Has Wenger found reason for Ramsey’s poor Arsenal form?

I suppose it is a bit harsh for Arsenal fans to complain about the form of our Wales international midfielder Aaron Ramsey. After all, the Wales international has already missed a few games through injury and there are only two Arsenal players that have scored more than his three goals so far this season.

But there is no doubt that the central midfielder has not been quite at the same level that he was playing at last season, when he silenced the doubters among the Arsenal fans and the football media alike with fantastic performance after fantastic performance, with the added bonus of 16 goals, some of them absolutely crucial like the extra time winner in the FA cup final.

So maybe we just expect a little too much from him, although Arsene Wenger has put forward another theory and it sounds pretty plausible to me. In an Arsenal.com report, the Frenchman suggested that it is Ramsey himself that is too concerned with matching his form of last seaon, especially on the goals front.

Wenger said, “A midfielder is a player who defends well, attacks well and keeps his priorities right.

“He’s not a goalscorer, so he has not to be obsessed by that. I just want him to do his job well. The goals are the consequence of the quality of his game. I don’t believe that he has to be obsessed by that.

“He’s running after consistency. He’s one of the players who has been very efficient last season.

“Since the start of the season, he has not had a consistent run. He’s now coming back – he has been sick as well.”

And maybe the fact that Jack Wilshere, his main competitor for a starting place, has took up the baton and started to show some of his old form has put a little bit of added pressure on Rambo. But now he is back from injury and Jack is not fit to start against Anderlecht, so if Ramsey listens to the boss and just plays his game without worrying too much about whether or not he will score, surely his form and the goals will come. Do you agree?

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    1. I really don’t know how some fans think. Players have to get their priorities straight, and it has to be in line with their positional responsibility.

      If you are a striker, your utmost responsibility is goal scoring. If you are a goalkeeper, your utmost responsibility is making sure ur team never concedes (clean sheets are paramount). And if you are a midfielder, pending on particular role in midfield, you are basically expected to control the rhythm of the game and make sure your strikers/wingers see enough of the ball while team keeps possession for as long as possible.

      Goal scoring isn’t a burden to be shouldered by a midfielder. Rather, he should be even more concerned about creating scoring opportunities.

      1. You know that this is 2014?.. Football keeps evolving every few seasons.. Strikers are now pushing 30-35 goals a season.. It used to be 15-25 goals a season..

        All outfield players have to be flexible now days, one dimensional players are a thing of the past, wingers have to be able to attack and track back..
        ~~Fullbacks have to be able to defend aswell as attack…
        ~~Midfielders have to be able to track back, create and score goals, need to work hard.
        ~~Strikers have got to be able to drop off, run the channels, score and assist..
        That’s why the likes of Barcelona, Bayern, Madrid etc have been so strong.
        The likes of Chelsea, Atletico Madrid and Dortmund in their prime all attacked and defended as a unit..

        Mourinho has showed you that you don’t have to only do your job, you have to do other jobs for the sake of the team, look at their team, they all run from minute 1 to 90, Hazard, Oscar, Willian, Cesc etc all attack and defend..

        Bayern, Barcelona, Madrid etc will hunt in packs and will hit you on the break in packs.

        1. Would you care to name the 30-35 goal strikers, Messi and CR7 excepted…
          Waiting for this long list of illustrious 30-35 goal strikers.

  1. Ramsey combines extremely well with Giroud due to his hold up play and ability to knock balls down. He is simply missing Giroud. Otherwise he has been really good. Giroud’s playing style and abilities give Rambo the opportunity to run through the defense and get the ball as well as have more “second” chances at crosses. He will come really good when Giroud returns

      1. Ks.. @arsenalian has given you his take and reason to why he thinks Giroud was crucial to Ramseys form last season..

        Instead of bluffing his opinion why don’t you come up with your own observation and conclusion regarding the the topic and then we can compare? It’s easy to just make noises but can you back it up?


  2. I’ve said this before and will say it again: Ramsey is trying to score more goals because Arsene is/was playing him in a more advanced position, higher up the field, in the 4-1-4-1. Of course the kid is going to try to score more goals if you’re playing him higher up the field asking him to do just that in a sense. He was successful coming from deep last year and arriving late in the box, and for some reason he’s now being asked to do something he’s not capable of.

    Ramsey helped drive us forward when he came on against Burnley, but in fairness, he gave away about 75-80% of the passes he attempted.

    With Alexis being class personified, I think a lot of the fans and possibly players, are starting to reevaluate exactly which players they thought were already top class on Arsenal. Several of the players may be pressing to prove that they are on Alexis’s level, and as a result, give away the ball more than they should trying to do things they cant. Case in point: look at how frustrated Alexis keeps getting with Welbz when he plays him a ball in the box and his touch takes him out of the box or is just poo.

    1. This whole “look at how upset Sanchez gets with teammate x” is getting tiresome. It makes the rest of the team sound like a bunch of duds (which they aren’t) and makes Sanchez sound like a dick (which he’s not). I’m not having a go at you TH14atl, your post just happens to be the latest in what seems like a long chain of “poor Alexis he’s too good for this team” posts.

      1. No offense taken. You took my very last thought, and chose to respond to that rather than the thoughts at the top. I’m not concerned about that whatsoever.

        I’m not saying Alexis thinks arsenal players are rubbish. What I am saying is I think a lot of people are coming to the same realization about some players that Liverpool fans have had to without Suarez making a lot of average players look better. I love my boys too much to be calling them average or think that they’re average; but those of you thinkin Welbz, Jack, AOC, Chambers are world beaters need to hold on a sec.

        Folks hate Mesut, but wait and see how salty you feel if we lose his class and ability as a 10.

      2. It was Ozil last season.. Everyone kept calling all our players average and that they were making Ozil look bad..Now they are starting it with Sanchez…..

        But on this one I think it’s valid, the players have got to put in more energy and effort without the ball, press and hunt for the ball, we are still lacking in that area, that’s why we can’t beat other bigger teams.. We lack energy, can’t seem to be able to press or close down. They have got to learn from Sanchez. Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern and even Chelsea play a high pressing game, it’s the way forward to win trophies right now..

    2. @TH14… So now all of a sudden you know what Ramsey can do and can’t do? Before last season most fans were saying the same thing they are saying about Wilshere now, wenger is favoring Ramsey and keeps playing him even if he is terrible. Wenger persisted with Ramsey through thick and thin until he came good last season… Now fans are going on about Wenger is ruining Ramsey by trying to accommodate Wilshere..smh.

      We all did not know if Ramsey could even be able to score goals later on be our engine before last season… Wenger who coaches and trains these guys every day must know more about what each players weaknesses and strengths better than us keyboard managers and coaches…

      With all that said, we have all got our own opinions about each player and we are entitled to them.. As long as we can back our reasons/opinions up then who is to judge..

  3. Ramsay, Wilshere, Carzola, Rosicky, Ozil and Sanchez…….they are play their best at the number 10 ACM position…..

    but Wenger and fans will find ways to play everyone in the same team….

  4. You guys, its quit simple and Ramseys lack of form is no surprise. What are Ramseys key attributes as a player? Is he good with the ball? Is he good with his left or right foot? Is he fast. My answers is that he is good footy player but he is not special in anything. What he was good at was him being everywhere the pitch. He was not doing wonders but he simple was there. Running like a machine. But this machine has become no needed bec we have a player in Sanchez now. Before we passed the ball to the around player in Ramsey now we have the incridible Sanchez.

    Ramsey needs to adapt his game, just like Wilsher needs to adapt his. Both of them are currently not good enough.

    1. The work rate. The vision to be in the right spot when needed. The commitment. This is Ramsey. One way or another he will come back to the form he was. Fickle fans are now bashing him after they were praising him this summer, licking his balls for the winner at the Wembley. These people don’t deserve Ramsey, let alone Sanchez.

      1. Saying things like, work rate, commitment, hold up play are things we fans make up to sweet tllk about our fav players. The yesterday Ramsey is not needed anymore, we have better players now who are better then him in the things he used to do. This has nothing to do with being fickle but its the simple truth.

        I personally dont give a damn about no player in the team. Can you do the job, do it. I am happy. You cant, let the other on do it, so i dont end up being angry at the team and manager who keeps choosing underperformers.

        1. No doubt about it! This is why he played 15 minutes. He is not in the form but if you don’t play then you don’t progress. I have said it before : rotation, rotation, rotation. You can throw in Pod, Campbell, Wilshere even Sanogo when the game is safe so that they feel the game and get the contact.

          1. With our current form no game will ever be safe. What we do to Cambell is criminal, Poldi will be off, and like it or not, Wilsher is an important player for this club. You want find many players who besides being a player, they support the club like you and me. Some fans are so stupid sometimes its loughable.

    2. Well said. I also think, as I said above, that Arsene hasn’t helped these two players by playing them in an advanced position.

      1. Totally. Because Ramsey played in an advanced position when Cazorla and Ozil were on the field. Yet he did one of his best games with these two on the field. Wilshere is confused now. Roy Hot Dog Son is playing him as a deep DM while all his life he played CM/B2B . I thought also myself, ok give him the deep position in the squad but he can’t stay there. He craves to advance in a team like Arsenal. Why do they try to make it the next Gerrard is beyond me. He does not have the same profile and he does not have the passing of Gerrard.

      2. Ramsey and Wilsher need to rotate, simple as that. If we keep using them both in the same line up, our game style becomes to dull, to weak, and we keep losing games. What we need is players who give us something diff.

        Cant waint for the.

        Sanchez- Ozil- Walcott….. combo, speed overload.

        1. Actually you can have them both in the same squad but you need to drop Ozil, add a runner like Rosicky and give Jack the middle and Ramsey the free roaming role. It worked before and probably will work in the future. But if you play Ozil then one of them must be benched. The things are much complicate now when Sanchez is available. I don’t think that both of them will feature in the same team too soon.

          1. Mate, i dont know what games you have been watching but Ramsey and Wilsher dont complete each other. Just watch the next games how one of them will end up having a great game and the other being a total waste of a player. Ozil needs to play as the 10 and never be moved out of there.

            1. Who said about completing each other? I said they can be together on the pitch at the same time. Ramsey roams like Ozil while Wilshere prefer the axis. They don’t complete and they find eachother maybe at the final third but that’s it. However, you need someone who can actually close the counter player (like ROsicky) because most of the time the one losing the ball is Jack and also usually he is high up the pitch. Ramsey due to free roaming role can happen to be in the second third so this is why it looks like he is better defensively than Jack. He has a good quality tackle, no doubt about it.

    3. @Ks.. That’s why I keep mentioning Ozil when you lot become experts in criticizing each and every player who has a bad patch in the team..Listen to yourself Ks.. I know you don’t rate Ramsey or Wilshere, which is fine, everyone has their opinion on each player..

      I just want to keep highlighting your hypocrisy and double standards once again, you lot will absolutely discredit any player in the team apart from one, you know which one….You have even got the guts to say that Ramsey’s engine is not needed just because we have got Sanchez?.. Do you think just having one high energy player (Sanchez) is enough? You need more than 3 high energy players in the team..

      Your hypocrisy is laughable, you are talking about Ramsey and Wilshere have to adapt their game? hahahaha… But you lot keep crying yourselves to bed when we say OZIL is one dimensional and has to adapt his game, all we keep hearing is Ozil should not play on the wings, he should not defend, should not track back, pacey players and a strong DM must be bought to complement Ozils’s game..

      So I will ask you once again, why is it always one rule for OZIL and others for the rest? Why can’t he adapt his game? I could say we don’t need him too as we have Sanchez who is 100% better than him in that #10, he scores, creates and makes things happen..



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