much better support in that area than he has now.

      As for Cazorla going out on the left, if you watch Arsenal games then you’ll have known that Wenger wanted Cazorla to learn to put his foot into challenges a bit more often as he hadn’t been pulling his weight defensivly enough at that time, now it is a different story, I admire how Cazorla fights to try and get the ball back.

      Now Ozil has been played out wide and people have moaned (I wont say wrongly or rightly as it doesn’t matter), why has Wenger put him out wide prior to getting injured, couldnt be because he was disapointed with Ozils efforts and thought he could learn to go past his player more often as well as get back to help defend better? Passing isn’t in question with Ozils talents, it is his desire to run past a player instead of passing past a player and lack of desire to win the ball back that is in question.

      If nothing else, Wenger has always tried to help a player develop into more than what they came to Arsenal as, again if this is right or wrong I wont say as it is down to individual preference… If he wasn’t that man though then we would never of gone unbeaten, it was afterall those qualities in Wenger which developed a team good enough to go unbeaten… Not bought it like Jose has (and thank you Newcastle for helping us keep our record).

  3. We maybe 3rd after new years and people will forget why are we chasing the 4th trophy and not the champion, the root cause is Wenger.

    Just to remind you all, Wenger created this situation and now trying to cover his coaching quality inability.

    Do you think carzola will be playing no.10 if wilshere not injured. We don’t like injuries for our players but since like only injuries force him to play his 2nd favourite. Do you think will rosicky got a chance to play to, Wenger give excuse that poldi not fit but did wilshere and Ramsey fit just after injury? Didn’t he played them just after injury and full match and didn’t rotate his squad. Wenger problems are he like to play his favorite till they inform and let the rest rusting on the bench and his favourite will get injured than his 2nd than come in.

    Go figure out if our players all available, who wenger will use and do you think he know how to rotate and make substitution? We all know who is our best no.10, did Wenger known?

    Last question from your heart is Wenger a better manager or coach? Maybe he should manage the stadium not the players.

    1. It is mind boggling. Cazorla is a class above Wilshere. Actually not even a class, he is way and beyond anything Wilshere could be.

      Yet Wenger persists with Wilshere. Even the two games Ozil played in the middle were stunning but ends up on the wing again.

      Wenger has lost his mind. He has been budgeting for so long that now he has genuine quality he is still doing the small time shit like trying to bring some bum from the academy through while Cazorla and Ozil waste away.

    2. Cazorla in the number 10 role?
      Your not watching Arsenal I’m afriad to say, we haven’t been playing a player in that ‘number 10 role’ that often this season, we have gone to more of a 4141 formation and we have been using 2 B2B CM infront of a holding CM, not ACM! I liked it when we have the ACM but we are not playing that way currently.

      Cazorla has been getting back and defending, at times he has been on the edge of our own box defending… So if Wilshere was fit would Cazorla play in the middle still? Well as Wilshere is only 1 man and Cazorla is only 1 man and we have been using 2 B2B CM then the answer could be yes, Cazorla may still be playing in the middle.

      to say the route cause is Wenger is hillarius, that accusation is so blind that a guide dog is needed!
      Wenger started and he had support, with support from Dein (who was on the board and share holder as well as friend to Wenger) Wenger won triophies… without Deins support he has been relyed upon for doing the boards job as well as they’re a bunch of clueless w*nkers who are only interested in profit for there boss Silent Stan so he can then take funds from us as “stratigic BS” which he has not done to his American teams from what I can tell.

      So yes, lets blame Wenger for not telling his boss what to do and then losing his job after p*ssing his bosses off and leaving us with a Moyes to deal with!

  4. Just a bad performance by Reid!!! Hw many bad and horrible performances has BFG and Flamini showed this season (so much that I can’t evn remember them all)… I rate this Reid very high, he’s hardworking and a good Tackler than BFG.. We need him

    1. He has played bad against chelsea,arsenal,Spurs, hull,Everton, Southampton

      Tomkins is better.(Reid)He has a 44% tackle succes rate lower than all our cb,heading 66%won
      And 8 yellows to his name

  5. He would still improve us from what we got now

    Even I was amazed How Wenger could manage to start the season lacking in defense. At the least it’s sheer incompetence at the most sabotage

    I’d be happy with any of these
    1. Hummels
    2. Reid
    3. Schar
    4. Van Dick
    5. Carvalho can play defense as well as DM.

    1. To clarify

      It was ridiculous not.to replace Vermaelen and loan off Jenkison

      We had to get Bellerin from the Academy, who btw did very well, but it’s the principal

      Not counting Bellerin we started with 6 players for 4 positions. That’s fine if we had no injuries but Wenger should know by now that we are one of the most injury prone clubs

      Lacking in quality is bad enough but lacking quantity is a crime.

      1. Verm was replaced with an upgrade IMO, Chambers. Wenger has said he sees him in the middle… how-ever I have been bewildered why Bellerin wasn’t given more chances when both Debuchery and Kos was out.

        Not counting Bellerin… Should we not count Cole as the LB from the unbeaten squad as he was brought up from our youth? Pathetic argument!

        Ballerin should be counted and if anything I would question Wenger why he didn’t give the 19 year old equal chances as he has given Chambers… Both 19!

        So we had 7 players for 4 posisiotns and Wenger has said that too many signings can be more of a disruption then a benefit, we got to take steps to get back to the top and it will not happen in 1 or 2 transfer windows… Any true fan belives it was going to take 3-4 transfer windows (of which 2 have already passed), we just need too many pieces of the puzzle.

  6. Diaby and ???
    The other name I could think of a few to be honest, Wilsheres form for us hasn’t been the best BUT I dont think we should get rid of him yet, he just needs to get ‘back to basics’ about his job and stop trying to take a nap on the grass so often. I do hope Alexis will change that about him, seeing someone like Alexis doing everything he can to win the ball back will rub off on him and then he can recapture his form, the form which got him such raving reviews to start with.
    Flamini is another name I thought of and as much as I like his passion, I know he isn’t good enough to start for us on a regular basis but I like his as a squad player, a player we can bring on to hold onto a 2-0 lead for example…
    Arteta was yet another name, too slow and weak in the tackle but Wenger likes him as he can help the team keep possesion… even if half of it is passing back to the CB >.<
    Podolski goes missing for large chunks of the game and feels like a unreliable player, which Podolski is going to play? The one who runs his socks off or the one that does a ghost impression on the pitch?

    As much as I will supoprt the players, I wont be blind to their faults, the way I see it, if I can support them even with there faults then I can call myself a true supporter of the club. I hope everyday that those players will wake up and realise that people like me would give there left bollock just to be given there chances and would run themselves into the ground and as such shows as much dedication to their job as I show supporting them in doing there job… we can all dream right? lol.

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