Has Trossard earned the right to be an Arsenal starter more often?

After two losses, Mikel Arteta had to make some tough decisions on Wednesday night to ensure his team got back on track.

With his two strikers, Eddie Nketiah and Gabriel Jesus, both injured, he had to make a difficult decision on who to play as the striker.
The Arsenal manager made the brilliant decision to start Leandro Trossard in the No. 9 position. The Belgian impressed by demonstrating that he was the ideal remedy to Arsenal’s ineffective attacking. He scored one of Arsenal’s two goals in the victory over Sevilla. That was the ex-Brighton man’s fifth goal in 13 outings this season.

Looking at these figures and how effective he was as a new signing last season, when he joined and was given the striker role and went on producing assists after assists, I can’t help but think Mikel Arteta should continue playing him as a No. 9 because he performs well in the position.

Notably, Trossard confesses that he is ready to impress in any role Arteta assigns him, stating that he can play wherever in attack, which should send a message to Arteta that he can be his temporary No. 9 when he needs him, or any position at all in fact.

“He (Arteta) knows I like to swap positions during the game,” Trossard said after his masterclass versus Sevilla. “We have those types of players as well, and it creates a bit of chaos for the opposition team. I am really happy with tonight.

“I always need to be switched on, to be honest! I always need to know my role. But I like it; I will never back down from anything. If you put me as a striker or a winger or a No10, I will always play my game.”

With Eddie Nketiah not always being as effective as he should be, do you believe Mikel Arteta should rely more on Trossard as his No. 9 when Jesus isn’t available? I believe he should. In fact, against Burnley, Trossard should keep his place in the starting 11.

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  1. He should be tried in the left-sided AM position again, because he played well there in pre-season

    He produced goals from the CF position, but I think he hasn’t played the role against flat-track bullies like Newcastle, Man City and Chelsea yet

    1. The term flat track bully is meant for teams/players who dominate clearly inferior opposition, but struggle against top level opponents. Flat track bully teams would destroy the lower league teams 3-, 4- or 5-0 regularly, but often wilt against teams in the top few or top half. I’m not sure who meets that description in the EPL currently.
      I don’t think a team or player handling am accomplished attacker like trossard could be considered a flat track bully – it’s possibly the case that trossard isn’t capable of playing the CF role well enough for top level games, but I’m not convinced of that, personally.
      To my mind, we’re currently too good to be flat track bullied by anyone. If we get dominated in any games, it’s only because we haven’t played to our abilities and the opposition have been really good.
      I think you’re saying that city, Chelsea and Newcastle have physically dominant cbs who are able to smother trossard? They can bully him physically?

      1. Yes, that’s what I mean. Trossard doesn’t have the strength to hold the CBs off when playing with his back to goal

        1. 👍
          Possibly, I don’t think those teams have especially physical cbs – most cbs in the league would be too strong for trossard. Those teams might have higher quality cbs that can better deal with his movements, which would enable them to bully him, though.
          I’d like to see it tried. Realistically, all of our forwards, aside from havertz, are smaller and weaker than most cbs

          1. And Havertz, though tall but being so skinny, is still weaker and less committed than most defenders, I suggest!

      2. On the other hand Trossard could if playing cleverly not go into contest with big center backs thereby making them ineffective to an extend.
        Saliba made Haaland ineffective during our win. Saliba was again doing this very well against the Newcastle big striker until he was subbed. It created a new challenge for our defence as the smaller players would not be effectively marked.

  2. He did last season, but he’s been far more effective as supersub this season. That said, it’s all hands to the pump at the moment considering the injuries.

  3. Tossards best position is a false number 9. This system suits Arsenal’s playing style with in cutting wingers. Tossard should be first choice in this position above Jesus and Nketiah. If Arteta does not see this, then their is something wrong with his selection judgement. I bet he plays Tossard out of position on the right in place of Nelson if Saka doesn’t play. He is a fool if he does.

  4. I used to think he should starts more games, in retrospect he’s more effective coming off the bench, at times even devastating to the opposition with his intelligent approach.

    What’s need to happen is for the gaffer at times makes the changes far more earlier, we needs to see change happening from as early as in the first half when things not going right.

  5. Yes, he definitely deserves to start “more often”, his versatility making his inclusion more of a regular event, and I’m pretty sure he’ll be in today’s team.

  6. Trossards mature words are the types to gladden the heart of fans,I reckon. Personally, I regard him as starting eleven level, in whichever forward position or positions he plays.

  7. Trossard shows quality whether he starts or comes on from the bench, so for me, at the moment he would be part of my starting 11.

  8. I love watching Trossard play, he is always a game changer when given a chance to play. Whenever we are goals down, I am always anticipating for the momentum he will bring to the game

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