Hasenhuttle praises Arsenal’s improvement but hasn’t given up hope for today’s game

Southampton may not be in the best of form lately, but they won their last game against Bournemouth after a run of five games where they only gained one point. The Saints are currently just two  points ahead of the relegation zone so need to fight for every last scrap right now.

But Ralph Hasenhuttl can take heart from the memory of their 1-0 victory over the Gunners last season, and winning with the same result in the previous season’s FA Cup, so the Southampton boss refuses to write off his team’s chances against an Arsenal team that is flying with an 8 game unbeaten run. Hasenhuttl told the BBC: “We have had some good performances against Arsenal,”

“But even last season they had a lot of chances against us and we defended quite deep, which I don’t think is the plan this weekend.

“They have improved and are more used to attacking against a deep defence. Gabriel Jesus is a massive upgrade, they’re really strong in the centre and are a super developed team with a lot of individual quality.

“Mikel has made some brave decisions in the past and is now getting rewarded for it. It’s not a coincidence they are much more consistent and flying high.”

“We have to be on the highest level tactically and physically, and to have a positive mindset on the highest level.

“When it’s like that, we have always got a chance. Our fans support us, they back us, and when we do this together we have shown we can win against whoever comes to St Mary’s.”

Good luck Ralph, you need to have some glimmer of hope against the Arsenal juggernaut, but honestly, you just KNOW you are going to be steam-rollered by Arsenal this afternoon, don’t you?


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  1. Not being parroting, but Of course, they would be skinned for beating us last season.

    I pray we score lots of goals today. Jesus is due a goal.

  2. Arsenal will add to the 8 winning streaks. Jesus could do more to assist in goal-getting for the team. He gets burnt out with the extreme loan effort ending with a little striking attempt at the goal. It would be better to pull defense and pass the ball to teammates to make the killer strike. The Brazilian Team Management might have had a view of that and he should become aware of that. All-side Arsenal is tipped to win with a margin of 3-0 revenge

  3. It always irks me, as one of lifes realists, how depressingly often football managers, fans, pundits and articles in the ,trot out the fatally wrong mistake of using previous seasons results as a guide to what will happen in a current match .

    I am constantly saying that for comparisons to have ANY VALIDITY WHATSOEVER, you need to compare like with like!

    How anyone can ever conclude that two DIFFERENT line ups, in two DIFFERENT seasons, is comparing like with like, is to me the ravings of plainly unintelligent minds. So SAINTS v ARSENAL last season has no more bearing on what will happen today, than a contest between those teams, say 25 years ago.

    In other words ZILCH!!

  4. Seeing so many ups and down of Arsenal, mostly down throughout recent yrs, it’s hard to have confidence in Arsenal team that the job will be done until it is done. On top of that recent narrow wins are also worry some. So just hope job is done against Soton n nottn forest so that we can be prepared against Chelsea on high note.

  5. A keep saying this is the biggest banana skin that lay and await us.

    But this is the perfect opportunity for the three Gabriel’s to wet their bread, Arsenal and the gaffer has an old score to settle at St Mary, but history has been kind to the Saints and with Ralp Hasenhuttle arm with that knowledge and his job on the line he will be pump up for this one.
    Cant see nothing but a proper spanking for the Saints in this one, once we get our tactics right.

    Can see the gaffer throwing the entire kitchen sink at this the youngest but none the less very fit and drill team Southampton team

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