Have Arsenal failed to get best of Aaron Ramsey?

Frank Lampard has claimed that Arsenal have failed to get the best out of Aaron Ramsey, and urged them to make sure they tie him down to a new long term deal.

The Gunners central star has been excelling this season despite a few iffy performances of late, and is currently battling with Jack Wilshere for a regular first-team role alongside Granit Xhaka when both remain fit.

The Welsh international is currently into the final 18 months of his contract however, and Frank Lampard has urged them to wrap up his new deal sooner rather than later, and focus their entire team around his talents.

‘I’m an admirer of Aaron Ramsey and Arsenal must try to secure his long-term future at the club,’ Frank said.

‘Ramsey has just over a year left on his contract and once again Arsenal have got themselves in a position where one of their key player’s deals is running out.

‘It will probably come as no surprise to people that I like Ramsey. Like me, he makes late runs in the penalty area and he showed that with aplomb for the second goal at AC Milan last week.

‘One wonders if he’s ever felt he’s the main man at Arsenal and that’s maybe why he might consider looking elsewhere.

‘I feel some sympathy for him because his position has changed over the years at the club. Sometimes, because they’ve had so many attacking midfielders, he’s been dropped further back.

‘On the other hand, I accept there maybe doubts over whether he performs consistently enough ‘He is class when at his best and I do feel there is another level for him to strive for. He showed great quality at the 2016 European Championships.

‘Arsenal need to keep their good British players and build the team around them, with more strength and power as a priority.’

Is Ramsey the man to build the team around? Has Wenger let his progression down? Is central midfield his best position? Would he be better suited to a midfield three?

Pat J

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  1. Rambo better than jack wheelchair. Lets face it jack is a nice lad but does not bring anythimg special to the game.

    Rambo 26 appearances 8 goals 6 assists
    Whilshire 30 appearance 2 goals 3 assists.

    Wilshire works hard and is arsenal through and through but has not lived up to standards tbh.

  2. With a proper manager and his workhorse engine, Ramsey can become a beast. But time is running out and Wenger doesn’t want to leave, by the time he gets proper coaching, he’ll be like 32, too late for a miracle.

    1. There is no way to make a player better if is not good enough himself ie walcott what wenger was supposed to do to make him next Messi!!
      Ramsey is way overrated and he needs to be shipped out we need number 8 in Carzola calibre

  3. bran911,
    is it possible you can debate a subject without reference to Wenger?
    If rumours are correct and clubs like Barcelona are looking at him, then I would suggest the club have done something right.
    With regard to the club getting his contract sorted, I thought he had already been offered a new contract and negotiations are ongoing.
    If he decides to go, then so be it.
    Whats the next topic? Have Arsenal got the best out of Abe?
    Keep on knocking the club why don’t you?

  4. The only way to get the best out of Rambo is to sell him for anything above 20m but as I suspect no top team would b dumb enough to shelve that out keep him as a bench player with elneny sell xhaka hope wilshere stays fit and bring in a quality DM …midfield sorted .. Now turn to defence

  5. @Ken

    Ramsey to Barca total jive talk. It was Ramsey who mentioned barca several years ago as a dream move.
    From Ineista to Ramsey? C’mon guy be serious.
    Goretzka younger, better, healthier, and on a free.

    Rabiot at PSG more likely also. Easily half dozen better than Rambo.

    Ramsey offers good competition as a CAM or deeper midfielder, or even for rotation. Far far too injury prone to be relied upon.

    Ramsey to Barca is fantasy fifa 18 stuff.

  6. Ken
    sometimes you wonder if Wenger is not responsible for the sinking of the Titanic or the Hiroshima bombing…..At least he reacts with class compared to the idiot of Carragher

    1. Well he’s has been around long enough to have been responsible for those things! But his wrecking of our club is – at least to us Gooners- far more important than the ancient historical events you mention. I dispute that he acts with class as he disrespects our supporters almost every time he speaks. Remember this arrogant gem of his? “Not one of our fans has managed a top club for even twenty four hours”. This was said in reply to rightful criticism. Personally, I don’t call harming our club,( when virtually all, bar you and ken 1945, want him out of our club) and arrogantly putting his salary and power before the good of the club, in any way even remotely classy. Quite the opposite.

      1. he said earlier this week that”the fans are not hating the person but the manager”so he respects you and feels for your and our pain as for wanting him out by the majority( i truly understand that but abusing him isn’t acceptable

      2. Jon Fox,
        Here you go again, massaging the facts to suit your agenda.
        “virtually all bar you and ken1945 want him out of our club”.
        I have noted with interest how many times you have had to come on and try to bully people who have a different view to you on this site.
        Surely you wouldn’t have to do this if it was just us two would you?
        As far as respect goes, I haven’t noticed him wishing that you were dead,(REAL CLASSY STATEMENT THERE, READY TO TAKE IT BACK? ) but of course in the world that you live in you can say anything you want but no-one can challenge you and your views.
        Why do you find his statement regarding managing a club for 24 hours so arrogant? He is entitled to reply in kind to questions asked isn’t he?
        Perhaps with those words he was stating a simple truth? I certainly didn’t see it as a problem or an insult, but then I am a “modern fan” who uses “terrace language” to prove my points are always correct.
        As for his salary, well if you had achieved the qualifications that Wenger has in order to become a premier league manager, then you could have possibly been on the same wage structure that currently exists. But of course I forgot, you havent managed a top club for even 24 hours have you?
        I realise that’s a minor detail for you, but for us Gooners it does go a long way in selecting the next manager wouldn’t you agree?

        1. Ken 1945-you continue to berate “certain” posters who voice their individual opinions and views in a manner maybe different from how you would put over your views.However a point you should consider is why the very high majority hold a completely different view from yourself.
          I try to consider each post and as you know after a while you get a feel of the type of fan and person who writes in offering their thoughts and I have the absolute highest regard for Jon Fox and his views as they are totally in line with my own.I sometimes FEEL the passion with how and what Jon writes.He is on record as having given up his season ticket as protest against the mismanagement and decline of our club and that to me is akin to the Ultimate Sacrifice.How frustratedhe feels is written in his posts and I would trust you could at least respect this from him.
          We all love our club Ken and we are feeling the pain at the moment.We SHOULD be more consistent on the pitch in terms of results.We SHOULD be competing in the Champions League each season(as a minimum).We SHOULD be filling our Stadium every game.We SHOULD be Managed by someone who respects the values and traditions of this club.
          You yourself have written that it’s time for Wenger to be replaced so your contempt is the manner in which Posts are written about him not the content.
          It’s not something you can have both ways I believe.
          But you know what Ken?I always look forward to reading your posts even though we differ in our views (I’m right your wrong?).You write very well and in a respectful but determined way.
          When defending Pires next please tell him I have it on the very best authority it was Wenger who shot Kennedy.

          1. Phil,
            First of all and most importantly it couldn’t have been Wenger who shot Kennedy!
            Because he couldn’t have seen him!
            Regarding Jon Fox and your views.
            I have tried many times to discuss in a mature way with Jon, but it seems that he has to belittle anyone who disagrees with him.
            It got so bad I decided to stop posting, but the call of debate brought me back.
            Can you imagine Jon posting your above observations in the same courteous way?
            It would be riddled with so many comments aimed at a personal level, that I would have to be a saint not rise to the bait.
            You are correct when you say it’s the content of the posts against Wenger that I object to, as does Pires and many other so calle AKB’S (stupid abbreviation) But when Jon, for whatever reason, does not see this and continues to play the almighty I react, sometimes as badly as I think he has done.
            Of all your SHOULD comments, there is only one I cannot agree with and that is the final one.
            For all his faults, Wenger does respects the values and traditions of our great club and that is why I will fight his corner if someone disrespects what he has done for the club to date.
            I sat in my seat on Sunday and couldn’t believe the level of football that this team is serving up. We have great players who are not performing along with mediocre players who are just that. How could anyone not see that the time has come for this great manager to call it a day? But this is where you and I differ in as much as I will defend his time at the helm and will always remember his first double winning team to the cup final win against Chelsea. Old fart he’s been called, but I bet he smells of roses!!
            So Phil, I take on board what you say about the ever increasing bitterness between Jon and myself. Take note of the timing of this blog and I will try to stop myself from becoming too personal from that time onward, despite what is said.
            But I will support the likes of Pires against those who try to belittle his views on Wenger. Pires himself is a young passionate Gooner who deserves encouragement not ridicule. His like will be here long after Jon and I have disappeared into the blue beyond!
            Thanks yet again for making me think a little more, have YOU taken off those blinkers yet?!?!

              1. Not enough Phil.
                The power you contribute to Arsene Wenger is staggering.
                Please can you explain the role of the board members and of course the owner Kronke?
                Do you really believe that one man can ride roughshod over these men?
                If that is true, then surely you must blame the board and owner for being spineless, unprofessional and capitulating to the managers demands. That then means that Wenger IS NOT SOLELY RESPONSIBLE for the situation we find the club in.
                These are the blinkers I refer to as you are well aware, so it seems you still have them on and blindly follow the notion that once Wenger goes all our problems will be solved.

        2. I try to respect the opinions of everybody on JustArsenal, whether I agree with them or not. We all want Arsenal and its playersto succeed. I believe Ramsey could be an improved player if his role as a box to box midfielder was better defined and his judgement and discipline of when to go forward and when to cover the defence were improved. In other words he received more direction and coaching. I have to respect Frank Lampard’s opinion of what makes a good midfielder.

  7. Ramsey is the only player who makes runs into the box for us …
    lf not for him we would pass sideways for hours outside the box as none others make the runs he does
    Hes our best midfielder overall can do everything good and sometimes worldclass but just doesnt do enough but who has @Arsenal.

    1. Jesus … Ramsey is the most backward and lateral passer of a ball I have seen in a midfielder and that’s when he has control of the ball which is not that frequent as his close control is hardly a strong point … So that leaves running in to box scoring occasionally and then believing he is a striker … Like I said attributes of a bench player

  8. Robin Vanpayslip V2.1 (now with cojones - firmware update to increase cojones to Chuck Norris levels) says:

    True story – once in my last house we could hear a noise under the floorboards late every night. We assumed there might be a rat infestation. So we called a pest controller who went down there. To our surprise he came back up and told us there was nothing to worry about. It was just Ramsey practicing his late runs into the box.

    My admiration for Ramsey changed after that day. Now that is dedication!

  9. I don’t think the team should be built around him but he deserves his gametime unlike some players. Box-to-Box would be my vote for best position. If we had a real ball-winning, no nonsense DM he would go crazy.

  10. Ramsey represents everything what is wrong with Wenger. A player who is good, but not good enough to be considered as one of the greatest. One of the past players who together with Walcott, Wilsher and co could never lift up to their expectation.

    One half good season the rest was a horror show with times of promise. Walcott was very a like him.

    He is a squad player at best, and just like Giroud he should be happy to be part of the team, coz other managers not like Wenger would sell him a long time ago, a not force him into playing on the behalf us even losing games at times due of him being used no matter what due of Wengers obsession of making him a star.

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