Have Arsenal already agreed deal for this £24m striker?

Would you pay £24m for a striker if you thought he was guaranteed to bang in goals in the Premiership? Or more to the point would Arsene Wenger splash out that amount of money if he thought that this man could be the missing part of the jigsaw that won him the Premiership title?

Well SOMEONE has already agreed to pay that price for Jackson Martinez and it could very well be Arsenal, but the agent has refused to disclose the club in question. “Jackson’s future is already pretty much decided,” agent Luiz Henrique Pompeo told the Portugese press. “Things should be clarified in the next few days. He’ll go to a big European club, which will be announced as soon as the contract is signed.

“From what’s been agreed, Porto will receive the €35m (£24m) from the release clause.

“Negotiations have been underway for a few weeks, there are still some details to be sorted out, and then Jackson Martinez’s departure from Porto can become a reality.”

There are a couple of reasons that I hope point to Arsenal being the buyers. First off all the fact that the agent did not mention any club. It is a well-known fact that Wenger hates anyone publicising a transfer to Arsenal before it is totally signed and sealed.

Secondly I would draw your attention to what Wenger said about Martinez back in February: “He has top physical strengths. Hugely efficient, he is the kind of player who can make room for himself in the box.

“He could play in the Premier League because he has the body to make the difference. He uses it in a very intelligent way. Very short back lift and he’s a very good finisher.’

“He’s on the list of many clubs, you know that. He will be the next big transfer who will give a big smile to Pinto da Costa [Porto’s owner].”

That is high praise indeed from Le Prof, and surely he must think that £24m is a very good price for a goalscorer of that stature. We all know Giroud needs some serious competition up front, and unless Wenger is certain that the injury-prone Theo Walcott is capable of doing the job, then L Boss MUST be looking at viable alternatives.

Who else is hoping this is true?

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    1. The news is that he is going to Milan. Not really missed him though. He will add more squad depth but wont improve us. At this age and this price I do not see it as a Wenger’s signing

  1. i hope, but sadly i think its not us.
    just for the fact that as far as i know none of our targets agents said anything close to this even 10 mins before any announcement.

    1. But Milan don’t have any money under berlusconi I don’t see how it could be them and they don’t even have a manager let one any European football to offer. I’d see them pulling out all the stops for zlatan since he has nothing else to prove and could go back while Martinez is trying to elevate his career and are Milan the club to provide him the platform?

      1. If Wenger isnt interested he wont sign that player. Milan are a big club I wouldnt be surprised if they spend 25-30 m on player.

          1. Yes most of the Italian clubs are much more poorer these days. Only Roma and
            Juve have more money than other Italian clubs. Juve hardly spent any money on players when u look at their squad. Tevez 10 m, Pogba free, Pirlo free,
            Marchisio homegrown, Morata 15 m, Llorente free and Vidal 8 m.

    2. True…@ Moneytalks
      Sky Sports Transfer Centre reported yesterday that Martinez has agreed to join AC Milan.
      Sad piece of news. Still hoping it’s Arsenal though.

  2. I have a theory…
    Zlatan is linked with AC Milan as well as Jackson Martinez… What if a. These rumours were BOTH true and b. Wenger let AC Milan “snub” Jackson Martinez from us, allowing us a free go at Zlatan right after the Martinez deal is completed.
    It sounds like some kind of elaborate plan for a WC player…
    Remeber bale/ozil. Suarez/alexis. Now it’s martinez/Zlatan.
    Just a theory


      1. You all know that there is history between Zlatan and Arsen, years ago we was going to sighn him up all was agreed and Arsen told Zlatan to come for trial at Colney and Zlatan was offended by this and declined to join AW team, he has mentioned this in his book and he still thinks it was an insult to him, but who knows its football anything can hapen look at Fabragas RVP

          1. There is something wrong with my SPAM program and it is moderating nearly all the comments. I am trying to sort it now….

  3. Martinez/Lacazette would be my first choice any one of them. If these players arent available then sign Carlos Tevez to 3 year contract.

          1. actually…they should, different agreements but hey.
            On the other hand…have you seen Tevez play? The guy has more Garra tan a bunch of youngsters together.

  4. Dybala > Juventus =
    Martinez > Milan?

    I hope Wenger & Co will be running a close eye over the Copa America starting today to keep an eye for ST talent (Cavani/Higuain to name but two)

    I think if Zlatan stays at PSG like his agent has said (do we believe him?) then I think it is likely Cavani will move to escape his shadow and could seek out the bright lights of the premiership to do so..

  5. Sevilla have rejected 9 m bid from Southampton for Krychowiak. wtf are Southampton smoking?

  6. We don’t need a 29 year old player. He did fcuk all for Colombia when Falcao was injured and it was his time to shine. Porto will sell him to Zenit like they did with Hulk.

  7. Tricky one Milan would be a downgrade considering they are a mid table team. They will more likely look at balotelli/borinini or some other Italian or Latin player eg pelle

    Roma was heavily linked with him but they just got dumbia

    Monaco,Napoli could all be our main rival for his signature as they need to replace big strikers such as falqao/higuain

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