Has Tim Cahill passed the test for being a future Arsenal coach?

Tim Cahill, Future Arsenal Coach? By Dan Smith

If Tim Cahill’s appearance on Sky Sports Super Sunday was an advertisement for a coaching position at Arsenal, he couldn’t have done more. He was like Ian Wright in how gushing he was over our win at Old Trafford.

Of course a lot of it might be his friendship with Arteta from their days at Everton, this could just be someone supportive of their mate.

Yet you know when you go for an interview and as much as you are asked details about yourself, there’s always the key question about ‘what do you know about the company’?

That’s the interviewer trying to get a range on how passionate you actually are, are you serious enough to have taken the time to do some research?

Well, Mr Cahill seemed to know everything about the Gunners. Where they were, how they have improved, the direction they are taking. Unless our manager had been staying round the Australian’s house talking non-stop about us, this was impressive.

The former midfielder then drops into the conversation that he has now completed his badges, spent 6 months at Everton’s academy and has ambitions to get into some coaching. Sky is hardly a bad platform to tell the world you’re after a job.

His interactions with Roy Keane has got thousands of views on social media as well as on JustArsenal. A lot of that was Keane just being grumpy because United had lost. I actually like him as a pundit, but he lost this verbal exchange.

In any profession, they say don’t mix professional with personal relationships. Arteta might feel he wants to work with someone not afraid to disagree with him which some friends won’t do (although clearly Cahill is an opinionated bloke who won’t be intimidated). At the same time, he might like the idea of someone sold on his ethos.

One of the first things the Spaniard did when becoming our boss was to hire Steve Round, who he would have known from his Goodison Park days, so that shows he’s open to working with people he trusts.

After making 55 staff redundant, maybe Arsenal are not hiring at the moment, but don’t be surprised to see Cahill on your TV screens more. His worst-case scenario is Sky Sports have found a new pundit. But if he’s serious about coaching full time, it wouldn’t be a shock if it’s in North London.

After Sunday, he’s certainly made friends with lots of gooners.

Dan Smith

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  1. Cahill is chip off the old ‘made of stone’ player. Keane, Viera, Cahill, Gerrard are made of something different. You can’t mess with them. They are hard men. A couple of hard men in the team makes a big difference.

  2. DAN You will be far from alone in noticing AND recognising the possible context behind Cahills (unusually for a pundit) positive views on our club. Yes, he once played with MA and their friendship seems a real one .

    But, as with Pochettino onTV last night when he made(to my mind) a shameless pitch for Solskjaers job, so Cahills extreme positivity may well have an ulterior motive behind it.

    OR it may just be a conspiracy theory, believed by some and, on this occasion, given at least SOME credence by you and by me too. Stranger things have certainly happened in this media savvy age!

    But, I hope Solskjaer remains, as he is doing a great job, FROM THE PERSPECTIVE OF A GOONER1

    1. How ludicrous,you don’t have to be ITK to know the problems MA inherired when he first came in,the Ozil situation was no secret,same thing with Xhaka,the toxic atmosphere at the club,from the fans was obvious to everyone unless you lived under a rock, Emery had lost the dressing room he was even openly mocked by his players,there was no communication,the team had no plans,the players were demoralised, confused,lacking confidence,the team was lacking fighting spirit,we were easily bullied on the pitch,our defense was an easy target,teams used to bombard our box with crosses,set pieces and we would always end up conceding goals towards the end of games, everything Cahill brought up were known facts,also if you have been watching him as a pundit on BBC before going to Sky the guy knows what he is talking about on football matters, tactics and seems to always do his research and not only when it comes to Arsenal,accusing him to have ulterior motives as Jon fox does is again laughable,the same man who about 2/3weeks ago said that both Elneny and Holding should never play for Arsenal again even going as far as blaming Holding for his injuries by being unprofessional when warming up and looking after himself,implying that it was done on purpose!

      1. Siamois, My, my, what spiteful bitterness!

        My perfectly harmless and honest post, merely giving my OPINION – which I was careful to nuance , had you read it properly and in context, but which you did NOT, does not warrant this vitriolic response, even though born out of jealousy, as I can easily tell! Your personal agenda against me is so obvious and so juvenile!
        In case you still do not understand, my expression, “may well have an ulterior motive behind it” was followed (as I always like context), by ” OR (in capitals for a reason of emphasis on OR)it may be a conspiracy theory, believed by some, and on this occasion given at least SOME credence by you and by me too!”
        That was deliberately and carefully phrased in that way, so that it was clear my opinion could well be wrong.

  3. Ha ha i had similar thoughts in my head. Maybe not a bad call, if we need a coach in the future to help Artetas team.

  4. If Arteta leaves in the future, my first choice for his replacement would be David Luiz. This is because Luiz has played as the main CB for several great managers and he’s been learning from Arteta, so hopefully Arsenal would extend his contract by one year

      1. Luiz said he wants to be a manager after his playing career is over. Like Arteta, Luiz has seen the systems that made his ex-managers successful and their mistakes/ failures

  5. Tim Cahill was very fair of his assessment of the match and Arteta on Sunday and Roy Keane was flying off the handle and embarrassing himself with childish comments like maybe United should get Arteta because he’s the Messiah now… Fair play to Cahill for not backing down to that grumpy old miser.

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