Have Arsenal done enough in this transfer window?

Transfer News…is it Enough? by Brighton Manyex

Greetings. I am a proud Gooner but at the moment I am NOT satisfied by our transfer activities….unless Unai Emery is trying to prove that Arsene Wenger was finished in his tactics and that he can win even with the same squad…then I am personally preparing myself for another trial and failed season!

Of course there is a positive move or achievement in our acquisitions…But they will not change much of our play of last season….

●Maybe Lucas Torreira is the best move of all as we desperately needed a defensive midfielder….
●Lichtsteiner is ok too as he will be cover to Bellerin.
●Papa Sokratis to me is just like Per Mertesacker. He is ageing and if he is not in the game we are back to our old defence!

Now that we have exhausted our so-said £70m for new signings then whats next? Are we done yet? We have not done justice even if Emery says we are DONE….I feel we always lacked in our Offensive…in that our strikers were always starved of supply of good balls and we ended up using Iwobi and Welbeck as Wingers…if Ramsey and Ozil are not in the mood (as they are moody players) we don’t have any creativity….

●I believe we need another CB (Caglar Soyuncu or Koulibaly)…..We also need another big DM (Steven N’zonzi) in case we are playing teams like Man United. With big midfielders we can have ariel presence and power in the midfield as i can see Torreira being bullied because of his stature, but if they can combine we have stability and we may not need another CB.

●We also need an Attacking Winger desperately…not just a mere young player because we have Reiss Nelson already… We need a galactico, a big name who can be an inspiration to our squad eg Gareth Bale or Dembele… but if we fail to land such household names at least Malcom or Pavon or Zaha can be brought in. Truth being told we must release Danny Welbeck!

Loan some of our youngsters to gain experience and game time…we have old players who are aready in their twilight and are left with only one or 2 seasons eg Petr Cech, Papa Sokratis, Koscielny, Litchsteiner, Mikhitharyan etc…

But nonetheless I was impressed by our 8-0 drubbing of Boreham Wood! Its good when we win ruthlessly…that’s “Arsenal” playing for their fans! Thank you Emery!




    Not at all if we want to seriously compete. Our midfield is still weak compared to our rivals. There is so much a coach can do. Maybe in two seasons time.

    1. Eddie Hoyte says:

      There are so many players that we’ll all take in and wish to see but with the way our club spend I doubt we’ll get what other clubs get,I’ll seriously take one more Creative midfielder, Cazorla type.. Isco comes to mind but we’ll never go for him or get him… Where do you get another midfielder like Cazorla and Isco who the ball is always stuck in their feet and they take pressures off other players?
      A winger desperately, let’s not kid ourselves, our best shot at they type of winger we need is Zaha, even he commands a large transfer fee.. I’m not impressed by Vazquez, I see nothing special about him


        True, with the players we have now we can’t retain possession against the bigger teams, not a single player who can hold on to the ball.

        1. OzzieGunner says:

          Agree with Eddie re replacement for Cazorla with a creative ball playing midfielder is a high priority
          If Ramsey doesn’t sign his extension soon (offer apparently on the table is generous), then he should be sold.

    2. Sheet Head says:

      It will be great to compare the effectiveness his tactics with the former regime, considering the players are almost the same ?

      1. jon fox says:

        I would point out that the same “people” are not necessarily the same “players”, at least not under a different and better manager. It has been the almost entire absence of proper coaching , especially in defence and lack of motivation by a clearly coasting former manager who long ago lost REAL hunger, that made so many players underperform for so long. Few would dissent , I believe.

        1. OzzieGunner says:

          ?under Emery players will have to perform or get used to sitting on the bench prior to being sold.
          As far as Bellerin is concerned Brighton has it the wrong way round; Bellerin will have to lift his game to displace Lichtsteiner (Swiss World Cup captain and 5 time Seria A title winner with Juventus).

    3. Isaac says:

      I think what we have to do, is to sign two good strikers like Mbappe, still we have replaced Santi Cazola and also we need two solid defenders. Then w’ll be in a good shape

  2. kev says:

    As I keep telling you guys Aaron Ramsey has agreed a 5 year deal at Arsenal worth £155,000 per week with a £2.5m signing on fee.Likely to also be given the captain armband.

    Should in case Willian moves to Barca then it’s likely Dembele will become an Arsenal player because
    we are very very interested.His price can be spread over several years so no worries on that.

    I also told you guys that Fenebarche have cooled their interest for Ospina allow Boca to come in who have now hijacked the deal at £6m.If everything goes well Ospina should be a Boca player.

    We have also added Kingsley Coman to the list of wingers we are interested in.Pavon’s new release clause means he won’t be coming here.

    1. BenardoM says:

      Arsenal is willing to pay Bayern Munich double amount they paid Psg to sign him which will be around 47M Euros.I’m doubting if the transfer will take place.

      1. Declan says:

        Ramsey’s agency have said this rumour of the contract agreement you (kev) refer to, is made up.

  3. BenardoM says:

    I still fell like we are short of quality players.We’ve tried to strengthen but not to the fullest.I wonder what Mustafi is still doing at Arsenal???We need quality assurance CBs who can help protect the goalkeeper.Liverpool seems to have got it right in the transfer business

    1. kumssa says:

      mustafi is quality he will come good under emery anyone who says sell him is an idiot!!!!!!!!!

      1. BenardoM says:

        You don’t have to use abusive words on someone when expressing your feelings.Think twice and be wise

        1. Sean says:

          I like people like you. Very sensible not interested in trading abuses

        2. kumssa says:

          look dnt be a crybaby jst it pisses e when ppl r nt seeing the change in him

      2. Sean says:

        Why did you use abusive words? I was enjoying the while site like I always do until you jinxed it. Please it is not nice. Be civil

        1. Xxnofx says:

          ANiother fan on here you feels the need to call a fellow fan an idiot because of different views to there own -seems to be quite a few appearing in the last 6months .

          1. OzzieGunner says:


      3. Izuchukwu Okosi says:

        Hello guys, I have read your comments and this is my feeling: We should give Mustafi a second chance. A poor first half of the season, and he should be gone in January. I feel Emery should let go of Ospina, Jenkinson, Campbell, Akpom and Welbeck (make Nketiah and Nelson play more in his place); Adelaide and Nwakali (their last loans before being part of first team squad next year). Then keep Lucas Perez as squad member to play from the wings and BUY Steven Nzozi. NO defender to go until Koscielny returns!

    2. Sal says:

      We’ve tried to strengthen? We have signed five players before the pre season even started if that’s not a promising sign i don’t know what Is, name a club that has done better business than us at this stage!!

      we lack quality at the back but the person we want to replace was signed for 35 mil and won’t command half that fee if sold today, emery and the club might want to improve his stats before selling. In midfield as long as we got Ramsey and elneny we don’t need to sign anyone, a winger is definetly needed but it won’t damage our season as let’s be realistic a return to the Top four and a run at the cups should be our priority. we can’t aim for a title when emery just got here and needs time to implement his methods… so be happy with the massive improvements that have been made since the new recruiting system has been established, you would still be googling transfer rumors hoping we are linked to someone good if it was the same time last year, do us have fans really have that short a memory. 5 signings I say 5 signings!!! Enjoy the pre season and get ready to cheer your team.

      1. OzzieGunner says:

        At least we’re not biting our nails waiting expectedly for transfers in right to the last day of the transfer window.
        Time will tell how well the trinity, including “diamond eye” have performed in this window.

  4. so you want more than 100 million €
    Thats just unrealistic. We have a good squad we just need a winger and we are ready to go

    1. BenardoM says:

      There is what we call squad depth which we were lacking last season.We sold players without replacing them if you can remember.We need two commanding CBs.

      1. we are not man city to bring a player for 40 million € and keep him on the bench.
        Be realistic we now have holding chambers mustafi sokratis and the other greece guy, if we forget kossienly, that means 6 CBs and i think is more than enough. We need an inverted winger and maybe another young one, and we are complete to fight for top four.

        1. Khadii says:

          Dats 6 CBs in terms of quantity and not quality

    2. Malcolm Townsend says:

      I agree 100% a winger and all GUNS Blazing

  5. andy z says:

    We are far behind mate teams spending 70m plus on one player and we spend 60m on 4 players
    so don’t expect miracles

    1. Mobella says:

      I have a question for you sir. Is it the price or the player that play football and be honest with yourself how much do you think Torreira worth with his performance before and in world cup. I will tell you this in him we have a 70m pound player if Savic worth 80m.

      1. OzzieGunner says:

        ?Football performance is not necessarily proportional to transfer fee. It is a team game and hopefully the Arsenal team will be greater than the sum of its parts.
        How many times have teams consisting of great individual players failed, due to competing egos, poor cohesion and/or bad coaching/player management?

    2. Its not about how much, we brought cazorla for less than 20 million € and actually he should be above 50 million €. Real madrid PSG and Man utd bidding war is what make a player more than 100 million, while in fact he should be much less.

  6. Break-on-through says:

    Could do with some more still, I’d like us to target a CB, a CM, and a winger. All in the vein of the Torriera signing. Young but not inexperienced, showing potential but showing more than just promise. And being quick off the mark to get them. Some might say that describes Guendouzi.

  7. Chiza says:

    Oh my God…this Andre Gomez is becoming stronger and stronger and I can see it happening..Andre Gomez could be coming to the Emirates we have opened talks with his representatives and also with Barcelona ..but what does Emery really like in this guy????!!!

    1. Ovia says:

      like seriously!!!!!!

    2. Gogo says:

      He Homes is the new Iniesta… He will be an upgrade of Ramsey.

      1. Someone says:

        Gomez is not even half the player Ramsey is.

        1. Enagic says:

          No, Gomes is way better than Ramsey and we all know moving to Spain big two doesnt guarantee you are going to shine – and Gomes will be the closest thing to Cazorla even replace Ozil I just don’t see how Ozil is going to improve

          1. Andrew E says:

            Here we go again, get rid of Ozil!!! I can’t believe these Arsenal fans wanting to get rid of the best playmaker we have, he produced more good chances in one match for Germany than ‘the great’ Toni Kroos did in all three and took all the stick for their defeat. If Gomez is that good why are Barca trying to get rid of him, have you thought about that?

            I’m glad Emery rates Ozil as an important player for Arsenal. All Mesut can do is to provide chances which he has been doing for years but he needs finishers unlike Giroud who didn’t get ONE shot on target for France in the World Cup. Thank God we sold him to Chelsea and now Iwobi should follow him because he can’t finish for toffee. Things have now changed, we do have lethal finishers, so lay off him and judge him at the end of the season.

          2. OzzieGunner says:

            Agree Andrew, let’s see how Ozil performs this season with Arsenal with our potent forward line, solid midfielders (now have a specialist DM in Torreira), new experienced defenders and under Unai Emery’s coaching.

    3. Khadii says:

      Trying so hard to be Kev 2.0…..lol
      I still prefer kev tho

    4. Krisgooner says:

      To be sincere Gomez was very good before he came to Barca, not every player can survive the pressure in Barca, Dembele is another example and even as good a Yeri Mina is, Barca are considering shipping him out.

  8. James T. says:

    You guys whine too much. You all tend to know more than the coach. Let Emery do his job. It’s obvious he wants to promote some young stars. Let’s give him and the team the needed support instead of whining like babies.

    1. OzzieGunner says:


    2. David Rusa says:

      Thank you James for the good and candid observation. There are no perfect players anywhere. All those stars whom people praise highly are made by good coaches. There is, therefore, no reason why Emery can’t get the best out of our underperforming players like Ozil, Xhaka, Mustafi and Bellerin or even Elneny

  9. big g says:

    At the end of the day any players who are with Arsenal this season regardless of what any of us fans might think or say will be working and learning under a new manager. Players that didn’t get their fair share of chances under wenger and those that performed badly should now hopefully improve under our new management. I’m hoping so or we could be in worse trouble than last season.

  10. Drew says:

    Im not convinced with our defense. sokratis was not the CB i was hoping. i didnt watch the pre season match but i read here that he flies into tackles and is slow. is that true?
    we need a player with SKILL like douglas costa in the wing.
    Our strike force is STRONG.
    DM we fine with Torriera, AMN can play there too and Elneny got a new contract. Need cover in CM for ramsey.
    But im excited!

    1. Enagic says:

      Used to be lack of steel in defense, now we got Socratis even before the season kickoff because start talk shit I don’t know what to say anymore

  11. tas says:

    Whether Arsenal bough enough or not we shall see but if we don’t buy a world class player now we are seen as Minos in the eyes of the footballing world, for future fan base, advertising, sponsorship is important that Arsenal must bee seen as a heavy weight club to be attracting half as much sponsorship money as Man-U ( i’m not counting City because they pay for their own sponsorship) just look at Juventus hats off to their BALLS they just launched Juve in to the top four and already made back almost half the Ronaldos transfer fee and if anyone didn’t know Juve before they shore do now and bought the kit with Ronaldos name on it, in fact 45 million Euros worth of kits sold in the first 24 hours, Arsenal is losing supporters every year for the past 12 years

    1. Yunqmuan says:

      Juve will not get the whole acclaimed ’45m’ they will get about 10-15% of that. Its their shirt sponsors that collect the money

      1. Tas says:

        True what you say but they will by the end of the summer

    2. Mobella says:

      Please define what class player? As for Ronaldo at 33, i won’t have a second look at him. The guy is so clever and chosen carefully. He knows he can’t it do it EPL in that age and thus choose a retirement home.

      1. Tas says:

        If you don’t rate Ronaldo then who do you rate and that’s the player we should buy

    3. Sue says:

      Tas… once a gunner always a gunner

        1. Tas says:

          For those who are a gunner from the old days always a gunner

    4. David Rusa says:

      Who is that elusive world class player if Aubameyang is not one? I have always argued against rehearsed things like world class player. I certainly believe that if there is such a thing as world class player then certainly Auba is one. Ozil used to be but he has fallen out. Soon Torreira will join such a class. Who knows Ramsey and Lacazette could also become world class players? The main issue is that we need all our players to play their best whether or not some people call them first, second or third class. Football is a team sport. If all team players put in maximum effort, who knows what we can achieve? How many world class players did Leicester have when they won the trophy? The only world class player they had were team spirit and determination. Let Arsenal determine to do it the Obama way. Yes we can.

  12. Giddyon says:

    Nice write up Manyex. We need to get rid of some below par players and the money realised from their sales to strengthen the squad the more.

  13. Someone says:

    We have 2 players for every position now , more than that will cause trouble in the squad.

  14. Chiza says:

    I can’t believe there was a season wenger bought only one player and he was a goalkeeper…even the poorest club in this world won’t get just one player in a summer window…oh my God..wenger really played with our emotions,we arsenal fans have really suffered..we deserve joy…… We shouldn’t complain about this summer transfer window.. We have seen worst


      You’re right lol. I cant forgive Wenger for his arrogance. He made millions of arsenal fans around the world suffer just to prove his doubters wrong.

  15. Chiza says:

    We lost the epl to Leicester just because wenger got only Petr Cech… So unfair to arsenal fans


      In the end Wenger didn’t even care about winning as long as he was in charge. The man was a sadist. And no am not going to stop talking about him because he’s the one who put us here.

      1. Andrew E says:

        Get over it, he’s gone!! By the way he won 3 EPL’s and the FA Cup 7 times for the club and 19 consequetive Champion’s League spots and made the club one of the richest in the world. His only blemish he finished 6th in the EPL , he stayed too long and became stale along with the staff and players which has now been rectified. So let’s look forward and see if Emery can take the club to the heights of the Invincibles, a big ask.

    2. BenardoM says:

      That season that we lost title Leicester due to lack of signing was also mentioned by Sanchez when he left.Lack of signing surprised the entire squad.

  16. Enagic says:

    Lichtsteiner is going to be our 1st choice RB and compare Socratis to Mert, a writer has no any knowledge when you come to football – Mert was fragile, unbalanced and old when you talk our steel in defense Socratis qualify in that category

  17. Declan says:

    I don’t think we are finished in this window yet but having seen Guendouzi play (the article writer didn’t even mention him) I’m sure he will be in the first team very quickly, possibly this season. I know it was only Boreham Wood we beat but he was all over the pitch and I see him as a box to box player.

  18. Owei says:

    Arsene had pride that stops him from accepting what ought to be against what is. And the Good book says PRIDE cometh before a FALL. Arrogance cost him his job

  19. Jeremy says:

    Some positions are not filled satisfactory, yet.

    We need a few more before we can call it a day for transfer.

  20. reddb10 says:

    We still need to get rid of iwobi and ozil and replace them with any of these lot, golovin, max meyer, rabiot, ousmane dembele

    1. Mobella says:

      Yeah we need to replace Ozil but the problem is all those players you listed can’t do half of what 30 year old Ozil will do with his poor body language. Move on to the next list.

    2. RSH says:

      Ozil we just have to try to ship off the China or rich Middle East club. We messed up giving him those high wages and no European team will ever match them

      1. Tas says:

        RSH they will get Ozil if Arsenal let him go free then his salary isn’t so bad that’s what we did at the end he was a free agent and I don’t think wether you like him or not you canot buy Ozil today less then 30M

  21. Tom says:

    We required some key personalities and on field performances from the existing squad. But the signings we have have been to reaffirm these needs.
    Personalities like Papa and Lichtensteiner will have a steady season where they will he ‘good’ – don’t expect them to be amazing from the off, in fact don’t expect them to be amazing. Just expect them to be consistent performances. 7s if you will. Off field they will be a big asset 9s even.

    Leno and Lucas T I expect once they have settled to be high performers. 8s and 9s but they need time to settle.

    The rest at this stage is irrelevant as they are squad only players while they develop their young skills.

    In truth, let’s be realistic. Yes it’s a good window because of how we operated in swiftly targeting players- and signed the ones we could. Let’s remember the targets we meet and discuss with but don’t sign also take up resources and time.

    We are in a position where we have the luxury of deciding If we want to enter the window now rather then desperately enter. £70m on 5 players is good.

    We need to be mindful that most clubs now have cash injections and the league’s top teams don’t have the only pickings anymore.
    West ham is a great example. Such signings are a desire for top 4…and why not…the main 6 can’t all have great seasons always. Burnley will be tough again, I expect Wolves to impress quite a few while Everton have what they wanted a few seasons back in M. Silva as their new manager.

    It’s not what the top teams are doing that is an issue for me, it’s what everyone else is doing in their pursuit for signings.

    The league will be harder. We need to fight for top 4 first and foremost. 6 doesn’t go into 4. Step by step. Be patience Gooners.

    The game now is top 3, wing backs and high press. The blueprint is being solid in shape at the back and clinical up top. It will be disappointing if we don’t offer enough again this season when we have a squad mix that should be ready – especially with the new signings.

  22. Andrew E says:

    If we add Soyuncu I’ll be happy.

  23. jon fox says:

    Some good points and weak comments in this article. The author easily (I say “easily” because ANY true fan knows where we are still weak) points out the holes we need to fill and I agree. I think the vast majority on here would not dissent MUCH from his list, either. BUT, the negative tone of the article is misplaced IMO, and clearly ignores the huge effect that proper coaching, proper organsation, clear tactics and motivation , plus a demanding and intolerant of slackness coach will make. All these things were largely absent – I would argue almost COMPLETELY absent under Wenger- for many years past , which is why he was forced out by vast fan power. I have little doubt that the in/outs are not finished yet, in any case and I urge the author to re -think his unwarranted pessimism. In common with most on here(judging by their many optimistic comments) I am counting down the days til start of season with increasing anticipation and excitement. I know we NOW have a hungry and truly PROFESSIONAL MAN IN CHARGE AGAIN. And an experienced team of others, RAUL, SVEN ETC to back him up!

  24. Grandad says:

    It’s all a matter of opinion of course, but I’m not impressed with any of our signings. Bentacure of Uruguay impressed me more than Torreria although I appreciate he is not a defensive midfielder. If Ramsay goes he should be top of our shopping list.

    1. Reyesorarsenal says:

      I watched bentacurr…hes just some advanced elneny…he doesnt take risks

  25. ruelando says:

    I have said it before, proper coaching of our defensive line could cut down on the defensive errors made and in truth we do not need much of a replacement, but it is quite understandable why Lichstiener and Sokratis were brought in, leadership, experience and hardmen are not qualities that are associated with Arsenal.
    We have seen two additions to our midfield, one a regular player and the other striving to become a regular player, unlike the defence i think this was our weakest area last season so it is vital that the additions and previous players know the importance of this area, with the understanding of the technical and positional skills required to carry out this job.

    We are not really in need of a winger we actually have people in place that can play the position once they are given the instructions to do so. It is therefore of no great importance if we do not get a Winger. We had 74 goals last season i believe the fourth highest in the league and i have no doubt we will score even more this season.

    Overall the signings were not the ones on most fans minds, Torreira is the one that stands out, a DM. If i was giving marks out of 100 it would be a pass but a low pass, so my rating for our signings would be 60, could be far better, but it is a PASS.

  26. JW says:

    I think its way to early to try to answer this question. I think we’ll have a better feel for where this team is in relation to our competition in another 6 weeks or so. Right now, I think must of the fans have a positive felling about Emery. I think he needs more time to work with these players and he will separate the wheat from the chaff. The “game” against Boreham Wood was nothing more than a practice session with everybody all dressed up. There was no challenge to Arsenal in that game, so you can’t really judge the players from that. I think we should be patience and give Emery some time to get things sorted out.

  27. RSH says:

    You have to be satisfied. Of course we could still add a winger, but we addressed problems that have needed attention for ages. The way the squad is looking, our youth players will also get a chance and I think it’s time Arsenal does give our academy players a bigger opportunity to break into the first team. That hasn’t been happening much recently and we’ve got players with a lot of potential like Nketiah, and Nelson

  28. andy z says:

    you guys keep talking about wenger not spending he’s gone but we still not spending you think 60 million for team that finished 6 will get us close to city n the rest not a chance

    1. OzzieGunner says:

      Let’s just give the EPL trophy to the team with the most costly squad and forget about wasting everybody’s time playing and watching games. Too bad for the other clubs that just make up the numbers; try telling that to their supporters.

    2. TH14-TW14 says:

      Reality of Kronke will dawn on them soon and unfortunately, there won’t be the genius of Wenger to keep us afloat.

  29. Adepholly says:

    What of LENO? the New Keeper! We suffer so much form Keeper’s error last season.
    We also have some players that we need to give time to actually grow into the first team. Players like AMN, Jeff, Nketiah and Nelsson need to be given opportunity to play. Torreira is just 22 years old, if he is our academy, he might not have evolved to become a player he is now. Gnabry is now a Bayern Munich player, but when he was here, some felt that he was not good enough for Arsenal.

    I feel we are for now. Let us see how pre-season will go then maybe get 1 more quality player on the deadline day.

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