Have Arsenal already got Guardiola to replace Wenger

Arsenal are being seen as an outside chance at best of being the club that the current boss of Bayern Munich Pep Guardiola moves to in the summer when his current contract runs out at the end of this season. It was originally reported in the football press that it was a straight battle between Manchester United and City but that grew to include Chelsea once they sacked Jose Mourinho and now the Gunners are said to be in the mix as well.

The problem the media has is that they simply do not know, even though Guardiola has let it be known that this will definitely be his final season with the German Bundesliga giants. The news coming out of Munich is that the former Barcelona boss has already made his decision about which club to manage next but even if that is true, Pep is not saying.

But I wonder if Arsene Wenger, who would certainly be involved if the club were to get Guardiola to take over, has inadvertently let the cat out of the bag, as he spoke about the possibility of the Spaniard coming to the English Premier League.

The Arsenal boss spoke very highly of Guardiola and what he brings to the game, during the press conference reported by the Arsenal website. Even though the Frenchman said that there should be chances for young and promising English managers, he thinks that there should be some balance and that the best coaches from overseas do bring something extra to the English game. But it was when he was asked specifically about Guardiola coming to England that Wenger said something interesting.

He replied, “You look to know much more than I do, but we might know the same things!”

I might be reading too much into this but it did appear as though Wenger was being deliberately cryptic and suggesting that he has more information than he is willing to pass on. And with a Metroreport claiming that Wenger has already made contact with Bayern boss it is starting to look a lot more likely that we will pip our Premier League rivals. After all, why would the prof know what Guardiola was going to do next season, unless it involves Arsenal?

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  1. It would be great if arsene win the league this season and move upstairs to allow guardiola as his successor.

        1. He means that..Pep is not a long term manager. He goes round giving quick fixes.
          That’s the part of him I don’t like. No long term plans for any team.

  2. Nope. Pep is going to Mancity most probably. I like Pep but I don’t think he’ll manage Arsenal and in as much as I like Him’, I wouldn’t want Him to manage Arsenal because He’ll move to another club in less than 3yrs.

    What makes Arsenal special is the longevity of our manager.

    1. Idk if it’s just me but I hope Wenger stays a bit longer if he wins the league this season, I could seem someone like Martinez taking over in the future if he’s successful with Everton. It sounds ridiculous but hear me out, he always plays attacking football, or as our manager likes to say “approaches the game with a positive attitude”, he knows how to be consistent with his goals (kept Wigan in PL despite everyone saying they would be relegated), also brought his team to a cup final on an extremely low budget, was also responsible for the passing philosophy in Swansea, and most importantly, he can nurture YOUNG talent (Lukaku already has 50 goals in England, Delofeu is starting to bloom, Stones is already flourishing,…) Imo someone like Matinez would be the perfect candidate for the job, but he has to prove he can win trophies as well and challenge in Europe as well.

      1. He doesn’t necessarily have to win a trophy with Everton but challenging for FA cup and getting them into Europa would be good signs that he may have a future at the very top level

  3. Guardiola won with mess, ronaldinho, eto and company. Then goes to bayern with the kind of players they have and hasn’t won ONE CL yet. You think he’s a magician or something? for me he hasn’t proven he can win with a budget as small as arsenal’s. All these foreign managers are coming to the premier league with their inflated egos and getting sacked one after another.

      1. Honest question, do you think Wenger rates Eddie Howe ? He mentioned him in the press conference this week when speaking about how you need a balance of local and foreign managers.

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