Has Wenger earned new Arsenal contract with FA Cup win?

No matter what the naysayers keep saying about Arsene Wenger, the fact is that the boss has led Arsenal to their third FA Cup win in 4 years, and against a record-breaking Chelsea team. Not only that he has become the most successful manager in the history of the FA Cup, having won 7 trophies in his time with the Gunners. That is no small achievement.

Yet there are still a minority of fans that think Wenger should leave the club, simply because he has finished 5th for the first time in 21 years. After his historic win, Wenger made it clear that his future would be decided in the coming week by the Arsenal Board. He was asked if this win would be a good way to say farewell to the club that he has served so well for over 20 years. “There’s no perfect way. I just want to do well for this club. Apart from that, it’s down to the board members. Am I the right man to lead this club further and that’s it? And for me to decide, It’s up to the board and me. It’s not about popularity it’s about competence.”

That sounds like he is still keen to carry on the job, and he has certainly been ‘competent’ over the years. And as for whether the result today has made him more likely to stay, he replied: “It would be ridiculous that 20 years depends on one game. Overall, we’ll know more next week.”

So, if we look at it logically, Wenger has done well in winning Arsenal yet another trophy in a game that hardly anyone gave us a chance in. Surely he deserves to carry this new formation into next season?

Sam P


  1. Ddog says:

    who gives a f*^k! just for tonight….who gives a F*&K ! COYG

    1. muff..di...di...di...diver i now stutter cos this club made me suffer says:

      well said
      get mashed guys

      seriously ENJOY

  2. Midkemma says:

    Can we have these type of articles tomorrow?
    Just focus on the fact we played well, it was a nice day with beautiful football, it was a great FA Cup final for us gunners.

    The players done so well, all of them deserve an article each to praise their dedication and passion. Do that instead of articles which can split us supporters on this wonderful day 🙂

    1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

      Lol?? Man, the Chelsea team were so drunk they made us look world class! ???

    2. modestatus says:

      Beautiful response! It’s been a great for the fans, the players and the club…. Just time to enjoy, relish and cherish, guys!! Another day, another season, another FA cup challenge though, but till then, it was an awesome game by the boys…COYG!!!

  3. Twig says:

    Other questions to ask

    Has Ramsey played himself into a starting role next season?
    Has Mertesacker earned himself a contract extension?

    1. ks-gunner says:

      Ja und Nein

  4. Javier says:

    Football has it moments a team like Arsenal with no chances to win the FA Cup with a overwhelming performance run away with the victory.Never the less overrated Wenger because he won this cup he claims is beyond criticism. Well no to my point of view sorry he has to go and give
    a chance for a new Arsenal to come forward next year.
    congratulations to the Arsenal fans it is their Victory!!!

    1. neil says:

      what an idiot you are !! Arsene chose the team and the tactics.. I guarantee if Chelsea had won everyone would be sayong Wenger out as you have done.. but guess what… Arsenal won with Arsenes tactics against the stand out team in premier leagie this year… ne a fan and say well done Arsenal and Arsene!

  5. Galen says:

    I just would like to enjoy today. No matter what happens with Wenger he has earned all our respect. One of the greatest managers in the Game.

    1. Arsene Wenger says:

      Thank you

  6. ks-gunner says:

    Wenger wont win the leuage ever again, same goes with the cl

    His chance to go is right now at this moment, as he would be remembered as a true champion respected by all

  7. GrahamB says:

    To answer the headline…..
    Yes but he will leave …

  8. Maj says:

    No way. He should go while the ovation is loudest again. too stubborn to adapt quickly.

  9. SynthiagoCazorla_Hvman_Machine says:

    “Has Wenger earned new Arsenal contract with FA Cup win?”
    That is for his “bosses” ( the Arsenal board) to answer.

    “Yet there are still a minority of fans that think Wenger should leave the club”
    Minority? Depends on what you choose to see and believe.

    The Arsenal manager has practically told the board to grow a pair and make a decision (read give him the contract he wants) against “popular” opinion.

    From hereon, the decisions rest is in the hand of the board.


  10. Rosicky29 says:

    We need alegri because we need alegri
    Therefore we need alegri if we can get alegri
    We should get alegri
    Worst case scenario wenger stays on for two seasons and disappoints in the first season
    And get fired without having alegri ready to replace him

    1. Gwin says:

      Get your head out of the clouds. Alegri is happy at Juve and moreover, Juve is a very big club.

  11. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    Winning the FA cup against the premier league champions surely put a smile upon the frustrated Gooners faces. In a way that was the added sugar coating that was needed to what was an absolute ?? season. Finishing 5th and 11 points behind the Spuds is our worse record under Wenger & that was very hard to swallow. I still think that the Chelsea team looked & played hungover (drunk) from their title celebrations but I’m not complaining lol ?? I actually stated before kickoff that we would need that scenario to win this game, along with the ref being a secret Gooner fan. Anyways, it was incredible and unexpected to win the cup, well done to Mert, he rolled back the years today and actually looks as if he could play on for one more season… ?. Well that’s a wrap & now we await the dreaded summer time blues of Wenger’s one or two signings transfer window… God help us… Again.

    1. Godswill says:

      Stated what Fatboy?
      You were ashamed to comment on the match review article because it wasn’t your wish that we should win.
      We won. We won. Okay.
      Start posting your negatives.

  12. Lupe says:

    I will like to think it has bought him a deserved retirement but he may think otherwise.

  13. Ronny says:

    Probably yes but I hope for his sake he goes on this high moment.

    We find out wed/Thurs Wenger said.

    Isn’t allegris business finished for the year Wednesday night? 🙂
    Allegri is coming as it’s not Zidane is it!

  14. mark says:

    The fact he has changed the system, has rotated players more and we had to beat City and Chelsea to win the cup says to me he deserves a new contract.

    I think for all his hurt at the way he has been treated by fans he has actually listened and is trying to show you can teach an old dog new tricks.

    I’m not AKB, but for me I would like to see him stay, and both our star players stay with a few additions and see us truly challenge for the title next season.

  15. HA559 says:

    It was a great win, but you all saw what we are lacking, and it’s finishing. The defence has become really good over the last couple months. We now have 6 CB and with Kolasinac at LB I think that department would be fins for next season.

    We need finishers, another midfielder (CM/AM) who gets goals and a striker. So many chances gone to waste yesterday. Should have been 6-1

    We all know he is staying but if he gets some goal scorers, I think next year could really be the year we win the title. I would still also would like to see another DM in the team though.

    1. Adam Criniti says:

      Lukaku and Mahrez do the trick?

      1. beaveraldinho says:

        Nope and nope. More like Mbappe/Aubameyang and Corentin Tolisso. With new formation we have incredible width and solid back line that invites our opposition up the field. All we need now is a world class pacey striker who will force their backline deeper at all times. This gives our midfield pairing space to dominate the game.

  16. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Honestly from the moment we won the FA Cup till the end of the bus parade, we should just enjoy it and not have these types of articles. Just for 24 hours can’t we just enjoy this rare moment of happiness

    I want Trophies

    1. Guneal says:

      The target was champions league and EPL not fa cup.
      We didn’t meet the target, for that head must roll.
      Van Gal got fired even after winning the fa cup that season.

      1. TH 14 - TW14 says:

        Tell us: How many clubs met that target? Only one team wins the league and same for UCL. What did Liverpool, Spurs and City win? Man U did not win the league nor the UCL either.

  17. Yossarian says:

    “Yet there are still a minority of fans that think Wenger should leave the club, simply because he has finished 5th for the first time in 21 years.”

    Sorry Sam P… That is totally wrong and very unfair.

    If Arsenal had been buying top-top players and having a proper go at winning the EPL and UCL, then fans wouldn’t care if we finished 8th, because we’d know that we’d be back to challenge properly sometime soon. The way Man City, Chelsea, and Man Utd fans know they eventually will.

    The issue with Arsenal fans is that we’ve been heading in the opposite direction. Buying the minimum personnel to maintain top-four, playing Wenger-favourites instead of in-form players, taking too long to adjust tactics to keep-up with top teams, and so on.

    After the project of building the Emirates was complete, Arsenal fans were told that we’d be competing with Europe’s Elite Clubs. We are not doing that, and don’t appear to be heading in a direction where we will begin to do that under Wenger.

    That’s why many fans think he should leave the club.

    Yes, he’s a master at winning FA Cup, but that wouldn’t be enough for clubs like Man U, Man City, Chelsea, and even Liverpool. Winning the Domestic Cup isn’t enough for teams like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, PSG, Althetico Madrid, Juventus, etc. etc. etc. It’s not enough for managers like Moureen, Pep, Conte, and Klopp. Not enough for Enrique, Zidane, or Anchellotti.

    So why should it be enough for Arsenal fans?

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