Has Wilshere’s plucky performance against Liverpool earned him a new contract?

Arsene Wenger has still not initiated contract extension talks with Jack Wilshere despite the Englishman’s current deal running out this summer, and Le Prof has previously stated that he wanted our Jack to prove his ability to play for extended periods in pressure situations. Well after playing in every game since Aaron Ramsey’s injury Wilshere has certainly looked able to continue playing well even in this congested Christmas period after only playing periodically up until then.

It certainly sounds like Wenger was impressed with his efforts in last night’s draw against Liverpool. Le Prof said after the game: “I think he is one of the players who played with quality in the first half, determination. Jack is never frozen, but what he did in the second half was like the rest of the team, I liked what he did. He’s better now than he was in the last two or three years, I think he is positive overall and is in a very good shape at the moment.”

Jack was definitely involved in a lot of the play yesterday and was helping out in defence and attack while many other first team players were looking jaded, but does Wenger think he has done enough to earn his continued presence in the first team that he craves? The boss was praising of Wilshere but didn’t give too much away about a new deal, but finally admitted that he wanted him to remain at the club when asked about Jack’s contract situation. ” We will see, but as well I think we had four players tonight who have been educated at our academy, with Bellerin, Iwobi and Wilshere they are certainly the only ones at the top, but basically we want to keep these players.”

Well if he has decided he wants Jack to stay, isn’t it about time they sat and talked about it?



  1. McLovin says:

    There isn’t much positives to talk about concerning Arsenal. Sad Christmas on that regard.

    Please leave Wenger. Give us the best present and terminate your contract.

    1. Salmonella says:

      Why should Wenger terminate his contract?
      If I were Wenger I would try to hold on to his job for as long as possible.
      Fair play to him. He has no obligations to leave
      It’s the board’s job to sack Wenger

      1. Salmonella says:

        And thank you Spuds for beating our biggest rivals for the season, Burnley.

        1. sfgunner says:

          yes, we are perfectly in position for another europa season

      2. jon fox says:

        That comment has validity only if he cares nothing for our club. Since he professes to care – and therefore would resign today IF that were true- he is once again lying . He cares only for his huge salary and the prestige of managing a great club. A club he is steadily ruining.

  2. sfgunner says:

    lets be honest, players of ozil and alexis quality are embarrassed to play in the europa, they will stick it out a season, but not two yrs in a row. once it becomes evident we are 5-6th, ozil will go. i assume alexis has already left. thus sign jack, you need players willing to stay. the bottom line no one wants to say is, kane > alexis. kane is a better team player not to mention world class striker. giroud is a team player, but no world class. my hope is that laca develops to be a 20 gps player, or we could be in for many years struggling to break top 4. Wenger kept alexis despite losing him for free in the summer as its his only chance to break top 4, the money for UCL alone helps fund the loss, not to mention if he makes top 4 he can attract talent and maybe keep ozil. the problem w that theory is alexis is not giving it all. he is on 5 goals, the ladt a PK, and he is obviously not playing w heart.

    1. Ivan says:

      According to The Times Sanchez had agreed to sign a contract extension but then we got humiliated 10 -2 against Bayern and he realised we would be wasting his time with us as we were getting worse not better.

      1. sfgunner says:

        i saw that, timing seems right, i wonder why he gives himself a pass on that but kicking, he was on the pitch. i watched el classico today, barca, like city select the best player for every position, we try to have 6-7 great players, then fill in w the likes of xhaka, iwobi… good players but not good enough to challenge. imagine giroud on barca? if your target is 4th every season, then you are bound to start to fall to 5th… thats where we are.

  3. rkw says:

    why are we even discussing this … we are becoming a second tier team and this is the big issue??!!! race for title over before the new year and cant even enter xmas above spurs anymore … clubs become a joke in terms of football we play … need to ask some serious questions

  4. Ivan says:

    As for Wilshire – I am not really bothered as he is only a squad player these days. Actually one thing is that his salary needs to be halved as he is way overpaid for a squad player even if he stays fit.

  5. ks-gunner says:

    Arsenal must be retarded to not give him a new contract, as if we are full with world class players and dont have any space for him left in the team, lol

    Arsenal is beyond funny, a club one actually has to feel pity for

  6. ismail dauda says:

    wenga should just leave us honourably, because he has lost it. alexis can go to hell for all i care but i seriously hope ozil will sing da ting.

  7. McLovin says:

    I just noticed that we have collected 9 points from our 9 away matches. POINT PER MATCH!!

    Please someone show this stat to Arsene Mugabe. What a clown.

  8. sfgunner says:

    LC scores at 93:58, priceless!

  9. jon fox says:

    Does any Gooner actually seriously expect Wenger to do the correct and obvious thing and offer Wilsher a new contract. Besides being the only player who is a true fan too and so cares foir the club(and will do so , long after he has retired ) with Arsenal in his veins and heart, he is playing well and consistently so. So will Wenger do the correct thing and offer him an improved and longer contract? Ask yourself , does Wenger EVER DO THE RIGHT THING and there you have your answer. Wenger is poison to our club and is killing it.

  10. Wenger to France says:

    Arsene Wenger is a demagogue… Who has lost his damn mind

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