Have Arsenal been reinvesting revenue in the club fully?

Ivan Gazidis has claimed that Arsenal will ‘continue’ to invest all incomes back into the club, but has that been the case?

The first thing that fans look at when considering spending is of course the transfers that have come and gone, and on that front our income has simply not been spent, with AFC pocketing a net profit on transfers this summer.

Alexandre Lacazette was the only arrival to have cost a nominal fee, while Sead Kolasinac arrived on a free transfer, and the fans were aggrieved with the transfer window, but the team is turning things around at present, but have the club have done enough? Gazidis seems to believe they have.

“Our ambition is clear – to win major trophies,” Gazidis wrote in Arsenal’s full year results. “In order to compete at the top, we need to strive to be better than our competitors in everything we do.

“That is why during the past season we have continued to make substantial investments to drive the club forward. At the top of the pyramid, we have scaled up our investment in our first team squad significantly in recent years, spending a net £203m in transfer fees in the last three seasons.”

Gazidis added: “With few notable outward transfers during this period, our squad size had grown and we therefore had two major objectives for the summer transfer window.  To add to the squad only where we could improve the quality of the players available to our manager – quality over quantity – and to reduce our overall squad size.

“To that end, we secured Sead Kolasinac and Alexandre Lacazette, our two primary targets for this transfer window. We also transferred or loaned a number of squad players to enhance the efficiency of our spending, to generate transfer revenue for reinvestment into the team and in some cases (for example, as in the case of Emi Martinez) to aid their development.

“At the same time, we retained Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil and promoted new young talent from our academy pipeline into the first team. These decisions, taken as a whole, have again strengthened our squad for this season’s competitions. We will continue this long-term approach of progressively reinvesting all our available revenue in our playing resources as we look forward.”

“We have transformed our training ground and completed a total rebuild of our academy,” Gazidis added. “We are focused on ensuring that the structures, in terms of people, expertise and facilities, in place around the manager and the players are the best that they can be.

“By getting that environment right, down to fine tuning the detail, we optimise our chances of achieving the results we want on the pitch.”

Do the fans see what has gone behind the scenes as building for a better future? Does more need to be done on transfers? Is our squad capable of challenging for all honours?

Pat J

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  1. Total BS £203m in 3 years and how much has been recouped with outgoing transfers. We’ve announced a record turnover this year and Kronkie is offered to buy out Ustanov
    The club is F*ed, no wonder there’s so many empty seats however, there’s also so many delusional fans who are happy just to pay into the club

    1. John0711, did you even bother to read the statement put up here? How many players of note has the club sold in the last 3 years, to “recoup with outgoing transfers”, as you put it? The answer is, other than in this summer, not much. However, the club has spent on players; we can have an argument about the type and quality of players, but the fact remains we brought in players and sold little, if any.

      As for Kroenke taking full control, who knows what that may bring? One thing though, the club spent more on players within the first 3 years of Kroenke’s take over, than we’d spent in the 10 years prior. Fact! As a business man, any personal investment in the club will increase the value of the club’s shares, enriching Usmanov too, in the process. Could it be that with full ownership, it may be easier for him to invest personal funds for the benefit of the club? Could that be the reason Wenger has called for FFP to be scrapped as it has restricted the club to using only internally generated revenues?

      1. Please don’t live on a IF.

        We do not trust Kroenke and gang after heir lies after all these years.

  2. With what I saw today in City’s win against Chelsea. Arsenal is no where near a title contender team

      1. I really don’t need to hear gazidiz’ claptrap that he’s hired to say at the boardroom meetings. if he was of any use he’d have noticed a real class act is available and be organising a ticket for ‘carlo’ to attend the next meet. arsene for the love of arsenal football step aside and let’s see what ”carlo” can do, he could help us to the next level something you struggle to do.

    1. You can add Man Utd, Spurs and probably Liverpool to those two as well.

      Let’s be honest, with the amount of money City, Utd and Chelsea can throw at transfers, the likes of us, Liverpool and Spurs are going after the scraps that are left, with Arsenal being at the bottom of the list. Our board are the least ambitious of the lot, it’s sad to say, but £203 million is nothing these days, especially over 3 years, and the prospect of Kroenke taking complete ownership of the club, the future looks bleak I’m afraid.

    1. Like you were in the players’ minds after the Chelsea game. Bellerin expressed the players’ sentiment she when he said they were disappointed to come away with only one point as the plan was to win and not concede, seen from the cautious approach. Considering where they were coming from and all the predictions of a cricket score, most fans accepted a draw was fantastic at the time.

  3. We are turning into the LA Rams. If Kronke gets his way and owns 97% of club, Arsenal as it used to be is over.
    No premier league trophies, definitely no champions league either, and forget about even trying for 4th place. It costs too much to fight for top 4, and we can basically walk into Europa league.

    He will close the books to the public, no more meetings with supporters groups, really start taking money out of club, and build Rams stadium with money from your pockets in England.

    Its 3 card Monty, keep moving the cards; in this case money between clubs. I’ve seen him do it in multiple sports here. If you think Arsenal is different you are wrong; dead wrong.

    All the protests did was convince him to take club private out of public scrutiny, register it in the USA, and close the books to everyone.
    This guy is total dick, and enjoys these games far far more than trophies. He’s still laughing about screwing St Louis fans and never mentions the superbowl they won.

    Any doubters, watch how he handles fans protesting NFL players here in the States.

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