Have Arsenal already agreed a deal for Winston Reid?

allardyce-wengerArsenal have been linked with the West Ham defender Winston Reid ever since the summer, and as the New Zealand international is out of contract at the end of the season it could be quite conceivable that Arsenal have already lined up a move to bring him to the Emirates.

The Hammers manager Sam Allardyce seems to be convinced that Reid has already prepared to sign for a new club, even though it is technically illegal for him to talk to other Premier League clubs until June. Allardyce was aked about Reid’s situation in the Express: “From what other people are telling me what’s going on in the world of football makes it difficult to think he’s going to stay here,”

The reporter then asked him: “You mean a lot of managers are getting calls from his agent?”

“You said that, not me,” Allardyce replied. “He’s not allowed to, no. Only foreign clubs. But can we prove it?

“If he’s not going to sign a contract with us I would think that realistically I find it highly unlikely if it’s not already verbally done somewhere else.

“It’s just a fact of football. It’s what happens. It’s just the way it is. You have to accept the way it is and, contrary to whether it breaks the rules or it doesn’t, it happens.

“You are not going to prove it anyway. It’s just one of the ways the football world works.

“What’s the point of having the rules? Because we’ve had them for a long, long time. If you can prove that they’ve broken the rules then they’re in serious trouble aren’t they?

“But you can’t prove it these days. You hear rumours and this that and the other.

“It might have nothing to do with the two clubs directly, it could be between two agents. So how can you relate that to the football clubs? You can’t so it all gets done that way.”

Reid himself didn’t dispel the idea a couple of weeks ago when he was asked about his future. He said: “It doesn’t really affect me. It is just one of those things that has been going on in the background,”

So it would seem something is going on, but is it likely that Reid could be moving across London to the Emirates? I can see this free deal being attractive to Wenger…..

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    1. Nice open door you’re kicking in there. Every club needs big name big game big tag world class players, but only a few managers (clubs) can afford them IF the other club is even willing to sell. We are one of those clubs, but we’re the only big club that has a manager that’s reluctant to adequately fix up his squad in the transfer periods

      “we don’t buy just to buy” <— that quote is a big load of poo if you ask me. never preventive, always reactionary. Prepare yourselves for Loic Perrin and (maybe) a cheap and/or ultra young midfielder.

      1. Wow! How quickly some of us forget . I remember it wasn’t that long ago when people were saying similar to you. They said that wenger wouldn’t sign anyone decent, “prepare yourselves for a cheap young player” then Wenger proved people wrong by signing oil. After that people were saying it was a one off and he won’t make any more marquee signings then he signed Sanchez the following summer and you’re still on with the same “I bet he won’t sign anyone we ever heard of” shit.

  1. Chelsea looking to buy Messi, Arsenal looking to buy Reid. This says it all.
    Under Wenger and the present board Arsenal will all be underachievers.

      1. I think the point here is about ambition..

        If he (Messi)wants a new challenge they will sell.

      2. Never say Never money talks. Wenger was saying how he just missed out on Messi.
        So Chelsea with all their money who knows. A question for you would you have said RVP would play for Man Utd and Cesc play for Chelsea. It all about money and Arsenal have the money by all accounts, but just won’t spend it.

        1. Apples and Oranges comparing the RVP/Cesc sell to a potential Messi sell – imo the best player in the world. And why would Barca sell their best player when they’re banned from bringing new players in?

          1. True, there’s still a possibility of this happening especially since things seem to be going array at Barcelona. But Barca will probably do everything possible to please Messi.

    1. Its nonsense. Barcelona would NEVER allow Messi to go. Enrique will be sacked before Messi leaves. And as for the money, you dont think Barcelona has money to pay Messi’s wages? I bet Messi only liked Chelsea to purposelessly get people talking and to get a bigger contract, which by the way he signs a new one every year with higher and higher wages. Messi also follows Man City by the way…

  2. This Winston Reid is like Draxler v2.0. Ohh get ready for the torture guys starting this window till the next. This is only the start. And in the end Wenger will buy a banana and ask the fans to share amongst them.

  3. Looks like a Wenger signing to me. I would take him over Perrin all day everyday though!
    Reserves more money for a good DM (rational fans) or Cavani (guillible fans).

    1. Fat Sam is the metaphoar for ‘the rest of the world’ pointing at useful signings that would strengthen Arsenal in a major way. Arsene, of course, prefers to look the other way.

    1. it’s a great opportunity for him to get some game time, we all know he has potential.
      Lets wish him luck because if he start scoring on regular basis he could have a great future for Arsenal.

    2. SAnogo isnt even 22 yet. I wouldnt give up on him so easily. He badly needed a loan ever since he came here instead of wasting an entire year on the bench.

  4. I guess Reid, Koscielny, Mertsacker, Chambers and Debuchy can do the job as CB. (Debuchy has played well in CB position). I’ve heard rumors of Pierre too.

    If that’s true then

    CB: Reid, Koscielny, Mertsacker, Chambers, Debuchy, Pierre

    RB: Debuchy, Chambers, Pierre, Bellerin

    LB: Gibbs, Monreal, Flamini

    Decent defense. Not great but decent. At least better than now.

    I still can’t get over the fact that Wenger started the season with a lack of defenders. Absolutely unforgivable. Especially after not replacing Vermaelen and loaning off Jenkison. Wenger used to care more about quantity than Quality, now even quantity is not important.

    1. Sorry, meant Perrin not Pierre

      He also can play DM which leads me to believe Wenger will Not get a specialist DM. Just a hunch

      I think Wenger will be happy with Arteta, Flamini, Coquelin, Diaby, Chambers

      Just like instead of getting WC striker Wenger is satisfied with Welbeck, Giroud, Sanogo, Campbell

      Be prepared for at least 2 and half more seasons of this nonsense

      1. Sorry to burst the bubble but Perrin never played DM. He did played RB though at St. Etienne. DM is not for everyone.

  5. Look it simple if Arsenal are to compete with the big boys we need Top Top Class players not run of the mill players. Wenger keeps buying Cheap players hoping to strike it lucky. Lately he keeps striking out his time is done time to go.

  6. not saying its an excuse but chelsea (who probably have one of the strongest squads in the prem right now) only have 5 first team defenders
    1) john terry
    2) ivanovic
    3) azpillicueta
    4) cahill
    5) filipe luis

    the rest of them: Zouma, Ake and Christensen arent first team quality similar to hayden and bellerin (although bellerin has made strides this season)

    my point is: imagine if chelsea lost cahill and ivanovic. The same positions that we lost. Imagine how different the table would look.

    1. Zouma is first team quality and has very high potential. I’d take him any day over Mertesacker. And if Chelsea lost Ivanovic, they would just movie Azpi back into RB and play Filipe Luis as LB :/

  7. Wenger has a history of January duds. Last time he got an INJURED player.

    Wenger hates transfers but despises January transfers.

    £6 million a year salary for what ? He has turned from Arsene the Great to slightly better than Moyes.

  8. Man City in advanced talks to sign Bony for 30 m , you have to laugh their 3/4 choice striker is better than our forst choice
    Liverpool in talks with Bayern to sign Shaqiri
    We are in talks to sign some unknown French CB for 6 m
    And Kronkie has just been on sky sports opening another venture
    I will leave you to guess if we will challenge ever again

  9. btw what has happened to diaby? he was hyped up start of season then just slowly dropped off the radar. has he got another injury?

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