Has Wenger found Arsenal’s winning formula?

Arsene Wenger made a few changes to the Arsenal starting line-up for the trip to Aston Villa and it could hardly have gone better for the Frenchman. The Gunners looked sharp, solid, full of energy and well balanced. So has the boss found the winning formula for the Gunners?

To a certain extent I would say yes, but it is a bit more complex than that. What does eem clear is that Mesut Ozil is finding his fitness and needs to play in that central playmaking role. But the German is really just the grease that makes the Arsenal engine work fluidly and he needs the right players around him to make the most of his talent.

I don’t think, either, that Alexis Sanchez will drop out of the team for long, that was probably just to give the Chilean a rest after he played every game since joining the club. Also, I think that Wenger will still try to find a place for Jack Wilshere and, at the minute, it should be at the expense of Aaron Ramsey.

Calum Chambers at right back was very impressive and gave the team a much more solid base, but I think tha young Bellerin still has a part to play. He will probably start in the league cup against Southampton and could well be set to be our man for years to come. So giving him games now against the weaker sides is probably the order of the day.

Cazorla was great today and we know what the little maestro can do. He also links well with Ozil, but we have the likes of Campbell and Podolski to consider. I may be wrong, but it looks like Wenger is going to rotate a lot more this season, with our history with injuries in mind. What do you think Gooners?

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  1. Off topic:

    I think we need to make a chant for ozil he needs to know he has our support cause you can tell he thrives on confidence so I was thinking…….

    Instead of he scores when he wants how about
    Hes so nonchalant, he’s so nonchaalaaaantt
    Mesut ozil he’s so nonchalant!!

  2. I think it’s too soon to judge this team positively or negatively. We’ve already had ups and downs this season. We’ve seen Ozil start off poorly then hopefully find his feet again. We’ve seen Ramsey play poorly but score some vital goals. We’ve seen Wilshere look very good. Chambers has been amazing so far. But the season is very long and there will be plenty of ups and downs to come. I’m not normally one to rush to conclusions about players like many on this site do. I believe in Wenger because he’s what we got and positivity doesn’t hurt, so I therefore have to believe in the players he believes in. I really hope today is a turning point for us, but I’m cautious as well because we all know one injury could see us fall big time. I really hope Podolski, Rosicky, and Campbell get real chances to start a string of games. Each of them offers up something unique and they could all prove hugely important for us if we want to be successful. Even in a game like today, when the second half was meaningless and we just passed the ball around nonchalantly the additions of Wilshere, Rosicky, and Podolski sped up our passing and we looked really good. We have options up front and in the midfield now, so I hope some of that talent isn’t wasted on the bench.

  3. Its left to be seen! But its good to see mesut ozil returning to his form, and wenger should know to play him in his correct position coming down the middle! Coyg!

    1. wenger in his press conference was hinting that ozil will continue playing wide and we will go back to 4-1-4-1. We all love jack but FFS why are we destroying our team just to force him into the team.

  4. one things for sure, play ozil in his best position! We have all commented on this since the start of the season. Make subs early on in the game if what we are doing is not working, buy a centre back as we are gonna need the coverage, we need a strong holding central midfielder if we are to challenge for trophies. we all know what arsenal need to take them to the next level and clearly the manager can see this but is it about proving people wrong and doing things his way! Ozil is no good on the wing and gives the team nothing when he is stuck out there.
    Wenger can either make you or break you. Whats happening to campbell he looked so promising?
    like i said make you or break you

  5. Saterdays game against Tottering. Blogspot will be my judgement day on how the seasons shaping for us, still, congrats you gooners for a good win against Villa.

  6. Arsenal struggled v Besiktas.
    We could have lost to
    Palace Everton and Leicester.
    I thought Man City was
    a better team than us.
    Dortmund (away) were far
    superior. Apparently we were
    comfortable winners over Villa.

    1. Didn’t you this was a support group not a discussion board:). Thumbs down to negative comments. Whatever, do you remember the beginning of the Villa game? We were getting pressed and looked like the lesser team. Fortunately, we got a couple and they collapsed. Stronger teams with better players can press and collapse our defense. The Tottenham game will be a good test. They’re going to want to bounce back after a tough loss. Glad to see Wenger rotate the squad. Lets keep the momentum. Thumbs up

  7. We have had tough fixtures
    Chelsea + Man U in the
    league appear to be the only
    really hard games left before New Year.
    Qualifying top in the ECL will be a battle.

  8. Is Wenger on to a successful formula?
    Our attack and midfield are huge in number
    if not super in quality while the defense is sound
    albeit shy of a CB.
    Can we go from EPL 4th to 1st?
    Can we make the ECL semi or win it?
    By results so far the answer would be no.
    Yet the Villa win could be the break through victory.
    Here’s hoping 🙂

  9. Poor Campbell rotting at the bench


    he could have enjoy playing regular football at Milan or Benfica and improve further….

    1. When we were 2-0 down against Everton Wenger brought on Joel.
      You could sense Wenger has plans for Campbell.

      But during the DLD Joel’s agent behaved greedily.

      That’s why Wenger is giving him a lesson or two.

      He had a good WC but he is not Messi that he will start automatically. He should have been patient.

      21. Even Ox is 21.
      Arsenal promotes youth like no other bar Southampton.

      You reap what you sow Hafiz.

  10. Campbell has to start v the Saints on Tuesday…hopefully so will Diaby. We could learn a lot from that game.
    Unleash the Beasts!

  11. Too early. We’ll see as the squad is rotated and players come back from injury. Really hoping we’re boasting a full squad by December that’s tearing up the league

  12. One match too early. Yes ozil scored and provided assist. Against top oppostion he will not have the kind of leverage he had yesterday. He needs to be able to take on defenders …confront opposition etc. He is so non challant. Atleast we have 3points.

    1. I will bite.

      Is Liverpool(PL home, FA Cup), Napoli(CL home), Everton(FA Cup) top opposition for you? If yes than you have a answer.

      He won us the penalty in Brayen game and missed cause he never was penalty man.

      Football fans have really short memory.
      Having bad form doesn’t mean he is sh*t.

    2. You should change your name from Babakoks to Bollocks cos that’s all you’ve just said. Ozil’s problem is not (was not) his ability. He has played at the highest level possible for a footballer. Confidence was the issue. Hopefully that is behind now and we can once more see the Ozil that lit up the Emirates at the start of last season.

  13. team for the league cup –

    bellerin mert hayden monreal
    diaby/rambo flam/coqulin
    campbell rozza poldi

  14. Yes! I think Wenger has found the winning formula. Just take a few vials of the flu virus and spread it around their dressing room. Nasty thought sorry!
    Mind you , Brendan Rogers may consider such measures when he meets up with Real Madrid.

  15. Football is not about a winning formula but formulas. Problem is Wenger only plays one formation regardless of whoever we play. The formation we played yesterday is the best for the team, Ozil in the middle and Ramsey along DM.

    We have enough players in the midfield and attacking positions so we need to use them properly. Cambell should thank his agent for his spell on the bench. I personally believe Wenger is dealing with him correctly; Cambell isn’t owed anything, performance on and off the pitch gets you playing.

    Chelsea will be the real test. If Wenger gets the “formula” right in that game then we have a chance.

    At least we’re playing better than Liverfools.

    1. But he doesn’t, yesterday he changed the formation and we won.

      Jeez, a 3-0 win and people still on his case. One defeat and 2 trophies in 17 matches!!

  16. Agree, I want to see all those players that haven’t featured much or at all. Coquelin, diaby, rosicky, podolski must all play. Bellerin and hayden should also get some action. We might also see a surprise with semi ajayi getting a chance. I don’t want us to lose the match but I also don’t want to see any of our first choice players risked ahead of spurs. Hopefully Theo could be back for that one, I would like to see him enter the game from a stretcher giving a v salute!!!

  17. No I didn’t like yesterday formation
    I prefer Ozil way way out far left with no CAM

    I prefer


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