Arsenal set to replace Wenger? Joachim Loew or Henry?

This could all be speculation of course, as the football media gets their teeth stuck into a host of Arsenal rumours about the growing pressure on the manager Arsene Wenger. But there is no doubt that there will be a lot of questions for the Frenchman to answer, from the fans and the press if not from inside the club itself, if the Gunners let slip what looked like the perfect chance to end the wait for another Premier League trophy this season.

The Prof himself seems to be feeling the pressure as well and hit back at all the media talk this wee, saying that he was bored of the constant criticism and questioning of his ability, so he might not even be too reluctant to step down at the end of this season if it turns out as badly as many of us fear.

And according to certain reports in the media this week, the club may have already lined up his replacement. One prominent French journalist has declared that our former striker Thierry Henry is going to get the big job, as reported by Metro, although he does not specify any particular time, just at some point in the future.

Karim Nedjari said, ‘One day Henry will replace Wenger.

‘His philosophy and ruthless mentality make him the boss. He will leave his comfortable chair [as a pundit] and put on his track suit.’

I am not sure that Arsenal would appoint Henry without any managerial experience though, so I think the rumour in another Metro report that suggests the current coach of the Germany national team could be the man. Joachim Loew has lots of experience and has enjoyed some success in his career, most notably by winning the World Cup final with the three Arsenal stars Ozil, Mertesacker and Podolski in the squad a couple of years ago.

Apparently there has been a huge flurry of bets recently staked on the 56-year old taking over from Wenger, so does somebody know something we don’t? And would you like Loew to be given the Arsenal job this summer?

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  1. Should Arsenal go for Ibrahimovic when his contract expires?

    Yes, he’s still got the quality – thumbs up
    No, he’s too old – thumbs down

    1. we wont get ibrahmovic as long as wenger’s in charge. wenger dont want another big ego.

  2. I would love Joachim Low at Arsenal, hopefully he could add Bould Henry and Bierhoff to his staff and who knows! Don’t really know if he’s suitable as a day-to-day trainer or if he even wants a club job, but he would be a great option!

  3. It would be a joke ? if Henry took over from Wenger!
    Surely, If that was the case, Henry would have been sitting in Boulds seat by now?

    As for Loew…
    We have been linked with him, a few times, in the past,
    And Arsenal don’t sign old ‘repeated’ links!.. that’s a fact ?

  4. I wouldn’t mind us getting joachim loew he is a proven winner and a master when it comes to using tactics on the pitch!

  5. I’ll pass on Henry if I’d had a choice. As for who’s going to replace Wenger I don’t care. I am more interested who’s going to replace Kroenke or at least Gazidis.

    1. No trillioners in this world is crazy enough (or interesting enough) to buy Kroenke’s majority stock at Arsenal. Usmanov? Nope, he’s chicken. Dangote? He’s just snapping. Gazidis? The man is useless. I think even Fatboy Gooney can replace him!

  6. The reality is, that Wenger will still be Our manager next season!… He will do enough to warrant himself,
    to see out his contract!

    There’s no way that he will be sacked and you can bet your house on it .. that he would never step down!

    Can’t you see how the club has been declaring little sweetners to the fan’s lately? …

    1st up was…. Wenger will have £ 75 million to spend in the summer!
    And today… A two year price freeze on ticket prices!

    Hey.. if the fans keep moaning. .. they may even throw in a free HotDog at the Emirates. …. (Coupon inside the match day program) ?

    1. Yep, spot on. Unless he imitates mourinho next season and has us in relegation places, Wenger will finish out his contract, and only then can we talk about a replacement.

      The question for me is, if we somehow DO win the title this year, would he step down in style at the end of this season?

      1. i’m hoping we win either fa or pl and wenger uses it as an excuse to get out. its just a dream. more likely the old codger will stick with getting his 8M and ego stroking and using any success to prolong his dictatorship.

    1. They have the money, that’s one thing for sure and need something to elevate them in the ranks of the elites. Could be a solution, why not. Not sure if Kroenke will sell though this cash cow but hey, if life is teaching us any lesson is that everyone has his price.

    2. One would rather lose with my head held high rather than buy myself a trophy.
      Arsenal is the only football club that can boast its philosophy with dignity.
      Stooping as low as the likes of Chelsea, Man City… etc I see.

      1. I can live with a hybrid of beautiful football and financial prosperity as long as we don’t go in debt.

  7. In fairness to the current Arsenal boss who has been there for the past 19 years or there about, he hasn’t done badly at managing Arsenal. But has done very very well for us. Right? Otherwise, he wouldn’t have lasted that long at Arsenal. The Arsenal board would have sacked him ever since had him been a bad manager.. Or he would have resigned on his own.

    I for one is not in support of the unfurling that anti-Wenger banner at KC Stadium on the night Arsenal have won and even won very well. If the anti-Wenger brigade insist of unfurling their disgruntled banner, they should have waited for an appropriate time to so. Say, if it has become obvious that Arsenal will finish this season without winning any title.

    FA Cup is the 3rd most highest title on the 4 titles pecking order. The Premier Title being the 1st, the UCL 2nd, the FA Cup 3rd and the Capital One Cup 4th. Only Man City have won a title (COC) among the traditional 6 big clubs so far this season. If Arsenal retain the FA Cup for a record back to back equalling 3rd time, I’ll be happy and be grateful to God.

    Arsenal are still competing to win 3 titles this season. And I think we should all support them in our prayers to succeed in their quest to win all the 3 titles. Arsenal will certainly beat Watford on Sunday at the Ems. And they will also unfailingly beat the MSN Barcelona led attack team at Camp Nou on next Wednesday night by 3 goals to nil or by 2 goals to nil @FT&AET and outscore Barca on penalty shoot out to qualify for the Q/F. That what I believe will happen and it will by God’s grace.Amen!

    1. Hahaha…….. Even Barca fans worship God as well……. God doesn’t choose sides or do favouritism (Like wenger)

    2. samuel, your logic: using this fact to conclude arsene is a good manager:
      “The Arsenal board would have sacked him ever since had him been a bad manager.”
      is flawed.

      the board and owner define “good” as getting into top4. some of us fans have a higher definition of “good”.

      note whenever wenger justifies his record, a lot of it is achievements that happened long ago. also, he views endless top4 as great (and it is to an extent) , but here’s the q: if you get into top4 ten years in a row and never get top1 does that not mean something is missing? you always get into top4 but never take that final step. that is consistency, but not in a good way.

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