Have Arsenal dropped from being a top six team to a mid table team?

Some Arsenal fans are hoping to avoid relegation and some cling to top-four hopes.

Such is the Arsenal league position that both top-four and relegation are still mathematically possible and this has lead to the hope that one remains attainable and the other a real possibility.

However, the reality is that neither is going to happen. Arsenal will not make top-four and neither will they be relegated. It would really take something remarkable for that statement to be wrong.

There are a few comments on this site that hope Arsenal avoid relegation and some that feel top four is not out of reach and that is fine, no criticism for fans feeling negative or positive but it does highlight the position that we find ourselves in right now.

I cannot ever recall a time when such extremes have taken hold where Arsenal is concerned and I hope this is not the new reality going forward.

It used to be clubs like Everton or even Leicester City just a few years back when their fans would start a season wondering which end of the table they would be competing in.

That is the life of a mid-table team and right now, that is the position the Gunners find themselves in.

One has to hope that next season Arsenal is back where they belong, in the top six all season fighting to claim a top-four spot, however, the competition from teams like Wolves and Leicester means that there is no longer a guarantee of that.

I do wonder if Arsenal is any longer a top-six team or a top ten team now. I guess we will know soon enough.


  1. Arsenal will be a cyclical team and challenge in cycles like the rest of Kronke’s teams.
    In a couple years the Martinelli’s, Saka’s, Saliba’s of our squad will propel us to challenge, but Kronke will never bring in the missing pieces.

    Doubt me? Look back over past decade and how often we needed only couple top players to be complete.

    Then look at Rams, now the Nuggets, Avalanche in hockey, etc….
    It reads like a predictable mystery novel.

  2. The answer, at this moment in time, must obviously be yes.

    But that is only true currently – if we look at AW’s last two years and UE’s one year, the start of the REAL LOST DECADE, we finished 5th, 6th and 5th…hardly a “mid table” team I would suggest.

    Once again, the negativity of our fans astounds me – this is a transition period for the club after UE brought it to its knees and, once MA negotiates us through this, we will challenge again.

    Of course kronkie is the poison in my opinion, but even with him at the helm we were always considered (and earned) the right to be a top four club from 1998 onwards and a top six club for the last three years…let’s have some perspective here and stop suggesting our club is ready for the knackers yard.

    MA has steaded the toxicity in just eight weeks and anyone who cannot see how he has changed the dynamics at The Arsenal, kronkie or no kronkie, is being willfully negative to the point of being hysterical.

  3. MA has certainly improved Arsenal, no doubt. But the Board and Owners have to support him in the summer transfer market to recruit players of his choice. Inspite of Arsenal being in the position where they are currently, Arsenal is still one of the top names in International Club football, a global brand and a name which many budding youth want to associate with. I hope the Cronkeys and whoever else in authority note this and do not allow decades of hard work and talent, to bring the name of Arsenal FC to where it is, not go waste.

  4. STRANGE AND MISLEADING QUESTION THE HEADLINE ASKS. FACT, NOT OPINION SAYS WE ARE A MID TABLE TEAM AT PRESENT . NO ARGUMENTS AND THE TABLE DOES NOY LIE. But most people understand by the word “Arsenal” to mean Arenal Football Club and on THAT word, AFC is a huge and massive world leading club. No doubts, no arguments. So then, first ask the PROPER QUESTION. Then and ONLY then you will get the correct answer. Team is midtable;fact. Club is mighty and massively famous; also FACT!!!

    Since the question was are we now a mid -table team, the clear answer is YES! Opinion can never gainsay fact!

    1. Nah, it is obvious I am talking generally that is why I mentioned Everton and Leicester City as examples of mid-table teams, the historic top six is man city man utd Liverpool, arsenal Tottenham and Chelsea, I am simply asking do we belong in that category now going forward.

  5. You forgot Everton, Sheffield, all teams above us belong there. We 10th, but same points with 13th and 1 away from 14th.

    If middle table means 13th or 14th place we are more so at, then I agree. I would say 3rd part of table, meaning finishing between 10th and 15th. Then it relegation 15th til 20th.

    We are closer to that extreme than top4 of course but not at all in race for EL spots neither.

    We are at our place between 10th and 14th. Upon results we will finish 8th at best which is not at all guarrantied looking at teams above us .

    Or get in that last quarter wagon, 15th,16th, 17th at worst. Nott relegated, unless we not winning any games; deserved then!

    I’m glad you bring this article, it brings people who steal are looking for top4 to start waking up and actually look in our back and watch that!

    1. ‘Thing’s change Kundun’. Life is impermanent, and change constant. We were the ‘invincibles’, now we cannot play football to a high level. It is difficult to create the causes and conditions of a great (footballing) once side again. Just one part of the recipe that makes a great side, when missing, damages being that great side. Looking at Leicester, foreign-owned, but with an owner who loves the club, supports it financially, is often present, great manager, great scouting team, and money for when they need it. All the right atmospherics and the right zeitgeist around the club and all seamless. But…….we are a Portfolio club of several clubs owned by Kroenke Sports blah blah. Therefore we will only get a percentage of the companies cash.
      Our owners very occasionally attend and don’t seem to love the club, the supporters, or even the players. Our scouting team disappeared with Sven Mislintat (who can blame him for jumping ship), and we have only just got a manager who loves us. OK maybe Edu and Arteta can get the players, if they can persuade the Kroenkies to love us (would be a miracle). The Kroenkes need to invest by injecting the love, finance and passion into our beloved side. The causes and conditions need to be put into place to renew many factors that will make Arsenal great. Where did the decline start……Wenger being there too long and Portfolio Kroenke owners.
      Hopefully Arteta and Edu can inject the unseeable hidden qualities into Arsenal’s new project and raise us from the dead.

  6. I think most fans look at top4 , means way too far from planet Earth to realize we actually closer to relegation, at very high risk!

    These so called small teams are used to that fight, already in that survival mode; we not nor at all ready for it because not even conscious!

  7. I will only beleive again if I see players from the Premier League coming to Arsenal.
    The only investment that makes sense is in a player from the Premier league.
    Liverpool got it: SanΓ©, Van Dyke, Ox, Shakiri, even Salah played at Chelsea. Look at where they got today!
    That way, you don’t have to wait for a player to ‘ADAPT’ to the BPL. You see results right away.
    As long as we’re buying from the french league, I won’t believe in Arsenal to be successful again.

  8. Our squad is a mixture of good ,bad and mediocre.Our performances this season are a true reflection of our League position.However, with MA at the helm ,I am optimistic of a steady improve ment over the course of the next 3/4 months.When we can rid ourselves of certain weaknesses in the form of 6/7 senior low performers we can look forward to regaining our top four status.This cannot be done overnight and it could well be another 2/3 transfer windows before we see a squad of young talented players with the drive,energy and strength of purpose to match the requirements of their Manager.

    1. Grandad
      True….with the addendum that Arteta is bigging up Mustafi, Xhaka, Ozil and a few others. Maybe he believes he can make them perform or become a higher level by doing that. Maybe he is just kind hearted. Either way football must be seen without veils over the eyes. Arteta should be ruthlessly honest and leave out those who are simply not to our level. and not to try to convince them they are better than they really are.

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