Arsene Wenger was RIGHT not to bring big signings to Arsenal?

I know that a lot of Arsenal fans will dismiss out of hand the idea that Arsene Wenger and his lack of much action in the transfer market has helped the club to challenge for major honours. I was certainly surprised to see the Frenchman only sign the veteran keeper Petr Cech from Chelsea in the summer and then last month we only bought Mohamed Elneny and that was because if a midfield injury crisis.

However, the idea that this lack of many new players actually helps the team comes from inside the Arsenal dressing room in comments made to Arsenal Player by our Spanish left back Nacho Monreal. So maybe we should take note of what the defender says, as he is a lot more likely to know what he is talking about than us fans.

Monreal clearly feels that there is a great team spirit and sense of togetherness in the Arsenal dressing room, with no little cliques of certain players, and he believes that this has been very beneficial and even essential to the way the Gunners have performed over the last few seasons, ending the long wait for a trophy and now getting into a great position to challenge for the big prize of the Premier League title.

The Spaniard said, “It is very important the atmosphere in the dressing room. It is mandatory to have a really good relationship with your team-mates, we are like a unit. You play like a unit and you spend a lot of time with them.

“I can see now there is only one group. We are together and in every moment the atmosphere is amazing – this is very important to get trophies. If you want to win something it is necessary to have a good group.

“In the last few years we have played with the same players. Every summer, we have signed one, two or a maximum of three players. The team is practically the same group so that is very important.

“Arsenal is not 11 players, we are 24 amazing players and when one is injured, the other player could play really well. We have really good players and really good people. In my opinion, it is better than ever.”

So should we ease up a bit on what many see as the failings of the boss?

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  1. 24 amazing players may be pushing it a bit far, but I get his drift.
    Wenger is buying youngsters so the learn The Arsenal Way before joining the first team. Is every Big Star going to fit straight in?

  2. ofcourse monreal won’t slate wenger for not buying a new world class player, any starting xi player would say the same thing.

  3. wenger’s right to say buying high-priced players will not GUARANTEE better results. we’ve seen it at pool, manc, manu and chelsea.

    and its probably also true that keeping changes few helps stability.

    but are we really supposed to believe that getting only 1 or 2 players like benzema or wanyama would have actually caused us to go backwards??

    no, i think we would have had more points had players like that been bought in summer 2015.
    having a wanyama when coq got injured and players wouldnt have waltzed thru our CDM area in december and january.

    and i know wenger was trying to get strikers, so he too knows it. its just that some combination of slowness, dithering, cheapness and lack of negotiating nous: and here we are.

    wenger wants to be cleverer than everyone else: to win w/o buying big. to win by nurturing growth of players . its also a romantic notion. but its an experiment at the expense of our trophies and fans hearts.

    1. Exactly, had we bought Wanyama and Lacazette/Basthuayi we would be top by a margin. A striker would definitely have changed things when we had disappointing draws where no striker could score (best example is the Leicester game, Welbeck and Walcott did the job as subs). Wanyama would have helped too much in the period where Coq was there, though Flamini did a good job but Wanyama would have generated a fear factor against opponents which Flamini doesn’t.

  4. This is nonsense, signing top players will lift the dressing room spirit and the believe … ST and DM was and still a must …

    1. And I think, that you should stick to trolling fellow fan’s,
      Who have already been heavily thumbed down,
      Rather than, making your own opinionated comments! ?

      But in general… I like the noise you make, when you STFU!

  5. End of the season will tell if it’s a folly or a stroke of genius not buying 1/2 world class players to augment the squad… the saying goes, the end justifies the means, if we end up winning the title then Wenger will be hailed a genius for resolutely sticking to his belief and faith in his squad….but if we end up blowing the best chance we have had in years to win the title then he should carry the can….and do the honorable thing and go!!!!

  6. What he says makes sense, because ultimately Wenger is placing faith in his current batch of players which gives them confidence and possibly a reason to want to perform at their best. BUT it still does not dismiss the fact that we are still lacking in one or two areas. I still feel we need a world class CF up front, consistent enough to score goals regularly. Giroud has grown on me and certainly has his place as he is excellent in certain situations, but we are lacking on the the other end of the spectrum – a pacy, skillful CF with a nose for goal.

    Walcott and Chamberlain may have scored recently, but they lack consistency. As for the midfield, both Arteta and Flamini need to be replaced respectively. Elneny reminds me of a more disciplined version of Song. Coquelin has been instrumental. I think Chambers can do a good job as DM in the future. Which means CB is looking a bit thin. Some people are ok with Mertesacker, I for one am definitely not. He must be replaced as he is just getting even slower in his old age. Gabriel was an excellent addition, I think we need one more CB to solidify our defense.

    So for me another World Class striker (Cavani would be ideal – the guy is scoring goals out of position at PSG atm) and another top defender to replace Merts and rotate with the other two. Wenger seriously needs to start replacing the weak links in our squad otherwise we will never win the CL and BPL will always be a struggle.

  7. If we had signed a top CF imagine the assists Ozil Would have had.

    It Would have put us over the top.

    Vardy Is a big reason why Leicester is at the top.
    Cit have Aguero but they have other weaknesses

    We did not need to buy a lot of big players, just one or two. That’s not a lot to ask really

  8. I am not AW, but I certainly think that if Benzema asked for a transfer and RM wanted to sell…we would be buying and possibly Higuain as well.
    3 parties to a transaction folks – player, selling club, buying club. All we know about is what the rumour mill spits out.
    Do we really think Suarez wanted to come to Arsenal? Do you think the Commercial team at Arsenal are that dumb!
    Like AW said and I get it….if there’s someone out there who would be 1) an improvement to what we have; 2) at a club willing to sell 3) a player who wants to play for Arsenal…then he will go for it.

    fact is – we just knee jerk to media rumours and gossip and then lay the blame on the Arsenal mgt for not securing a signature.

    Not this or any other forum will ever know the truth behind why some players signed for one club and not another…but if it helps you sleep at nite…the lay the blame at the feet of the mgt and board.

    1. We don’t need Benzema though, we already have a target man, what we need is a striker in the mould of Aubameyang/Aguero, someone who can stretch defences and also run past through them, Walcott isn’t good enough to be that striker.

  9. utter bollox .

    barcelona signed players bayern real ….they all dont worry about losing the togetherness.

    cum byy yaaaa my DO ONE

    wenger failed in the window. its that simple. no ones perfect

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