Have Arsenal destroyed Liverpool’s title hopes already?

Arsenal fans have become accustomed over the years for Liverpool to make it clear that they are on another level to us by comprehensively beating us in every meeting. But This season the tables have turned, and before yesterday’s match we were looking down from the top of the table on a Liverpool team that were 11 points behind us.

After our brilliant performance against them yesterday, that gap has grown to 14 points, and they are even 6 points below Chelsea in 4th place.

The bad news for Klopp is that next week they are facing the unbeaten Man City, and their game in hand over Arsenal is against Chelsea that was postponed for the Queen’s funeral.

Is that just too big a gap for Liverpool? Even at this early stage of the season?

Jurgen Klopp obviously thinks so. “We’re not in the title race,” he bluntly told ESPN after the game. “We have problems at the moment, but we have to continue. In a situation like ours, we will go out there and fight. We are not here for being happy with the situation and thinking about last year.

“We are very disappointed. Around all three goals we made decisive mistakes. The first goal is not what you need. A bad start.

“We start controlling the game against a very aggressive, full-of-confidence Arsenal side. We showed we’re here for a reason, scored an equaliser, a wonderful goal. Then it’s an open game and advantage for us.

“Then we make a bad decision before half time, what are we doing? Worst possible start, worst possible end.”

I would like to say I feel sorry for him.

But I don’t!


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  1. We have to back it up with a win against Leeds. I kind of worry now that we have to play 3 to 4 of our starting 11 against Bodo in the Europa league. I wish Martenelli could get some rest . Nelson can fill in his place .
    Top of the league and if we can win our next 4 games . And if Liverpool beat city at Anfield next week . The we have to start believing that we can win the race .
    Next few games before the break are so important. We will get January window after that to sort the squad depth.

    1. I dont understand what are the coach thinking with not resting Martinelli, Saka & Jesus. With those players rested they will be fresh for our league encounters.

  2. Maybe Fulham, Palace, Utd, Everton, Brighton and ourselves helped contribute to Liverpool being in this perilous state but Liverpool have only themselves to look at to find blame. They are for the moment out of our hair and the longer that remains the better.

  3. Difficult to see Liverpool winning the PL now. City are the most likely winners and the distance they are now behind City is enormous.

    With 3/4 of the season still to play anything is possible, but I just don’t see City dropping that many points.

    1. IDKWIC,it not important that you “don’t see it City dropping that many points!”

      But its vital their own fans see it! HAPPENING LIVE AND OFTEN, HOPEFULLY.

  4. The Reds are simply paying a huge price for ditching Sadio Mane and keeping Sala instead. We made a similar error when we resigned Ozil to mammoth deal, allowing Sanchez to leave for nothing. A monumental and costly error. Let’s see how the Reds will fare next year playing in the EUROPA league.

    1. you are absolutely right, ditching mane the linchpin of thier attack is a costly and an irreparable mistake

  5. WHY WOULD YOU EVEN SAY YOU WOULD LIKE TO FEEL SORRY FOR KLOPP?! You even go on to say that you don’t, which is normal and par for the course for a Gooner , so why even say it!
    The answer is, as we all surely know, it was just one of those phrases we all use but which we know is nonsense, even as we write it. I do that too, so VERY often!

  6. Even as Liverpool are 14 points behind Arsenal who are on 24, but with Liverpool having a game in hand over them. But with Liverpool’s title challenge this season looking to be over but saves if a miracle happenss for them to reverse it for them to win it.
    Arsenal who are not in similar position to that which Liverpool have found themselves as they are on top of the League. And with an early chance to win the title. SHOULD therefore keep alive this their early chance to win the League this season by continuing to strive harder and harder to continue to win every other Epl match that they’ll play to season’s end after they had beaten Liverpool last Sunday night.
    For, I as an ardent Arsenal supporter for live, is refusing to buying in into the notions which are being peddle aroub in the football circle saying that Arsenal will finish in the top-four places this season but on the no 1 spot of it. But to this kind of notions I say capital NAY! to it But YEA! Arsenal can win it and will win it this season

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