Have Arsenal already lost the title race? Pep Guardiola disagrees

Arsenal have failed to win in their last four games. With three draws and one loss, the Gunners have now dropped nine points. This situation has Arsenal only two points ahead of Manchester City, who’ve played two fewer games. Arsenal are no longer favourites for the PL title; City are. However, Pep Guardiola feels the Premier League title race is not yet decided.

In his press conference ahead of City vs. Fulham, the Spaniard discussed the title race. He dismissed the claims that his side, after beating Arsenal, may have secured another PL title.

“It’s not over; it’ll be over when it’s over,” said Guardiola via mancity.com. “We still have seven games. We have to do our games. I know what happened when we won at the Emirates, then we draw at Nottingham Forest.

“Now we go to Fulham against an incredible team. We’re taking nothing for granted. We’re happy for the last game and the performance, but that’s all. I know it’s not 20 games left; it’s seven, but seven games are seven games. Especially considering we have Champions League games and so on.

“Don’t misunderstand me; even if we were in the same position 10 points behind, I trust my players. The players are the same; you have to seduce them every single day to make sure it works. Losing is part of the competition. We are there to to try and [win the title]. The feeling is good, but we have to prove it again.”

Many Premier League fans are sceptical that Arsenal can still win the title. But Arteta must motivate his boys to keep fighting. Man City can still stumble, and when they do, Arsenal should be ready to capitalise. Man City are favourites, but it’s comforting to see them not as at ease as they should be.

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Watch Arteta refuse to give up on title after Man City defeat – “There are still 5 games to play, it’s not over…”

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  1. We must win our games because one little slip by City could in turn open them up to a great deal of pressure, just one little slip.. Too we should want to end the season well because we’ve been front-runners for so long, it’d be sad to see this slide continue on

  2. Guardiola is a micky taker. After the game he said Martinelli and Saka are unbelievable. Well they are most of the time, but he watched them on a night when they definitely were not. Have you noticed how he loves to absolutely destroy his previous colleagues when he plays them. Read Arteta, Zinchenko, Jesus and Kompany (Burnley). He gets City to play out of their skins on those occasions. What a sod.

  3. We have to wait and keep the pressure on if they slip up, even to a draw. We also need to get back to winning ways as 3draws and Loss for ending April is horrendous when we were 8points clear.

    We will learn the hard way like last seasons slip up, we will also strengthen in the summer but I belive that Saliba getting injured killed us. Just shows how important he is and why a new massive deal is deserved and needed.

    Saka is running on empty and has done for last few months bar a good showing here and there. Trossard should’ve had minuted and its funny as Jesus returns we lack something that was there when he was injured.

    I’ll maybe get crap for this but I did say he was a good signing not a great signing. Zinchencko has went walk abouts somewhere, he’s been dreadful last few matches also.

    Alot of this has to do with Mikel and his selections but can’t be faulted for Williams Injury as that has cost us the title in my opinion

    1. Yes Reggie he is the ace of spades !!
      I really hope Real give ’em a good spanking. I want him to leave here without ever winning the CL with City. I don’t know if you ever saw my post about him recently. One of the things I pointed out was that he couldn’t have done what Eddie Howe has done at Newcastle as quickly. Guardiola goes to well established winning clubs only. He really is a sod and a half. His next stop will either be Barcelona again, or PSG. That will guarentee him more titles. Did you ever hear what Samuel Eto said about him a few years ago. Wasn’t good.

      1. Wrong, he went to an ailing Barca who were struggling and turned them into title winners in a year. People quickly forget that. The only reason he gets the best, is because he is so good. Please dont knock him. I believe he has pulled a master stoke with Haarland this year because he has evolved his tactics. That is something People also fail to give him credit for.

            1. Arteta hasn’t done what Howe has done in the same time frame. But I wasn’t talking about Arteta was I. Pep was the subject. Are you actually more of a Guardiola fan than an Arsenal fan. You should start up a Guardiola appreciation society by the sound of it. By the way Barcelona is a giant club you know. Any manager worth their salt would do well there. That’s the point I was trying to make. But all in all I wish you the very best with your admiration for Guardiola. It’s heart-warming.

              1. No i am putting you right on your statements. I know a great manager when i see one and show respect. Because you are a Pep disliker, it doesnt make what you say right. And you are now putting your opinions to facts. I pointed out that Barca were in a right mess, when Pep went there and he tyrned them round in one season. So obviously the manager thst was there before had failed,like many at Barca.

                1. Keoman, Van Gaal, Setien to name a few recent ones. And has Barca done better since Pep left? Just sticking to facts!!!!

                  1. I never tell contributors they are wrong or that they are making up their own facts, or that I’m putting them right, neither should you. You can find better ways of responding. But I’m not criticizing you, so don’t take offence.

                    1. Guardiola is obviously a great manager. He also has the comfort of having the strongest squad anywhere.
                      He comes across as insincere in some of his interviews and generally does not get challenged on this.
                      Evidently, the league is not over and the likes of Fulham could prove difficult opponents but calling them “incredible” etc which he wont to do is patronising and disingenuous.

                    2. Oh ok but accussing me of being a Pep fan over Arsenal is not telling me i am wrong but being disrespectful. I was appreciating what Pep has done as a manager and you chose to disrespect me and Pep come to that. I told you you were wrong because you were. You don’t like or respect Pep, that is completely different and you shouldn’t let that cloud your judgement of fellow fans.

  4. David, you’re right about the set up that he can work with. Club’s got massive amounts of money, good players which we can credit him as choosing etc. However, like you, I see things in him I don’t like. The hyperbole around him is rather tedious to me. Many people get carried away with adulation of their heroes (including me sometimes). We all need people to love I suppose, but he’s not one for me. I’d love to see him at a club without clout. That would teach him a lesson. Some of my comments were supposed to have an element of humour, unfortunately my humour can be a bit off at times. 1-1 at Craven Cottage right now. Don’t fancy it to stay that way though. Cheers.

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