Have Arsenal fans accepted it is now in the teams DNA to mess up?

When Granit Xhaka floored Tottenham’s Son Heung-min for a clear and unnecessary penalty it was greeted by the Arsenal fans with resignation as opposed to any real anger, it was as if it was expected, I know that is how I felt.

And it is not just Xhaka, but Luiz against Liverpool, Aubameyang against Tottenham last season, even Pepe against Liverpool, it is as if we have become immune to the players fluffing their lines.

Of course, some players more than others are culpable more often but the truth is that it runs through the team, from Leno to Lacazette.

When it really matters Arsenal is rarely beaten because of the overwhelming superiority of the opponents, it is because of mistakes made by our own players.

I accept that on occasions we are outplayed and beaten by the better side but that is not a regular occurrence, however, the team messing up sure is.

That is why we are now more likely to shrug our shoulders than go into meltdown because it really is the same old story time and time again.

Xhaka is being pulled apart for what he did yesterday and rightfully so, but Emery picked him, it was Leno that parried the ball so meekly to Eriksen. My point is he is not the only one that keeps failing on the job.

The bottom line is that we now expect cockups, it has become a part of the DNA of Arsenal football club.


  1. Stop buying players that have it in their DNA to mess up. Xhaka’s red card record, and fouling tendencies were well known before we bought him. Mustafi did have a questionable record in Spain before we bought him. And get a manager or backroom staff member that will actually get our defense organized and cut out the constant lapses in concentration. And buying David Luiz to mitigate concentration lapses may not have been the best move either, even if he is here for the short term. This problem only exists because Arsenal refuse to address it. And Emery does not seem like the man to change the club positively. When he first came here, he said every game he wants Arsenal to be the “protagonist”. Rarely has is felt like we are in the games we’ve watched.

    1. Yes – in Mustafi, Luiz and Xhaka we have the holy trinity of gaffe prone footballers. On the positive side, I don’t see any of them bring more than part time players by Christmas. I would have included Socrates as well but it didnt work with “holy trinity”… maybe Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse?

  2. 1. use Torreira instead of Xhaka with Ceballos/Guendouzi/Wilock
    2. Give Ozil a chance
    3. Play Chambers instead of Sokratis

    Xhaka is a weak link. Bench him
    Don’t start Mkhitaryan either

    Also we should be in better shape when Bellerin, Holding and Tierney come back.

    1. The players seem to be more accustomed to 4-2-3-1 formation, instead of the other formations. They looked awkward in 4-3-3, probably because that formation is rarely used

      It might take some time until all players get better with that tactic. After seeing the NLD, I realized that it was too soon to use a new formation in big matches

      Emery surely knows that he doesn’t have to follow Klopp’s 4-3-3 that relies on the physicalities of their midfielders, because some of our midfielders are not excellent physically. Emery can also try Guardiola’s 4-3-3 that relies on their midfielders’ mobility and skills to create crosses

  3. Emery tried to follow Liverpool by fielding three defensive-minded players in the middle, but he forgot that Xhaka and Torreira are not as good as Henderson, Wijnaldum and Fabinho in one-on-one situations

    They might have similar skills, but Xhaka and Torreira are weak in the air and lacking the physical strength. Unlike Liverpool’s big midfielders that are very good in duels and dominant aerially

    Pepe tried to harass Wijnaldum in one occasion, but Wijnaldum skillfully shielded the ball from Pepe. Guendouzi, Willock and Ceballos are good in one-on-one situations, hence Arsenal should have looked for midfielders that excel in duels next time

  4. Is anyone else still really annoyed over yesterday or is it just me? I mean, it’s a waste of time, i know, as it won’t change the result.. but when i look on here, or elsewhere, and i see pictures of Xhaka, i just think of that lunge or i see Leno parrying the ball… ???
    The only trouble is, we’re always going to see this sort of thing more often than not, as long as the usual suspects are in the team! Smh.. sigh..

  5. Benxh the players that repeat avoidable mistakes. Everyone saw Xhaka’s unnecessary lunge at Son; how many times has he been guilty of that?
    Bench him for a few games.

    Sokratis out of position again, preferring to wrestle for the umpteenth time. Bench him and give Chambers a run.

    In fact, bench both Luiz and Sokratis and pair up Holding and Chambers for a few games.

    Change the whole back 4 when Bellerin and Tierney are fit; bench our underperformers.

    1. Raul should have taken Emery aside
      after yesterdays Sshow and
      unequivocally made the following

      Bench Xhaka and strip the captains
      armnand from his underperforming

      One of Socratis or Luiz has to be
      dropped in favor of Chambers. When
      Holding is ready the two youngish,
      Ehglish CB’s should be first choice
      pairing going forward.

      Ozil will be the midfield rotation
      going forward.

      Make these adjustments, play an
      attacking brand of futbol or your
      ass is grass by January @ the latest

    2. I would like the whole of the Spuds game back four sold or in AM-N’s case moved to his rightful midfield position.

    3. Durand, the problem with that is you will be bringing in two of the “dross players” UE inherited and drop two of the players he has signed!!!

      Surely that cannot be right can it?

      I also find it curious that when we questioned UE last season (along with others) we were told we were being all things awful to that wonderful new manager/coach that was going to be the saviour…now it seems we were correct in questioning his tactics, player selections, favourite players (Xhaka) and timing of substitutions.

      Here’s another question to ponder…why bring on Myk, when he knew he was going to Roma the day after the game, if he is this lazy player so condemend on here?
      To prove he was fit for the Roma delegation before he signed his loan deal?
      By the way, Ozil’s song was being sung again on Sunday…these fans they just don’t understand !!!!

  6. Emery missed CL from the PL by just one point.
    Arsenal made it through to game 15 of the Europa league.
    Since his arrival many players have been moved on.
    Cech Koscielny Mertesacker Bielick Jenkinson Monreal
    Elneny Mkhitarian Ramsey Iwobi .
    Suarez Adelaide Zelalem Wilshere Cazorla.
    Perez Campbell Welbeck Akpom Asano.
    At least 20.
    Now a point off 4th after playing both CL finalists.
    This season Emery will raise the bar again.
    Emery is an ambitious man and will sack any one
    not up to standard and I mean any one.
    Xhaka Torreira Mustafi watch out.

    1. How dare you say Torriera should “watch out”! Xhaka and Mustafi yes, but putting Torriera in the same category is out of order sir!
      By the way, Emery ain’t all you’ve cracked him up to be, hence his team selection against spurs.

    2. AGU EMEN, i totally agree with you about emery and sacking dud players. what i cannot understand is why do we still have ozil and xhaka ?. surely if these 2 losers leave then it will leave emery with a level playing pitch to get us back into champions league position. i just cannot wait for him to wave bye bye to those 2 woeful players.

    3. I agree with much of what you rightly say about Emery. BUT he must stop picking players like Xhaka, Sokratis and playing better ones like Ceballos from the start and Chambers for the wrestler. Sokratis is as bad as Mustafi. YES, THAT BAD! You are wrong about Torreira though. He is still not match tight fit and once he is he will show you and any other doubters how good he is.

  7. OT…. I’m honestly beginning to think that the missing piece of the puzzle is a left mid/winger…… Take this as an example lineup:
    ……… Leno
    Bellerin.. Luiz.. Holding.. KT
    Pepe.. Guendouzi..Ceballos..Martinelli
    ……. Laca.. Auba
    .. Gu…. Ce
    Pe…. La… Ma
    …… Au
    … Gu
    . La.. Ce
    Pe.. Au.. Ma

    Swap players in or out on personal preference but a left mid/winger would allow the tactical flexibility Emery wants and allow him to keep a starting 11 instead of trying to pick the players to fit the formation each week.

  8. To be honest, it’s getting dreary reading Emery and Xhaka apologists and their lame excuses. We all watch the same games, saw the same mistakes and yet why are excuses being trotted out?

    1. You can well add OZIL to that list of those who make lame excuses. I just do not have a clue why some fans refuse to see what almost everyone else can plainly see. Some of the Ozil fan club are so out of touch with reality they STILL think ,after all these lazy years, that he will be the miracle answer to our problems. Talk about fantasists!

      1. Would these be the same fantasists that immediately after the Anfield surrender were on this site praising Emery and being convinced, more than ever, this Manager would get us a top 4 position this season?

        1. No. It would be you, Ken, Sue and a very few others who refuse to see what your eyes show you about Ozil and who constantly make lame excuses for him.

          1. Oh-So it wasn’t you fantasising over Emery straight after Anfield then? About how you were more confident than ever that this Manager would definitely get Arsenal to a Top 4 position this season? That was after nearly every one of the 250+ replies to that thread slaughtered him but you felt differently I believe.And yet today you seemed to have maybe lost that confidence.Well they say a day is a long time in politics so this last week is definitely a long time in football.Surprised it took you so long PAL

          2. As PatH points out Phil, Ozil hasn’t played one minute of any premier league game this season, so the two games against pool and spuds have no connection with the player whatsoever…I used my eyes to deduce this fact by the way.

            I daren’t ask any questions, as they are deemed “loaded” whatever that means, so I will have to make statements instead.

            Despite not playing on Sunday, the “very few others” were STILL singing Ozil’s name from the terraces, certainly at the clock end anyway.
            I can only surmise that this is the lame excuse being referred to, when the ghost majority comes into play once again to bolster a personal viewpoint.

            Still, at least no blame whatsoever can be laid at the feet of OZIL for the five points dropped out of the last six.
            As Ue says, he is fit and ready to play, so the ball is in the coach’s court as to when/if we can use our eyes to see if he chooses to select him.

            If someone can get the value of UE so wrong, it would seem possible that the same someone might just have done the same with their valuation of players, I suggest.

      2. I think I said about this time last year that Ozil was not going anyhere. I still believe that and that Ozil will go when it suits Ozil. In a previous life I drafted many contracts and I would be amazed if OZil’s was not absolutely water tight.In as much as he can refuse any move by the club to transfer him without his agreement. As long as he meets his contractual obligation to AFC I think Ozil holds all the cards.I also believe that even if he was in the last year of his contract AFC would be powerless to sell him.
        At this point Ozil has not played in the ELP this season so perhaps you could leave all the criticism until he plays. Another point, does almost everyone mean the other hundred or so who contribute to this site or the millions of fans world wide. I hardly think so. By the way I am not an Ozil fan I am a realist.

        1. Ah but Ken-That would like eepecting coming of Christ wouldn’t it? Got the Emery call dramatically wrong last week and embarrassed himself no end.Now a week later it seems Emery just might not be all that he thought he was.But to not blame Ozil for everything that is going so obviously wrong would be just far too much to hope for wouldn’t it?
          In regards Emery I just have to say we are no further forward than the day he arrived at the Club in terms of defensive progress and a defined team pattern of play.And I give total respect to every player for showing the character to come back as they did yesterday.That took some balls and even n more so with no obvious leader on the pitch.
          But good news on the injury frontbwith all of Holding Bellerin And Tierney back in the next 2-4 weeks.I would play Holding and Chambers v Forest and try to use that pairingvad much as possible in the Cup games. Sokritis was amateurish with that ridiculous attempt I head clear for the Erickson goal.Total calamity.As for Xhaka? Nothing more to be said other than he cost us that game yesterday and he was wearing the captains armband.Just how is that possible.If any player deserves it then that would be Lacazette but Emery seems to bench him for no reason.
          Guendouzi was the best player on the pitch but let’s not forget he was poor at Anfield.The last thing he needs is that burden.
          Great atmosphere yesterday Ken-why can it not be like that for every game

          1. My next door seson ticket holder said exactly the same thing about the atmosphere Phil, it was electri and why not every game?

            I loved the way we kept chanting down their “when the spuds go marching in” chant.
            Did you hear the drum that has suddenly appeared up our end and/or the Ozil chanting?

            I thought Guendozi was superb, he must be the best buy we have made since the new regime took charge.

            Kolasinac was another who impressed me, just needs more playing time.

            Lacs is the complete centre forward and his whole attitude reminds me so much of Henry as he connects with the fans.
            On a personal note, would have loved to see cabellos start and Ozil to finish the game, two talented and attacking minded players who would have changed the game for the better.
            Just cannot understand playing Myk the day before he leaves the club…another UE mystery!!!

            Apart from the time of their gifted first goal to their gifted second goal, I thought we were completely in charge of the game, but that man son is some player isn’t he?

            It’s good to see that everyone (it seems) is now questioning UE in one way or the other…last season it seemed we weren”t allowed to question him for fear of being called dullards etc.
            he has a excellent SQUAD and we should start to see that resulting in much better tactics and starting elevens.

    2. Leno made more mistakes that led to goals over every player at the club, Leno after one season and four games has made more mistakes that led to goals than that of Mustafi, Xhaka, Luiz under Chelsea and Arsenal, Kolasinac. I think next up are Kolasinac and/or Mustafi.

      Xhaka does need to get dropped, but don’t think it’s because there is an obvious abundance of quality ahead of him. Even Wrighty only thinks Guendouzi is only pushing Xhaka for a place, and Wrighty dislikes Xhaka he doesn’t even want him at the club. Willock, Niles, Ceballos, it’s easy to back them but the fact is they have not done anything to suggest that they are top of the pecking order. Injuries, we haven’t even covered, fact is we’ll need Xhaka this season until better comes along, let’s hope that it’s Guendouzi now and he keeps pushing on from his last game, but don’t forget that both Xhaka and Torriera were stronger and more consistent than him last season. Like I said, Leno is the biggest of the error prone, also there’s a few between himself and Xhaka, and Luiz may become another one. I think the problem is bigger than you think, even Kos, Monreal, Cech, last season, like the article highlighted, it’s not just about singling one of them out, whoever F’s up in an easily avoidable way should not receive a get out of jail card.

      Personally I’d like to see Luiz and Guendouzi playing a combo in midfield, they have similarities to one another and they could take turns going forward. Because if you ask me – I don’t believe any of Torriera or Leno as well as Xhaka have done enough to say right …that’s an Arsenal starter for us/you, we’re good to go here this is his position for years to come.

  9. Really great piece Admin, a little disheartening but I think you’ve nailed it. Some of these now that are taking the criticism, they might go on to have a good run for a spell, but we can almost count on another to step up for some criticism in meantime.

    We can talk about some easier fixtures coming or whatever, but these big games tell us a lot about ourselves, we get an idea of ground made with our signings and so forth. It might be too early to tell, Pepe looks like he’ll come good, even that back post run with Auba finding him at 0-1 was good to see because Auba or Lacazette were the only ones doing that with any real or constant threat. I feel bad for Ceballos, he’s heralded one week and totally derided the next, I’m looking forward to seeing him getting his confidence back ..but it looks like the sky-high expectations affected him a wee bit. Still waiting on Bellerin Holding Tierney. If we can get the squad all fit at same time, and Guendouzi is pushed to be the best every week, I think we have a team/squad that can finish in top three this season, not only can, but should.

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