Has to be at least one Arsenal signing in next 10 days

The headline is quite categorical but I will admit straight up that it is not based on any inside info or even guesswork but pure common sense because it would be absolutely ridiculous if Arsenal do not make at least one new signing before their pre-season tour to the USA.

In fact, it would be less than ten days because the tour kicks off on the 16th against the Colorado Rapids.

Not to have at least one new acquisition in the side before then would be utter madness, of course, it is not obligatory but common sense dictates that you want your new players to get as much integration as possible before the new season kicks off.

There are other opportunities, of course, the Emirates Cup at the end of the month and so it would not be the end of the world if there are no signings but you can take it to the bank that Unai Emery is urging the negotiators to get a deal done in time for the American trip.

There are more than enough options on the table, Kieran Tierney, Lucas Vazquez, Marcelo etc. and if any of them are still dragging along by the time the team leaves for the States then you would have to worry that those deals are never going to happen.

Any manager will tell you that they want as much time as possible with new signings, that they want them on any pre-season tour and you can only imagine how frustrated Emery would be if no new deals are in place by the time the team departs.

There are always significant dates to look towards in the summer transfer window, the new kit unveiling was one and within 24 hours it was confirmed that Gabriel Martinelli had signed for the club and yes, he was paraded in the new kit, same applies with pre-season tours.

So, yes, I fully expect at least one new signing within the next ten days. Put it this way, I would be stunned to the core if there is not.


  1. Admin the fact remains that Saliba and Tierney will be joining Arsenal as we have agreed both their fee and personal terms.Im just waiting for everything to happen and then I will prove using reliable journalists and ITK’s how media is late .I will also prove how ITK’s had the info before journalists and prove that the argument.If them guessing is flawed I’d they report info before media and journalists at a time when nothing is heard.

    Every Arsenal fan should know that whether like it or not Saliba and Tierney are more or less Arsenal players pending their medicals.I hope when they happen noone tells me they guessed.Thankfully there’s evidence

    1. How about Malcom, kev? I’m not surprised if he comes on loan

      Or maybe we would get one of Real Madrid’s fringe wingers instead? Isco, Asensio, Bale or Vazquez has to move since they bought Vinicius Junior and Rodrygo

      1. Issco,Asensio,Bale and Vasquez are all off the cards for Arsenal.

        Fekir,Ziyech,Zaha,Nicolas Pepe(No. 1 target before UCL disappointment),Jarrod Bowen are some of our targets

        1. What about Ceballos? I really think he should be our first target. Loan with option to buy

    2. I will forward it to Tierney’s agent, the one that does the actual negotiations who said today no one has met the asking price. He will be so annoyed that he is not ITK like some twitter user.

      1. He is only bluffing and credit to Celtic for playing along all this while.What people do not know is the fee and personal terms were agreed ages ago.Celtic and Arsenal agreed to let the deal drag on and make it look like it’s not really happening with Arsenal eventually forcing their hands in the end.Hence why media has reported about four different bids from Arsenal being rejected when in fact their second bid was accepted.
        All this is being done to prevent fan backlash a as it is known that Celtic fans like Tierney very much and to make it seem lie doesn’t want to leave.All this info is online

          1. I always go by a McDonald’s & a pint of milk.. all good after that!
            Take my hat off to you though (not sure your Missus would agree with me ?) an all night bender – I couldn’t do it, fair play!! ??

        1. Some teams in there will give your National team a run for their money and that says a lot about your team.Hopefully you lot win nothing for years to come

  2. If Saliba does join for the amount being banded around and then loaned back for year, it must mean we have at least £100 million to spend in this window, otherwise it’s madness.

    1. I think we would pay Saint Etienne 5 M per year as installments, so there would be enough budget to purchase another CB

    2. So have you now accepted Saliba was happening??People dont know how transfer work at times.They think it’s about coach’s or agent’s comments.It’s all about money which does the talking.

      The only reason why Saliba hasn’t been announced all this whole is that Arsenal are unhappy about the “loan back” condition.They tried to negotiate around it.But as I kept saying fee and personal terms were already done

        1. He will be given his chance first in preseason to prove himself and if he impresses he stays and vice versa

  3. What’s the latest on Kev on Emery and the rumours he likes to watch Eastenders in the evening to wind down ?
    And are the rumours true we are signing two ball boys from Chelsea and have they had the medicals yet ?
    And what’s the rumours about Gotanidea and if they have found his brain yet ?
    Any info would be great Kev ?

      1. Yes Tierney medical tomorrow 18.3 mill plus add ons , shirt number 3
        Saliba 28 mill loaned back done deal 10 day ago .

        1. I clarified that it his medical wasn’t happening tomoorow in my reply to that initial comment I made.Why did you ignore that or you didnt see it??

          Oh yes Saliba deal is done long ago and he will be loaned back.I have prepared the links showing how a renowned French journalist said it would happen on June 27th.Why would a renowned journalist guess on June 28th about Saliba deal to put his credibility in question??Makes zero sense

          I’m only waiting for the deals to be announced soon though I expect Tierney’s to drag on a bit longer as it is intentional.I shall be vindicated by the links from the journalists and the truth will set me free

          1. Wow you said medical Friday then posted ,after “no medical weekend or Monday” ,now your changing it again .

          2. “Sorry to clarify Tierney’s medical will take place over the weekend/early next week rather than today or tomorrow”This was written by you on Thursday .

          3. I replied to that particular comment clarifying that there was not going to be any medical.Someone who wasn’t an ITK leaked info that Tierney was in London.It was an excellent Photoshop work from too and we all followed suit but was found to be a scam in the end.
            It’s only embarrasing how late media is at times.I know deep down you’d like both moves to happen and you don’t want to be fooled but hey lemme tell you both will sign for us

          4. @Dan Kit after both sign I will give you a detailed explanation of why both moves have dragged on.The fact that they drag on doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t done.Even people sometimes do not trust themselves let alone the words from another person(manager or agent).Wenger and Santi signing comes to mind

          5. Only thing that’s embarrassing is the crap you post on here mate .so he’s not now having a medical over the weekend or early next week ???
            You couldn’t make it up

          6. Everyone and their wives know we are close to sing Tierney ,you bring nothing to this conversation except guessed figures and when he’s having his medical ,you come across that when we do finally sign him ,you will come out and say I told you so ?even know we all know that it’s likely to happen ,you have already come a cropper with the medical ,so that’s one thing you have lied about already

          7. Dan Kit I told you I do not follow media news.When it happens I shall provide the link to the date I saw Tierney as being a done deal as proof.Please never think I wait for the deal to near completion before I come out and say it a done.Ive been saying it’s done weeks ago.I have prepared all the links for that.Never ever think I follow media who keep playing with the mid of fans

            Regarding the medical issue I said someone made a Photoshop that everyone fell for online.It was later confirmed as a scam.Im not changing today but changed it on that same day that I said the medical would be happening.I replied to that comment on that same day.Youre either speaking out of ignorance or you didn’t see the comment.I hope it’s the latter

            Listen I couldn’t care less if you don’t believe me but I hate being misunderstood.21st Century and people still think only journalists and media know what going on.50 years from info will be leaking left,right and centre.If this is what clubs call secretive then they are doomed

  4. I hope if we get Saliba, we get him now for this coming season and not loan him back for a season. That would suck big time.

    Wish we could trade Mustafi for him

    1. Sue, Wilfred Zaha is over priced; Arsenal can get Tierney, Fraser and Fekir (or alternatively Tierney, Frazer and a CB) plus change for Crystal Palace’s asking price for Zaha.
      Personally a CB should be the highest priority and I wonder what is happening with Umtiti?

      1. I heard Umtiti rejected us, too bad. Yeah I don’t know why we still haven’t signed any center backs considering our defense is in shambles. Need at least 1 experienced CB, we can experiment with Chambers & Bielik but they must be integrated to the team slowly. I still remember Wenger decision to field Chambers & Holding for the first game of the season and that backfired. Later Chambers lost confidence as well.

  5. So the Spuds have spent £60 mill on Tanguy Ndombele. We are about to go pre-season with just an 18 year old kid signed. You couldn’t make it up.

    1. Sean, the fact that Martinelli didn’t cost us £60m doesn’t matter at all, it is all on the paper. Even C.Ronaldo came to Man Utd as a teenager no one have ever heard before.
      Regarding Tanguy Ndombele, he hasn’t been proven in top leagues and international competitions (still behind Pogba & Kante in the pecking order) so our neighbour play with fire here, I sincerely hope that guy turn to be the next Bakayoko.

  6. Sean, and they have a new stadium to pay for!
    Remind me again why Arsenal left Highbury?

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