Has Wenger already outlived his welcome at Arsenal?

Martin Keown has claimed that Arsene Wenger has taken too long to give up the helm at Arsenal, claiming he has no players in the dressing room to turn to in times of crisis.

The former Gunners defender enjoyed a rich spell whilst with the club in Arsene Wenger’s earlier years, picking up a number of trophies, and whilst he is proud of his time spent under the manager, he thinks that it is time he left.

Keown insists that the best time for the Frenchman to leave has now been and gone, and he is now struggling to get the best from his players.

“Like every great leader, you find the right time to leave the club,” he said. “That moment has gone since long ago.

“Now he’s trying to get a performance from players who are looking over their shoulder at who’s coming in next.

“Who can Arsene turn to in that changing room now?

“But he’s put himself in that position, there’s no players for him after getting rid of people like Giroud.”

He also said: “Is it a defining night for Arsene Wenger? Last season they went out of the Champions League versus Bayern Munich, it was 10-2 over the two ties.

“The owner has supported Arsene Wenger but it gets ever closer to a change being made.

“I’m not looking forward to the Brighton game. If they lose that as well it really tests the club.

“He may even ask the club ‘do you want to keep me here’ because it’s turned that sour.”

Would Wenger really second-guess his position mid-season and mid-contract? Will Wenger ever make the decision to leave before being pushed out?

Pat J


  1. John says:

    Wenger will not leave unless forced out………this team has underachieved………underperformed………….there is no confidence left in the team…………and the coach has tried everything …….and ended up with the same result…………time for Wenger to do the right thing and leave………or fired…….Wenger OUT………..

    1. gotanidea says:

      Yup, who wants to leave an eight-milion-pay-per-year job

      Keeping him could negatively impact the players’ mentality in Europa League, as he does not seem able to motivate nor discipline his players anymore, but the board stay quiet till now

  2. gotanidea says:

    Supreme Leader would stay until he gets another Premier League title with Mustafi, Xhaka, Koscielny and Ozil

  3. ThirdManJW says:

    Wenger keeps banging on about how he always honours his contracts, so clearly he’s not going anywhere in his mind. The board need to grow a pair, and sack him now, NOT at the end of season, because our season can still be salvaged…just about!

    We can still win a European trophy, which is MASSIVE in the contexts of Arsenal’s history, because we’ve never really done anything on the European stage. It will also gain us entry into the CL. Atletico Madrid are going toe-to-toe with Barcelona for La Liga, and Simeone is a top manager, so they’re clear favourites for the EL. I also cannot see us beating Milan with Wenger. We must sack him now, and it’ll give us a better chance of winning.

    And I never want to see Ozil play in a big game again. His level is clearly Ostersunds, where he dazzled us with is brilliance, before completely disappearing against Spurs, and City twice.

    1. gotanidea says:

      There is no way Arsenal would let a 42 million player get 350,000 weekly without doing anything

      1. But that’s exactly what is happening! The cancerous parasite gave Ozil a 350K-a-week contract in return for showing up whenever he feels like it!

        1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

          Maybe my memories fading, but didn’t Bertie Mee and George Graham both win European trophies with Arsenal? So much for “not doing anything in Europe”.

      2. ThirdManJW says:

        They gave him that ridiculous wage hike to save face. Fans were already angry enough with Sanchez going, and Wenger’s new contract, the board couldn’t then let Ozil leave on free. I say a free, because clearly no one seemed interested in buying him.

        And what does Ozil do, seriously? He has some decent stats, but how many of those stats came from big games? The almost always goes missing, when you expect a WC player to be stepping up.

  4. Arseneout says:

    I think we will beat brighton (hardly) and some so called fans like (john ibrahim and thomas) will say wenger was right and it will be a disaster if we win with high goal difference, because some fans will redefend wenger

    1. Fear not Arseneout, the cancerous parasite’s tactical incompetence and diabolical man-management will most likely ensure yet another defeat drawing us ever closer to that sweet glorious day of freedom!

      1. jon fox says:

        “Cancerous parasite”. Oh wonderful! Now my own personal language about Wenger is becoming mainstream among fans. I often call him and the regime , cancerous! Strong language but how else could anyone better describe the plain truth? What especially annoys me is when TV pundits who , correctly , want him to resign now, then say “oh he will then be loved by everyone and people will give him a great send off.” How dare they presume to speak for me. I have wanted this man sacked since 2007-8 and in fact believe I was among the first to see this man could never win top honours again. When he is gone , very soon now, I will feel ONLY elation, relief, sheer joy at getting our stolen club back again. i stop short of actively wishing him harm but only just. I have no sympathy for what this man has done to our club for so many useless years over the last decade.

        1. AshburtonGrove says:

          You speak for the majority!
          He claims to love Arsenal but it’s all about Arsène. He’s a cancer and has to be fired! Wenger killed his legacy around 4 years ago, last season he was given a chance after the FA cup to leave with a shred of dignity – not now, just get out and leave that stupid sleeping-bag jacket with the broken zipper. You are not welcome. No send-off – just F-off.

  5. John says:

    Wenger gained fame and wealth with Arsenal………not just in England and France…….but all over the world……….time for him to use that wealth and fame to promote football around the world……..and leave Arsenal…………this team had enough talent to compete on all levels……….where did it all go wrong?……..in all fairness to the owners…….Arsenal spent some money…………yet the result is getting worse……..the only constant has been the coach………time for a new coach……….Wenger OUT……….

  6. barryglik says:

    If Arsenal qualify top 4
    from the League Arsene will stay.
    Liverpool Spurs and Arsenal
    will all win this round.
    Liverpool will need 5/9 to reach 75
    Spurs will need 6/9 to reach 76
    Arsenal will need 9/9 to reach 75
    So the Europa league is where top 4 can be achieved.
    Athletico is the only side to fear.
    They play Barca this weekend in what is the title decider.
    If they win they might well be distracted by title aspirations.
    As it is the final is a one off and is winnable.
    Even if Arsenal do not qualify top 4 Kroenke may let
    Wenger see out the last year of his contract.
    If Arsenal do make top 4 expect an extension to Le Pof’s contract.
    Happy days
    🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. jon fox says:

      barryglik, Careful you don’t bump into Mr. Reality! But you will be safe as he doesn’t visit fantasists! Just 9/9 eh? Well that’s easy then . No worries! I am glad I am sane, even if you are not.

  7. RSH says:

    He’s staying. The board won’t force him out. It’s up to the fans to keep Emirates empty and display dissatisfaction and not to pretend everything is okay again after he inevitably strings together 2 wins

    1. AshburtonGrove says:

      Sad but true, the only way to make it happen is to protest with our feet and hit Kroenke in the wallet.

  8. McLov says:

    For me its no longer “goodbye, thanks for the memories”.

    Now its just “f*** off Wenger”

  9. Tolu says:

    Has Wenger outlived his welcome at arsenal? What an idiotically moronic question.

  10. Trudeau says:

    I dont understand what you mean by “already”

  11. Arsene Out says:

    Is this a trick question?

  12. Innit says:

    He outlived his welcome at least 5 years ago probably more

  13. raoh says:

    It’s sad, sad that it comes to this…If Wenger himself is unable to make a decision to save himself, the board should man up and do there duty. Otherwise it is negligence on there part and could hamper any future commercial deals as well as contract extensions or summer signings. Whatever shambles you think the club is in right now it will only get worse.
    It will be hard and tough but that is why they are where they are and paid handsomely. As an Arsenal fan I will choose to remember the better half of his 20+ years reign. The invincibles, our champion’s league run in ’06, the FA cups, the bevy of great players in his best teams and the beautiful attacking football with intricate passes that Arsenal was known for. The latter is no longer the case. We used to be the most beautiful team to watch in England even if it didn’t always translate to winning.

    It hurts to see such a legend (YES he is) that gave so much to the game be battered over social media by fans, pundits, ex-players of Arsenal and others. But with what we have seen so far even the most loyal “Wenger In” can’t really defend the cold hard facts not only in terms of wins/losses but the actual play from top to bottom. The slide in quality has been in effect for at least 5 years. How can you not turn up for a cup final which could be your only chance at silverware this year? A trophy never won by most players in that squad. PATHETIC.

    As it stands the players do not seem up for it. No loyalty towards the manager or his methods, words do not work anymore. Something got to change, we already cleared some players last summer and more are to follow that is certain but that isn’t the full answer. The common theme in all of that is Wenger. it’s his team, his choices, his set up. Look at Gabriel & Coquelin they seem to perform better under a different coaching staff/environment as an example. The Ox growth with Klopp is another.

    He needs to make a decision or a mutual one should arise from the board. Compensate him for his final year, build him a statue, make him a honorary director or something. Any of those is fine and not over the top, just respect. I am against him being sack 3/4 through the season but clearly a statement that he will leave come summer in the next couple of days could go a long way of injecting energy and life into the squad and making a push to win the Europa League (unlikely but who knows). But it could have an effect beyond that.

  14. Had Enough says:

    In the current state of Arsenal. Even if we bring in Messi/ Ronald, they will not score more than 15 goals.

    The reason being that Arsenal don’t play to ones potential. I see most off them saying that it’s bcoz of fans protest or high demands, players are not able to perform better or lost confidence. I feel that it’s wrong beacuse there is a system which is breaking Arsenal, it’s combination of ambition, training method, tactics, desire and most important off all is that, I believe is players are not allowed to play to their potential/strengths. Below are the few examples from my observation.

    Kolasinac, a beast – His style was to feed on opponents. He used break play and opponents(Mentally/Physically), that bought the best out off him in bundesliga. Fast forward today, looks like there is an invisible system on his back which is asking him not to tackle and wait for opponent to make moves and act accordingly.

    Xhaka – Every time he receives ball with his back towards opponents. His first intention is to pass it back irrespective of an opponent is on him or he has acre of space and time to turn around and perform a move. Like I said earlier the f***up system is asking him to pass it back at any cost and his job is done. They are doing what they are told.

    Ramsey – most off you might not like this, one way to analyse is I have never seen such a sloppy midfielder ever. He creates more chances to opponents than to his team. It’s like he wants give away the most off goals that he scores. Or other way to see it is he loves to flick, run in and perform few moves. But other players are not in sync with him, It’s like they are robots, they do not want to perform any other or plan than which is fed to them by system.

    Why is everyone throwing their hands around like sissy’s, every time there is a tackle or missed chance. You need to F**n head up break the opponent in next attack. They say EPL is physically demanding and yes it is, all the EPL teams understand this except for Arsenal.

    I am frustrated, dejected and jaded. I don’t have anymore strength left in me to support this Sideways FC, Mediocre F.C.

    In India, we watch Arsenal games till 3 AM(FA cup, Swansea, Carabao Cup, City) hoping that they come back with hunger to avenge the defeat. But it’s only in my dreams that could happen and not in reality.

    I’m sorry to say this RIP Arsenal. You have lost your Identity, Charishma, Purpose, Love, Your home not the emirates but fans hearts.

    Thank you for good times which were drops of water in ocean.

    I have typed all the above with a heavy heart. I might have started following 15 years back but I type this today as I have been following since ever.

  15. Bur says:

    Out lived! He has made himself look like an idiot. Incompetent, disillusional, liar, farcical all these words would describe the man who thinks he can take Arsenal to the top. Lol.

  16. Phil says:

    We face Brighton on Sunday in a game we should win.Will we?Probably.But we must turn up and Perform to get 3 points and you wouldn’t bet your Granny on the result.
    AC Milan on Thursday.A good result would be a draw with an away goal.Will we get that result.We are capable of it if we perform but will we?Perform I mean.
    Watford on the Sunday at home.Will we win?Should do.It would be nice to shove the Cajoules straight down Deeneys throat.Will we win?We need to perform because they will be right up for lt.
    AC Milan the following Thursday.Second leg of a tie we should win.Will we?We will if we perform and we haven’t F**KED it up in the first leg.
    4 games.Each game we should win.Be honest.Will we?
    That is how far we have fallen.
    Brighton are fighting to stay in the Premiere League.We should be odds on for 3 points.
    Milan are a mid-table Italian side with 2 Liverpool rejects up front.We should be odds on over 2 legs,
    Watford.Lower mid table at best.Should be routine win.
    My god.What has Wenger brought us to.
    I would have him out NOW.
    One bad result in these Four games and the Board MUST SACK HIM.

  17. Sam-afc says:

    Wenger is finished. I would’ve liked to had remembered him for the great things he has done at Arsenal. But I’m afraid all he’s going to be remembered for is this massive decline that we are facing. We won’t make top four, out of all English cup competitions. Can’t see us beating AC Milan in Europa.

    He sits in that dugout arms folded for 90 minutes. There’s no instruction from the touchline, if mistakes are made on the pitch by players. There’s no sacrifice because they will be on the team sheet next game 100%. How there wasn’t a substitution made yesterday I’ll never know. Its the same game plan every game. Its boring. Its outdated

    Our board need to grow a pair and say enough is enough now. We need a fresh start!!

  18. Innit says:

    If he had left in 2005 or even when the stadium was paid up. We would have thought of him as a hero status.

    Now because of his pigheadedness (not spending on a top striker til now, not replacing viera with a top quality defensive minded central midfielder , sticking to his “dna philosphy”, stubborn, arrogant, closeminded and clueless) he has not only harmed our club, harmed are future but soiled his reputation also

  19. AB says:

    Pat J, you need to work on the titles of your articles…not sure why are you even asking the question…

  20. Okoro E Alaebi says:

    I do not think so cause if he has Kroenke would v sacked him but no they r both a pair who has out love their welcome @ d club. When Abrahimovic was not satisfied with Mourinho’s coaching he sacked n Chelsea got results n r still getting results but Kroenke is satisfied with failure. Kroenke, Wenger n Arsenal should b called Specialist in Failure cause they r happy @ eating crumbs while d big four or five hunt for trophies n glory.

  21. Arnold says:

    IIf Peter Hill-wood came out and say Wenger has overstayed his welcome that means next season he won’t be an Arsenal Manager also I think Wenger is a different human being where people don’t want you but you keep force to stay in charge

  22. Arnold says:

    If he doesnt leave after this season we need to vandalize his stature outside Emirates and cut every ties with him and not even welcome him back to come and watch any game

  23. Drew says:

    At least Wenger can most probably claim one World title: for being the most stubborn man alive.

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