Has Wenger had enough of Jamie Vardy’s antics?

Has Arsene Wenger just slammed the door shut on Jamie Vardy? By Aondoaver K

Will he come, will he not come? That has been the hot debate concerning Arsenal target Jamie Vardy after Arsene Wenger triggered his release clause – by the way I like that word ‘trigger’, no beating about the bush. It’s like you said you wanted this much money, well, here it is!

Well whether you are a Vardy sceptic or think he is the goal banger missing at the Emirates for a long time, Le Prof. has put an end to the debate. Hear him, “Jamie Vardy is, at the moment, at Leicester and from what I know, he will stay at Leicester.” This sounds final enough for me and for the skeptics, we missed a bullet here – but for the believers, we missed a chance. For the former, so much money for a one season wonder who is 29 is money not well spent, but for the latter we could never get a better opportunity at that price we are willing to pay.

But my reading of the whole situation is that Wenger has just quietly shut the door on Jamie Vardy. It appears to me that Wenger hates to ask twice, especially for a player that is not truly world class – that phrase!- Rewind back to Yan M’Vila – remember him? He was making waves at Rennes at the same time Eden Hazard’s was the big star at Lille and his stock was at a par with the Belgian when Le Prof. wanted to sign him. But thinking himself so very important, he said he wasn’t talking to anyone until after the ‘Euros’ of that year. Well a very bad tournament for him and his country ensured that no one, not even Mr Wenger, spoke to him anymore! We all know how his career went after that, moving to Russia and begging to come back. Where did he end up?

Arsene Wenger’s clear statement did not stop the media from reporting that Vardy had shunned us. But I think otherwise. Only hours after Wenger’s statement, Sky ‘sources’ are reporting that ‘Jamie Vardy is yet to make up his mind about a summer move to Arsenal, and could still move to the Emirates’

Why did this story come so quickly on the heels of Wenger’s words? I, like many who welcome him ,feel that he is no Ronaldo, so all the grandstanding is not needed. I am not mad at Arsene Wenger on this one. It is nothing like the Luis Suarez situation. There was a clear pulling of the trigger, agreement of terms and medicals scheduled only for the guy to develop some M’Vila complex. Even Thierry Henry was perplexed when he said, ‘’He’s 29. You have Arsenal coming for you and you ‘re telling them ‘I’m going to think about it’ ?’’

If Arsene Wenger has just taken this offer off the table, I am with him. What do you think guys?



  1. Can we now slam the door shut on these Vardy articles and double lock it, so that the crackhead can’t get back in? ?

  2. It was nice Henry saying you shouldn’t have to think twice about signing for Arsenal, but in reality I think players probably do think about it. Why leave the league champions for the perennial underachievers? Leicester’s counter offer takes away Arsenal’s financial bargaining chip, as does the lure of Champions League football. Even on an International level, Vardy’s place in the England squad is secure.

    Vardy hasn’t actually confirmed either way, and as much as I’d like him at Arsenal, I do hope he stays along with Leicester’s other stars, as I’d love to see what they can do in Europe. I think the new TV deal is fantastic, the lesser clubs have a better chance of holding onto their best players, and in doing so, they become stronger, and help create a more competitive league. The Premier League is already the most entertaining in the world, and the new TV deal could take it to another level!

    Personally, I don’t believe Arsenal have the pulling power they once did, part of that is financial, but another reason has to be from a sporting perspective. Arsenal rarely win anything any more or even challenge, and I’d find it hard to believe that top quality players wouldn’t consider the idea of trophies when deciding their next club.

    1. Are you a fan or what. You like Vardy, but would like to see him stay at Leicester, so at Arsenals expense. You want to see the smaller clubs able to compete with us more evenly. F**k that, I want the good old days back, when it was us or the scum.

      1. @Trevor

        I should have rephrased that better. I did say I wanted Vardy, but then used the word “hope” for him staying, which was an error. My bad!

        But I do disagree with you about the competitiveness of the league being a bad thing though, because I think the league was fantastic viewing last season! Chelsea near the relegation zone, Man Utd looking bang average, Southampton and West Ham close to Champions League football, and Leicester ultimately winning the league! Fantastic viewing! Because Arsenal have become so predictable and boring these days (unless relentless sideways passing is your thing!), I’ve started enjoying watching other teams these days. West Ham, Southampton and Leicester were really entertaining. None of this would happen without the financial riches of this league.

        1. Fair enough, on one hand I do like that the prem is the toughest in the world. On the other hand though, I curse the day those Sheikhs and oil barons arrived.

        2. Boring was not the right word to describe last season dude. Fix that conversion rate with our new main striker, then you’ll get those “entertaining” thing as much as you like.

    2. It’s understandable when the likes of Aubameyang and Lewandowski turn us down but when the likes of Vardy need to think about it, it becomes embarrassing! ?
      I wouldn’t be surprised if he is waiting for Utd or one of those northern clubs to come in for him. ?

      Anyways, this isn’t a good sign, as this will give our star players something to think about! seeing that no big names are interested in signing for Arsenal, will surely unsettle them at the club? … Can you see Ozil or Sanchez extending their contracts if Wenger fails to bring in at least one Big star signing?

      1. True. I think this change in Wenger has been brought about by the big stars and I don’t blame them; if Arsenal does not show ambition these guys will be gone. Xhaka is no doubt good but he is not a world beater. Let’s be realistic- he on his own won’t make Arsenal champions. If we are buying only 2 more players we need 2 world class players- but then which world class player is going to come to Arsenal?

        I just don’t understand why we are not upgrading on some the existing players. The below players are OK at best and we need to replace them; if not this season then in the next few seasons

        1. Ramsey- High overrated; contributes nothing; stops us from going all out for a world class player.

        2. Monreal – very good but not world class; panics in big games; an able competition for him at the least

        3- Mert; good leader but not getting any younger

        4- Boss: Relying on him to play in all competitions is risky; whenever he does not play the backline looks shaky

        5- Walcott: Needs to be sold- enough money and resources have been spent on him- sell him with a buyback clause

        5- Oxlade : Needs to go out on loan

        7- Competition for Bellerin

        8- Most importantly striker!!! Giroud on his own for a full season is a disaster

        9- Welbeck- Can’t judge him but he seems way too injury prone.

    3. Why are you presuming Henry is being disingenuous? I don’t believe he is lying or even biased. It seems like a genuine opinion to me.

      As for our appeal, 1st Vardy wanting or not wanting to come is unrelated to our appeal and shouldn’t reflex on our club which is being made out.

      Our appeal has changed as it does with changing circumstances. PL in general has increased in appeal as has coming to London. Working with Wenger seems to be still there.

      We aren’t out right contenders but neither is no one. so no one has that appeal ATM.

      Money is a big appeal as well.

  3. Arsenal are reportedly one of the clubs interested in a transfer move for Spartak Moscow winger Quincy Promes.
    The 24-year-old is attracting interest this summer after suggesting he’d like to move to a more competitive league.

    This player looks like a typical wenger signing to me, he is valued at around £12 million and last season he managed to scored 18 goals from the wing, aswell as being voted player of the year for the second consecutive time.

    1. Being a “typical Wenger signing” isn’t enough any more, seeing as we’ve had quite a number of such types that have turned out to be average when they made their move to the Emirates.

      This Quincy -is he fighter like Alexis? Has he got the heart/bravery of someone like Vardy?

      1. Hahaha ? Who said it was enough? ? The last decade has taught us that even Wenger isn’t enough anymore! ?

        As for Quincy, I have no idea mate, I haven’t seen or heard of him before, which is why that makes him a realistic Wenger target. ?

    1. Only if Wenger wants him he’ll give him a personal call. Like he did with Özil in 2013, Alexis in 2014, Cech in 2015 and recently Xhaka in 2016. Otherwise you’re just hoping and praying.

  4. Your story seems to me to be very believable. This whole Vardy situation is complicated to say the least. However, I want to believe still that we’ve “secretly” signed Vardy, but this whole drama has been orchestrated by the parties involved to keep things under wrap until after the Euros.

    Vardy has hunger, aggressiveness and physical abilities to go with those qualities. This translates into him being a striker with a killer instinct as he has proven to be in in the PL.

    Though I was skeptical of him at first (still am, a bit), I will be very confident about our chances of winning the PL title next season if we end up buying Vardy. I can’t deny that he has qualities we so desperately need. And for what we are looking to buy, he’s is the most affordable price you can find in the market. Makes perfect (almost) sense!

    1. I have the feeling we’ve already signed him too but if not oh well. Unless the bid for Deeney was fake why would they go for another ST if they already have 3? I think 4 strikers is a bit overkill even if you play a 4-4-2 unless that 4th guy is a academy player waiting for his chance.

      On a personal note though and you can call me petty but I know others have been seeing the comments from others about Vardy snubbing us because we’re a small club and blah blah blah. Now I really want us to sign him to see their reactions starting with Gary Lineker…

    2. I think and hope you are right. More than anything Vardy will give us a) Fear factor b) keep Giroud on his toes c) can play as a wide forward too.

      Giroud is not a bad striker- he is not good enough to single handedly win us the PL.

      Let’s look at other positions:

      Striker: Giroud
      Verdict: if this is what we end up with then kiss good bye to any silverware.

      CAM: Ozil/Wilshere (covered; only if wilshere stays fit)

      Wings: Alexis/Iwobi/ Ox/Campbell/Theo/Ramsey
      Verdict: Not enough quality cover if Alexis or Iwobi gets injured

      Mid field: Let’s skip this; enough quality. Only question is who can replace Santi- we need to find his successor – from within or from outside.

      Wing back: Bellerin/Monreal/Debuchy/Gibbs
      Verdict: Not enough quality cover if Bellerin or Monreal get injured

      Defence: Boss/Gabriel/Mert/ Chambers

      Verdict: Not good enough

      1- Gabriel is very error prone
      2- Mert is getting slower by the day
      3- Chambers- less said the better

      Goal: We are sorted

      1- vardy can solve the striker situation

      2- Mkhtariyan can solve the winger issue (Iwobi notwithstanding his great talent cannot be expected to be first choice for the entire season)

      3- Apart from bellerin, we need upgrades

      4- Defence: Apart from Boss, we need upgrades

      So I don’t see why Wenger is not doing business quickly; The shit about more than 3 additions destabilises the team – I say ***k it; not like we are title winning team like bayern and we don’t want us to upset a winning combination

      ALL teams will strengthen which means we are in for a jolt if we don’t

      1. Every year we have newspapers saying how well Liverpool did in transfer window with their 6 additions. Most of them where sh!t. It is about integration. 1 striker 1 Centre Back.

  5. I reckon the Debuchy business could put a player off. If I was Ranieri I would have pointed Debuchy out to Vardy. He was France’s go to guy ahead of Sagna before he moved to Arsenal. Teams were chasing him, PSG among others. He moved to us and we played a 20 year old kid ahead of him. And now Besiktas is chasing him. This happens at the bigger clubs, Bellerin deserved his place, but Debuch Id imagine is a little pissed. You take that risk at a big club, especially if you are an attacking player.

    1. Sorry it is not relevant to Vardy’s situation at all. Debuchy was out with injury and we had no option but to play Bellerin and after coming back from injury Debuchy just didn’t do well enough. It’s a combination of Debuchy’s lack of desire and Bellerin’s extraordinary skills.

      Don’t see anyone replacing Vardy in our team.

  6. I would have rather Wenger had said they have withdrawn their offer for Vardy, than still leaving it up in the air for everyone to make their own conclusion, we should not be prolonging this Vardy fiasco any longer, because it does not look good in regards to our Transfer market dealings.

  7. I don’t think Wenger’s answer really means anything. Did you look at the interview? The Chinese journalist knew football just like I know curling or ballet ! And she couldn’t understand English properly, he had to shut the door for this Vardy discussion with simple words and it worked.

    I think Vardy at Arsenal is a done deal. Why would he postpone a decision, if he had decided to stay at Leicester? IMO, the only reason he postponed is to avoid being disturbed by disappointed Leicester fans on social media during the Euro.

    1. Little make sense. But then why AW said Vardy will stay at Leicester? Not something like : “We are very optimistic to get him” or hang it with ” We still work on it” or else.
      Get rid of him dude. There’s better option out there and we still have times. One thing for sure, AW must dig deep this time, faraway from his antics move.

  8. Forget about Vardy he will wake up one morning and say what the hell was I think about why OH why did I not go to Arsenal. BY BY Vardy Your loss.

  9. Not getting Vardy won’t be a problem, failing to upgrade on Giroud would be calamity. So the big issue for Arsenal is with whom can we upgrade GR12. I have a few in mind: Aubamayeng, Lewandoski, Lukaku, Laccazet, or the Spudy

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