Has Wenger bought Perez to play on the wing?

When Arsene Wenger finally answered the Arsenal fan’s calls to sign a new striker after years and years of desperation and misfiring up front, big things were expected of summer signing Lucas Perez. However aside from the EFL fixture against Nottingham Forest, we haven’t really been able to see much of our newest Spanish star.

Despite now having Lucas Perez to start up front for the Gunners, Wenger has instead decided to continue playing the converted winger Alexis Sanchez as a solo striker, leaving Lucas on the bench. Now it is understandable in my opinion to think that perhaps Wenger’s reasoning is that Lucas may not entirely be ready to take the Premier League by storm, given that player do need time to adapt, however the subs used in the Chelsea game changed my perspective on the matter.

When Alexis Sanchez was substituted and was replaced by Olivier Giroud (who is supposedly still lacking match fitness) it made me question what role Wenger saw Lucas Perez in. £17 million in today’s transfer market may seem like a low price, but it’s still not little money and so Wenger must surely have a starting XI role in mind for Lucas eventually. But what if that position isn’t up front, but rather on the wing?

Lucas has the right qualities to be a winger for Arsenal, fitting into the Gunners’ style of play down the wings. Lucas can utilise his pace and ball retention to make him a dangerous player on the wing, supporting the frontman with opportunities in the box. Lucas has proven he is capable of playing either on the wing or as a striker whilst at Deportivo and so with Alexis being seen as the club’s newest striking option by Arsene Wenger, perhaps Lucas will spend more of his time on the wing, replacing Alexis, rather than as a striker replacing Giroud.

Lucas has scored two goals in his Arsenal career so far, both whilst playing as a striker during the fixture against Nottingham Forest. Aside from that match, he has very much struggled for minutes, even with Olivier Giroud’s lack of fitness. Given that Alexis has been firing on all fronts as a striker, it’s difficult for Lucas to therefore be integrated as a first choice striker at the current moment, so perhaps the Spaniard will have to find his break at Arsenal on the wing instead.

Where do you think Lucas will finally manage to make a break in this team? Will he play mainly as a striker or on the wing?



  1. Uzi Ozil says:

    I see Lucas as a striker that can play on the wing. He started his career as a winger then move to be the striker at deportivo. He can also be that secondary striker/Winger.

    He will play CF and at times On the wing….

  2. supertuur says:

    No idea where he will play. However it is nice to have some depth in lots of positions. Alexis experiment up front might stay, with cameo appearances for Giroud / Wellbeck. Perez will have to fight on the wings with Wallcott/OX/Alexis/Iwobi/Wellbeck.

    Lots of games with EFL Cup, FA Cup, Champions league and Premier League. Bring it on.

  3. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Which position did Lucas primarily play last season for his 17 goals and 10 assists? LW or up front
    Just curious

  4. dragunov762mm says:

    Has Wenger bought Perez to play on the wing? Arsene had answered that question once. He brought Perez as replacement of injured Welbeck to compete with Giroud as target man, since he failed to land Higuain or Vardy. So, Perez will play as target man mostly. Off course his ability to play as winger could be useful when needed.

  5. El Blaze says:

    Obviously, Wenger doesn’t rate Perez highly and didn’t buy him to be that super striker we needed. If he did Sanchez won’t be our choice as top striker and he wouldn’t have subbed Sanchez for Giroud in the Chelsea game.

  6. Incarnate says:

    Wenger bought Perez to play as an attacker, his performances and skill set will determine if he plays on the wings or through the middle. If like Wenger noted that he is too dependent on his left foot, he’ll most likely be shunted to the left wing mostly, if he shows a good presence and awareness in the box with good finishing too, he’ll play as a striker.

  7. ram says:

    Yeah most Arsenal fans are wondering abt the same, but AW has clearly given us the answer already.. Firstly, amidst all the Vardy saga in the summer, Vardy was quoted saying one of the reasons, he denied the Arsenal approach because AW wants him to play as a wing man.. Later during the pre-season AW himself said “I hope I get it right” while he was experimenting Sanchez at CF..

    It’s clear that, Arsene clearly want to push Sanchez in to central role and he needs someone on wings who is also mobile and versatile.. Even if we are going to give AS rest sometime, Perez can still move in without crippling our attack.. It’s a win-win on both sides..

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