Has Wenger lost his Midas Touch for Arsenal?

Having come under intense criticism over his ineptitude or unwillingness to bring the needed top players to Arsenal, in addition to his continued disinterest towards tactical flexibility, Arsene Wenger must be a hugely worried man. However, it would be lunacy to question Wenger’s integrity, as the Frenchman will always be a part of the Arsenal folklore and, rational or not, should know what he is doing. Personally, when he analyses how Arsenal have fared so far, will Wenger be satisfied?

His touchline shoving of long term nemesis, Mourinho, when Arsenal visited Stamford Bridge earlier this season, was a result of the unbearable frustration that must be haunting Wenger. It was an act of insinuation that Wenger, inwardly, wants to do well and make Arsenal into a title-winning team once again. The Frenchman has, however, failed to acknowledge his unsuccessful tactics, and do something about it.

Arsenal’s monumental comeback draw against Everton was a result of Wenger’s diligent substitutions that affected proceedings positively for the North Londoners. Prior to that away draw at Goodison Park, the Gunners had got off to an optimistic start to the season, which saw them win the FA Community Shield against Manchester City and get off to winning start in the Premier League against Crystal Palace, and come away with a clean sheet in the first leg of their Champions League playoff tie against Besiktas. So, in many ways, you can imagine Wenger’s mindset at the time that might have helped him stay composed and bring about a positive change for Arsenal.

Since that terrific result however, Arsenal have gone back into hiding, and although Wenger has been culpable for the Gunners’ failures, some of the marquee names — exclusive of Alexis Sanchez — have failed to turn up for Arsenal in the most crucial of times. That’s where some pundits and Arsenal’s supporters have been pernickety of Wenger who can’t play for the 11 players he puts out on a given day.

Wenger, on his 65th birthday, has probably lost his Midas touch that made him a hero, and might still be amidst some Arsenal supporters. Comparatively, Arsenal’s results haven’t been different, in a good sense, for quite a few seasons now. And it’s only logical that Wenger will be feeling the pinch. However, don’t rule out a backlash from Arsene Wenger, even before this season culminates, who forever will be a great manager in the history of the game.


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    1. If you don’t think and see yourself as a winner then you can’t perform as a winner.

  1. I kinda feel the community shield is cursed.
    Recent history’s winner of the shield seem to be struggling the rest of the season after winning… Or maybe its just me

    1. City did not had any trouble after winning it on 2012, same for Utd in 2011 or 2010. They fought for the title in the seasons. The only weird one was Utd before us. And ffs it is only 8 games into the season and we call it a day already?

  2. @NY… The Wenger is an idiot articles… The Ozil Articles….All get hits..

    Say anything about Wenger then you will get the normal “Wenger out, get out of our club” comments..

    Say anything about Ozil and all his protectors and bodyguards will comment till the next day..

    Wenger and Ozil Articles are what gets you comments on here..


  3. guys look i am going to sound ridiculous but arsene is going to sign a defender and not a central defensive midfielder cause arteta and flamini are both in wenger’s good books as these players have settled for the fourth they hit 30 or maybe the mediocrity mind has pulled an hamstring on the club, it seems that Wenger played a game of “expected” but it itself is now derail course so therefore pressure mounted up looks like he is heading for the french market under 10 million valuation”JUST MY PREDICTION”

    1. It is rumoured that Wenger is going for Mbutu Maputu, dubbed “the next Makalele”, from Congo.





















      Oops! Sorry, I just made that up. Anyway, I which he exist.

  4. Another grab your attention article to score some hits..

    Still, it will give NYGunner an opportunity to patronise and belittle anyone who dares have an opinion different to his.

      1. Wenger is here to stay for a long time(3years),we just need to accept it.i have not seen an article about szcz he has been poor this season

          1. Maybe they see the Golden Glove he won on his own talent without a very good defense to help him keep clean sheets?

            Maybe they see his commitment to the club? The ablility to be a world best when he finally matures?

          2. When has Sczcesny’s cockiness backfired? Zero times.

            Cockiness and arrogance means sh*t if you do your job properly. Look at Mayweather, if there’s anyone in the world who deserves a beating it’s him. Yet he’s undefeated and the best in the world.

            1. @juhislihis
              Difference between Floyd and Woj is, Floyd brings his A game “every time” he steps into the ring and he’s 100% every time…

      2. If I called you an idiot or patronised you by calling you “son” like you do to so many then yes I would be following your example.

        But I didn’t…

    1. I know exactly what you mean, he has the most delightful blend of ignorance, and completely unwarranted arrogance.

  5. what a silly question, don’t you have eyes and a brain to see that. Everyone can see that, even a 5 year old kid

  6. Well, for starters its HBD Mr Wenger. On the topic I think Wenger is a great manager and also the worst of managers. Him being the worst is his on undoing otherwise he could be easily in the same bracket with sir Alex. When Alex was on the low he added elements needed to make him succeed. When Wenger was on the high he thought he had enough ammunition to last a life time and added nothing. He forgot the fundamentals of football that as u are a coach u are as good as a player. if u don’t exercise your coaching skills the game will overtake you. Now it’s too late to play catch up @ 65.

  7. Is Wenger going to have a good birthday, or a bad birthday? I don’t know. But the last time he had an anniversary, he had one of the worse days of his managerial career.

  8. Arsenal has been playing with little bit handbrakes throughout this season. Is it going to be the same tonight? I don’t want to get a thumbs down.

  9. Wenger is shite..


    He was quite a good manager, Infact he was unique and very likeable – but for the past 10 years he’s brought us down to a level of mediocre club – thrashed on occasions, good for a raise of blood pressure- and ridiculed the world over..

    Losers are allowing this torture to continue.. So for now we were all going to be tortured game after game until he finally decides that he has long past his sell by date..and walks away!

    Anderlècht 4/1 at home against a team that couldn’t beat Hull at home…!!!!

    Will be typical arsenal to win 5-0 tonight..!

    1. brought you down from where? I don’t hear AFC complaining about him just yet. Some fans complain, some applaud but then again, everyone is good at football and politics and can do better than the one next to him.

  10. I know a lot of people say that arsenal play for a 4th place trophy but it is a major achievement to keep arsenal playing in the champions league year after year without fail… you dont have that sort of consistency if you are a clueless manager, I have faith that arsenal will start to get the right results and get their season back on track from here on… it could have been worse for us.

  11. If he can’t adapt, he has to go how long will we see the same mistakes from this repeat offender he is never going to change the board (if stan enos kroenke & group/board has ba**s) must take a decision we will survive without him & don’t tell about liverlool / manure if we can get klopp/Joachim Löw it will take us to the next level

    1. funny how Low was outclassed by Poland and Ireland and Klopp can’t keep up in the Bundesliga being on 14th

      1. Buddy you just lost all the credibility – that is if you had any.

        Fans here are critisizing Wenger for failures for the past 9-10 years but you are critizing Klopp and Low after 2-10 matches. Incredible.

        1. Oh really? So why not compare with Wenger in the past as well? It has to be the same for everyone. What did Low or Klopp won 10 yrs ago as managers ? Except experience, of course. At least Low had one DFB Cup and a much coveted Austrian title in the same period Wenger took the double with Arsenal.
          Credibility? Not like I asked for that but i don’t give a flying fu ck for losing any credibility before you.

      2. @Budd
        Which just goes to show how much the guys out on the pitch have a hand in the outcome of a match also. Because like so many out here are willing to point out, the managers picked, trained, selected and gave the tactics to those players…
        Logic is a MUTHA-F, ain’t it?






  12. I just have to comment on this article.

    U see, yes, he had the midas touch. But pride got into him and he lost it. Yet he doesn’t know he’s lost it.

    I USED to like Arsene, but then at some point I started feeling he was just too stubborn and overly insensitive to the fans and seemingly blind to the basic necessities of the Club.

  13. Not playing Ozil at number 10 and starting the season with a depleted defense is just going FULL RETARD or SENILE. Nothing to do with Midas touch.

    Remember, never ever go full retard

  14. Ther is no time we complete as a team, now our attack is gud, but out defence is nonsense. Wenger has lost it, just two season Mou has turned chelsea round.

  15. Happy Birthday Mr. Wenger, you will be remembered as one of the great managers, however during the time period in which we bought the new stadium and could not afford the high costing players you lost your midas.

    The love affair with the fabregas like players, possession of the ball, slowed down attacks, frail players, taking on too much responsibilities( which transformed you into a DICTATOR) and the lost of the DM type player, is now what your name stands for.

    In former years the bullish defense line and blazing pace of our attackers was what arsenal was known and feared about, now teams are pirating the style of arsenal past and reaping great rewards, while arsenal have been weaken just to accommodate as much CM as possible.

    I think we have in the attacking half of the team enough firepower to compete with any team and somewhat have improved over past season in that department, actually looking like former years, but our defensive area is weak and this is where we are losing points drastically, it can be corrected nd we have enough time to do so, but MR> WENGER THAT IS UP TO YOU

    1. How can you say anything about Cesc? He is the best midfielder in the league once again. He was the best before he left for Barcelona in 2010 too..

  16. He allowed MU to win the premiership by selling them van Judas. Doesn’t matter what happens, you never sell rivals your best player – look at what Liverpool did with Suarez – can’t say I liked it, but they did the right thing for themselves. Then what does he do? Sells Cesc to Chelski – absolute insanity! Looks like he has handed Chelski the league on a platter, Maureen must love him! Even if we didn’t have room for him, we should’ve bought him, looked at the situation and loaned someone out, if there were problems. If he can’t understand the basic premise of not selling your rivals your best player, when Brendan Rogers clearly did, all that time ago – I worry…..

    1. Manure would have won the title with or without RvP. They had to splash 25 mils that summer for one player alone so it is safe to assume that they could have bought anyone. Trick here is that if they would not have bought it from us that summer we would have ended empty handed the next summer..
      Other than that you are full of cra p. We did not sell Fabregas to Chelsea.

      1. @ budd – RVP won the league for them. That is a fact. an other player might not have jelled and scored as many goals. SO lets talk facts. If we had kept RVP – Manu would not have had a 30 goal scorer whereas we would. So potentially, we could have won the league. If we had actually won the league RVP might have stayed or he might have left on a free. But we would not have strengthened a major rival and would have kept RVP at the form of his life scoring for us for a full season.

      2. You should get your facts straight, we as good as sold them Fabregas as Cesc had said he wanted to come to us, but Wenger said he didn’t have room to fit him in. Wenger preferred to pocket 10 million of the sale money. Most Arsenal fans know this, so I didn’t think it was necessary to explain.

  17. When we sold vantwatfacepersie we needed a like for like replacement – what did he do..? Giroud! Vermalen went djourou and jenks went We needed to buy another 2 defenders – what did Wenger do????
    We needed to buy 2 midfielders – what did Wenger do?
    Fabregas, nasri and song left..
    Last season we got flamini and Kallstrom on a free..!!!
    We signed a keeper that’s now injured.. Our current keeper has the maturity of a 2 year old ..we now play in the champions league with a 22 year old with 2 games experience in 4 years ffs’!!!
    Wenger would love to bring back all past players if he thought they could last half a game instead of signing ‘real’ players that have the tenacity and ability to actually go out onto the pitch with belief they can actually ‘do the required job’ and with a winning mentality..

    Don’t know about anyone else but I can see Sanchez playing with that defeatist look already..!!! He’s stopped chasing defenders after realising the rest are just happy to saunter around in the hope the opposition will ‘just give in’ ..

    Ronald koeman anyone..??

  18. There is no doubt that Wenger has been one of the great Managers of this generation. He built one the finest football teams ever in this land. The players he brought together were a blend of pace power and guile. He was a man with a plan and he just let them off the leash and they destroyed everything in sight. The movement, passion and certainty of triumph were never in doubt. The rest of the crowd were in total awe..Then Ferguson discovered the antidote.He ordered they be booted off the pitch..They don’t like it up em lads ! The FA , referees and a spineless media looked the other way. The fall of the empire began. Despite building a new ampi-theatre, the rot had set in. Wenger decided to change his plan and prepared to unleash the dynasty of the dwarf. He left behind his original blueprint which was eagerly picked by the rest of the football world. Now he can’t change back because to do so he would have to admit that his new plan was not so good. So he has trudged on in the new world totally bewildered and without direction.New tribes have come along and pushed his team aside with ease By now he is too entrenched in his ways. He has become a sad disheveled creature with ill-fitting costumes,rocking backwards and forwards and no longer able to listen to or hear the voices of the vast hoards of his faithful followers All he will say now is,” We shall come forth.”…

  19. Guys. We all get your point. Wenger was good in the past but not good enough today. Can we stop discussing how bad he is after every f****ing gametime. Because it is so old topic. Talk about something else. This website is now so boring to read because all we see are dirty words in comments towards Wenger and the players. Don’t you feel tired saying that again and again. Plus you should say that to the board, not me. I hear enough of it from media, rivals’ fans, pundits, now even the Arsenal fans? And even when we has just won a game???????

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