Has Unai Emery lost the Arsenal dressing room?

All the signs are there that Emery has lost the dressing room

This is a tough time to be an Arsenal manager no doubt. After all, the fans called for the head of Arsene Wenger after 22 years of service and he left unceremoniously.

Unai Emery happens to be the ‘chosen one’ to replace him but as he has found out, the current set of Arsenal fans are not prepared to wait too long to become a top-four club again.

While Emery has achieved some great feats in his career as a manager, the Spaniard has hardly convinced since he became manager of Arsenal and it seems even his players don’t trust his methods.

Unai Emery allowed the Gunners’ stars to pick their captain earlier in the season in what is a clear sign that the buck doesn’t stop with him at the Emirates.

That exercise has proven to be a disastrous one with the players choosing the underwhelming Granit Xhaka as captain. What that decision shows perhaps, even more, is that Emery doesn’t have control of the dressing room as expected.

Anonymous sources

Reports from anonymous sources, so declare the Independent, also claim that some of the players are bored with Emery’s method and mock him behind his back, this cannot be possible if everyone is on board with the manager.

Emery also showed a lack of control when he couldn’t get Granit Xhaka to apologise to club’s fans.

He is in a dilemma now because of how he handled that situation, would he play Xhaka again? Would he keep him on as captain?

He has also spoken in the past about the whole club wanting Mesut Ozil out of the first team. Yet, he is on the verge of playing the German again.

Until the results on the field improve, the spotlight will remain on how much control Emery has. Right now, it looks like he doesn’t have much control over the dressing room.


  1. Agu Emen says:

    If the dressing room has been lost where will the players change?

    1. Reggie says:

      Reports that give anonymous sources and no names are put out by people to destabilise the club. Xhaka has always had Emerys support, Ozil is in the process of trying to get himself back in the team and while the players look like they aren’t at their bests, they most definitely are fighting. Its all about click bait and doom and gloom makes the best click bait because they know the rabble will bite. I would be wary of the validity of these doom pitchers.

      1. NY_Gunner says:

        Exactkt…The rabble live on doom and gloom.

  2. Break-on-through says:

    I think Reggie covered it, am amazed that some people have given this credence. Football is known for unceremonious banter, what sort of generation are we living in at all, with people taking offence to unsubstantiated banter, they done an impression, omg, call the police.

  3. GunnerJack says:

    Hope Utd don’t win the early game. Apart from the fact I hate them just think about the pressure on us to win if they push us into 6th before we kick off.

  4. jon fox says:

    The expression”lost the dressing room” is rather more complex a matter than some belive. I belive Emery has a puzzled and frustrated dressing room for sveral reasons. Firstly, his lack of immediately fully understood English, which seems to be making hardly any real progress, is a certain handicap. Secondly he lavks understanding of the English Prem culture and nalso thefans culture. Some sensible person higher upmin thd club should whisper in his ear and tell him what a wally he sounds by beginning every interview with Good morning/ afternoon. evening. This makes him seem even more as is if he doesn’t grasp the culture of ourfootball language and that is clear to see and hear. Perect communication skills are vital in any managerial position when trying to impart ones own ideas to staff. This point cannot be stressed highly enough, though some fail tofully see its importance.

    Secondly , he is showingvhimself to be defensive mindea s a coach though despitr thai has actually managed the near imoposible feat of regresing our appalling “defence” even further from the dismal last days of Wenger.THAT ALONE IS IN MY VIEW A REASON TO SACK HIM RIGHT NOW.

    Thirdly, he has slowed our pace down to a crawl and there are far too many control touches in general, before passing the ball Slow football is boring football and usually losing football. He has overseen theimport of a number of better player like Guendouzi and Martinelli and also allowed some other youngsters to progress into the first team or on the edges of it at aleat. Thatis to his credit. Fourthly, he constantly picks sub standard players whilst leaving better ones out or benched. Once again today, Bellerin is not picked it seems. Chambers is never an adequate right back- I would use him in the position he played so well at Fulham, as a midfield destroyer, though he still lacks pace.

    I conclude that unless major changes in selection , in tactics and in proper coaching – and an intensive twenty hours plus per week English speaking study can be IMMEDIATELY fitted into his busy schedule- that by Christmas there will be no doubt he has fully lost the whole dressing romm and there will be ample evidence of that. Simply put, right now he is taking us down the road to nowhere!

  5. McLovin says:

    Its possible. Look at how we play. Emerys been in charge almost 18 months and still we have no identity and he doesn’t know his best XI.

  6. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    I don’t think Emery has lost the Arsenal dressing room as such. If at all anything I see him fully in control of it. He choosed Xhaka as the Arsenal captain but the Gooners seemed to not respect his choosing him as captain. For, they made complains over the choice of him in the media. And for the numerous complaints by the Gooners over the choice of Xhaka as Arsenal senior team captain, Emery decided to puts his choosing of Xhaka as captain to vote on it by the Gunners who unanimously affirmed his choice.

  7. mayert says:

    How is it possible that stupid teams like Man Utd play better than us atm.

    This guy has completely lost it.

  8. Alie Bao says:

    A manager who who often involves himself in conflict with his own players can’t get it right more often, one who hasn’t hold over the dressing room can’t get it on the field.
    Emery had lost it, he must be replaced and now

  9. Mike Freeman says:

    I’m starting to think that Emery was another Rioch-style stop-gap. It certainly feel like that spell in our history.

    Now the money will theoretically be there thanks to the Adidas deal, maybe the board are aware that they’ll get a better quality of manager once they can promise a larger transfer budget.

    Or maybe the club is just a shambles.

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