Have Arsenal already lined up next summer’s 100m blockbuster signing?

Arsenal broke their transfer record this summer by paying £105 million to recruit their dream midfielder, Declan Rice.

You might be wrong if you thought that’s the end of Arsenal paying such an exorbitant fee for a player. As per Football Transfers, Arsenal are ready to spend big on a striker next year. On who this striker is, he’s not Victor Osimhen, but Brighton’s Evan Ferguson.

The 18-year-old broke into the scene towards the end of last year to register ten goals for the Seagulls.

He has “registered” himself as one of the finest young striking prospects in the Premier League. Almost every top PL team has their eyes on him, watching his development closely.

Arsenal’s main transfer agenda next summer will be to sign a top striker after, in the last few transfer windows, doing everything to make their defence and midfield the best.

The need to get the right striker to take Arsenal’s attack to the next level has led the Gunners to line up a £100 million bid for Ferguson. We will have to wait and see whether Brighton will accept such a figure. But is the teenager worth the gamble? In the next few months, we will see if the Irishman is worth it. Brighton boss Roberto de Zerbi noted how incredible his talisman is growing to be, saying back in May after seeing him score a brace in Brighton’s 3-1 win over Southampton: “Ferguson’s improvement has been incredible. He’s playing like an old player, but he is only 18. There is a good dressing room with the mentality to help all our younger players.”

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      1. I would prefer de Zerbi instead. He lost Trossad, Sanchez, Caedado and Allister and still his team is playing extremely well.

  1. He’d be a brilliant signing. Would fit our playing style extremely well and would improve us over time.

  2. Yes the kid is shaping up nicely, but only the best will be acquire in phase five of the process.

    Brighton will get £150 mill if that’s what they are after, they always do.

  3. Not happening, Brighton CEO has already said he is staying at for the next five years. so would cost more then £150m

    1. Brighton is cashing out big on top epl clubs.

      Chelshit is their worst victim. All these guys are bang average players. What make them look so good is the tactical approach and organized system at Brighton.
      If they go to bigger clubs where too much expectations is placed on them, they won’t be able to perform at their best.
      That is why they are easily replaced at Brighton because of the existing system.


  4. I believe The Brighton chairman as already said he won’t be going anywhere for 4-5 years .
    As for spending another 100 million that will depend on how well we do this season ,player sales and rising costs of our teams wages

  5. Blimey, this years transfer window hasn’t closed and we are already getting rumours on JA about next years window.

  6. If BHA have Ferguson contracted for 4-5 years then there’s nothing that can be done, unless he decides that he want to leave and really pushes for it, in which case they could put an almost prohibitive price on him.
    They are so good at finding these brilliant young players, and seem able to replace transfers out at will.

  7. I was was chatting with my little spud of a nephew and we was saying that Arteta should just start hijacking Brightons targets

    1. @Fuzzy Gunner
      Brightons scouts make every other teams scouts look like amateurs. They are laughing all the way to the bank, literally… Jus sayin

  8. He is very good, but 100m is not the marker for being a blockbuster signing – this mentality will sink us if we keep thinking only a 100m player is a top player.
    While Haverts is yet to prove himself, Timber at the cheapest value this year’s transfers was the best of the 3 before he got injured

  9. If we are spending 100+ million on a striker it should be Victor Osimhen and not this fella . If we are being honest to ourselves Balogun has accomplished more as a striker than Ferguson. Anyway what do i know , its not my money . Rather we spend on good potential than give out for rejects.

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