Has Wenger convinced Mbappe to sign for Arsenal?

It has been one of the most talked about transfers, or potential transfers at least, of the summer and it is not just Arsenal Football Club that is seeking the services of the brilliant 18-year old prodigy from AS Monaco. Real Madrid have also expressed their interest although their president Florentino Perez later admitted that the move was unlikely due to their manager Zinedine Zidane being unable to guarantee the striker as much playing time as he wants with Ronaldo, Bale and Benzema just three of the players competing for places.

The big spending French club PSG are in the mix as well we hear and there have been reports of big bids from the likes of Liverpool as well as the Gunners, but one thing we have in our favour in the transfer race for Kylian Mbappe is Arsene Wenger and our manager’s reputation and record of getting the best out of promising forward players.

Thierry Henry is the obvious example but there are others like Nicolas Anelka and Robin van Persie and this is the sort of thing that Wenger is reported by the Express to have been talking to Mbappe about in a three hour meeting they have apparently had about the possibility of him swapping Monaco for north London.

We should soon find out if this long chat between manager and player convinces Mbappe to emulate his idol Henry and sign for Arsenal. What do you think guys?



  1. Mbappe is not our immediate solution.

    The only positive thing about all these Mbappe saga is the fact that there is money in arsenal’s coffer.

    Use that money to strengthen DM, CM and RW.

  2. At first, I thought this transfer is not gonna happen in a million year lol.
    But after thinking again, it`s actually possible. If we sell sanchez for 70-80m and add 30-50m (could be paid in installment or add ons), that`s 100-130m.
    RM and barca used that scheme to get bale & neymar, why couldn`t us?
    That would send a huge statement and this guy has 10+ years ahead of him. By then, he will be 28 and resale value is still high.
    Yes we will lose sanchez, but we get someone bigger, with a sky high potential, and actually want to play in Arsenal.

  3. Why i want this Mbappe deal is , the reasons are this following
    1) Sale of shirt, now that Lacazette has taken number 9, i don’t know the number he would like to choose, however the turn out on shirt sale would be doubled in Mbappe’s time, trust me
    2) This will make us immediately title favourites,with Sanchez, Ozil, Mbappe, Lacazette, our attacking 4 would be very massive.

    However, Wenger is too Obsess with Mbappe,and IF he chooses to come here and the board back Wenger up with Fund then the deal can be done. but is a very big (IF). Should he sign for Arsenal what squad number best suit Mbappe?

    1. I wish people would stop banging on about shirt sales, the very most a club gets is around £15 per shirt, if they’re very lucky.

      It’s not a big income stream for any club in the grand scheme of things.

      1. I down arrowed it because AFC get the fee from the kit manufacturer and that fee can be increased if we have some mega selling shirt sales.

        How much would Puma pay if we was selling 100 billion shirts a year? Think it would be more than if we was only selling 100 a year?

        Or do you want to highlight how the shirt manufacturer will get most of the fee and ignore what the shirt company pays AFC to be the producer?????

        1. Reply to myself as can’t edit.
          Puma pay AFC around £30 million a year to sponsor us.
          UTD get around £75 million per year for 10 years.

          Please do not ignore these fees as it is not a small amount.

  4. Pessimistic me says, ‘There’s no way we can sign anyone as good as Mbappe.’; optimistic me says, ‘Dream on.’

    Result: I doubt that we will see Mbappe in the Arsenal shirt, but I’d be over the moon if we did.

  5. That 3 hour meeting with Wenger was apparently back in June 14th. Since then PSG have held 2 meetings with Mbappe and his father, they even offered him £200,000 a week and according to a report that only the Metro covered lol ?? they reckon that Mbappe doesn’t fancy PSG because of their managers system of playing one at the top, which wouldn’t guarantee him game time. Metro also claimed that the player has leased a house near Monaco’s training complex and that he is now the highest paid 18 year footballer in the world, on £100,000 a week. If all this is true then it would also mean that Lemar will be staying put for another season at Monaco as well.

      1. Monaco have promised Mbappe that they wouldn’t sell anymore of their championship winning team if he stays.

        The French news outlet RMC have said that Mbappe has just rented an apartment close to Monaco’s training complex, having previously lived in a room at the club’s academy.

        ?? I suppose that the renting of an apartment could mean anything really. If he would of actually bought a house then that would have made more of a statement on staying put at Monaco.

  6. Mbappe would have to compete with Sanchez if he comes to Arsenal this window and it doesn’t help his bid to secure a spot in the French national side for the WC next year. He needs to be playing regularly and we can’t guarantee him that, maybe next season if Sanchez leaves.

  7. Wenger should stop this mubape saga. Why spend all that money on him when you have problems in DM, RW AND CM please Wenger stop this and bring in lemar and a powerful RW, DM AND powerful CB we need players who can defend crosses and not be knocked out cold like what matic did to bellerin. Open your eyes Wenger we are weak in the air at the back.

    1. That why we had a 50% clean sheet rate when Cazorla was fit? Also why we had a 50% clean sheet rate after formation swap?

      AFC imploded but if you look either side of the implode then you will see a team that was solid in defending, once Cazorla went out injured then the def had to deal with more consistent pressure being put on them, this caused the implode and loss of confidence which aided the implode.

      It didn’t matter if it was a cross or some nice teamwork to drive through the middle, our def dealt with it.

      Oh and wasn’t it Marcus Alonso who almost knocked Bellerin out and Bellerin had concussion after that, it should have been a foul. From a Costa cross in the 3-1 loss.

  8. I am sorry but we do not need the “Mbappe Saga” any more, we can try finish sign up Lemar or move on to someone else and sign some young Bargains to make up the under 23 team or loan them out and focus on the season ahead(its going be a long rough one)

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