Have Arsenal already got Santi Cazorla’s replacement?

There are not many Arsenal fans that would disagree that our silky Spaniard Santi Cazorla has been one of our most important players over the last five years, but now he has passed the grand old age of 32 we have learnt to accept that he won’t be around much longer.

Santi managed to avoid our injury plague for a few years, but the season before last he only managed 15 League games, and in the present season he had only made 7 starts before succumbing to another injury. Every Gooner and his dog has been begging Arsene Wenger to bring in an equal talent as a replacement, and although Oxlade-Chamberlain has been improving in the midfield role there is only one year left on his contract and there are rumours he may be moving on this summer as well.

But we may already have his replacement waiting in the wings, in the form of Jeff Reine-Adelaide, who has obviously been impressing Arsene Wenger and haas played in all our League Cup and FA Cup games this season and has looked impressive. It would appear that Wenger is easing him into the first team in a similar fashion to Alex Iwobi, and like the Nigerian international he is likely to start by playing on the wing, but he insists that his best position is in the centre of midfield.

“I prefer to play in the middle of the park, as I feel most comfortable there,” Reine-Adelaide said on Arsenal.com. “I get more touches on the ball, which is good as I’m a playmaker and I like to create chances for the team. I can also play out wide, but my favourite position is in midfield.

“It helps cohesion in the squad when you have players who are comfortable in several positions and we have a few at the club who have that versatility.

“They bring a lot to our game. They can break through a defence, make all kinds of passes and also defend in various positions on the pitch so they offer a lot.

“We don’t always put ourselves in another player’s shoes. When you play in various positions you begin to appreciate the challenges of playing in different places on the pitch.”

What do you think? Has Jeff impressed you when he has played?


  1. davidnz says:

    Adelaide has the same raw
    speed and athleticism
    hundreds of other young
    African athletes have.
    But does he have real football skills?
    Chamberlain has raw athleticism but so far has shown us
    precious little in football skill. To me Ox looks like a rugby player
    from a Grammar school messing about on a football field.
    Wellbeck is athletic but a footballer he aint.
    Walcott is fast and once every 5 years scores 20 goals.
    Iwobi is athletic and appears to have some football skills
    but does he have a footballers brain?
    Adelaide has athleticism but does he have footballer skill and brains?
    Until he plays 30- 40 league games we won’t know.
    The youngster I want to see play is Nwakali Kelechi
    who is doing well on loan.
    Ideally all our youngsters will come good.

    1. gotanidea says:

      You are right. Most of our players are athletic but don’t have football brain. Arsenal should be looking for someone like Cazorla and Sanchez next season. I hope they can bring someone like Isco or Verratti in.

  2. ArseOverTit says:

    There is an even older and less effective member of the AFC team that needs replacing 1st before we talk of players.

    Of course, a young lad, with no real premiership experience and some potential is a ready made replacement for the wizard santi!

  3. Gunner Down Under says:

    Not yet. Unfortunately time to move Cazorla on (too old, too fragile, but then that’s never stopped Arsenal keeping a player on) and bring in Isco as the replacement.

  4. BUR says:

    I was and still am a big Santi fan, I think he should be given another year at the club. I still think he could be influential and play a “bit” part on the team. I dont agree with that he is to old and fragile, my answer to that is Wiltshire. The only item that has spent more time on the bench than him is the bench itself. As far as I can see there is no current player at Arsenal who could replace him.
    On another note I read in a national tablet that wenger deserves another contract to prove himself and “turn things around”. What has he been doing for the last 5 years? If he couldn’t “turn it around” in that time he won’t do it in a season. Get rid!!!! On your byke wenger.

  5. ger burke says:

    what player in their right mind would come to arsenal ?. certainally no top class player would !. footballers are born winners , above anything else they need to win . but under wenger the chances of winning are getting slimmer and slimmer.only mediocre players will be lured to the emirates, players who play for the dollar and nothing else.

  6. sAMa says:

    Our struggles in midfield makes me think maybe we shouldn’t have sold Rosicky.

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