Have Arsenal fans completely changed their mind on Granit Xhaka? (Opinion)

Arsenal and Granit Xhaka are claimed to be set for talks at the end of the season to confirm whether both parties wish to continue into next season, but do fans now want to see him stay?

Last summer, the entire window was almost completely littered with rumours about his exit, predominantly with AS Roma most keenly interested as confirmed by Jose Mourinho, and early inclinations are that we could well be set for more of the same this time around.

Xhaka ended up signing a new deal with the club, and has seemingly gone through a transition with the fans after a number of impressive displays in our midfield this term, and he could well have made a miraculous turnaround to get the entire fanbase behind him throughout the course of the term, with the fans even voting him in to be the club’s Player of the Month for April 2022.

Fabrizio Romano told CaughtOffside Arsenal are yet to make their intentions clear in regards to the Swiss international, and the two parties will have a sit-down after the campaign is over to discuss whether they will be open to negotiations over his sale.

I think I’m now in the minority who would actually cash-in on his signature if we could fetch more than £30 Million for his signature. While he has enjoyed a good season in midfield, I still believe he has the ability to cost us a match with one single lapse in concentration. Looking at the starting XI, I see the central midfield area amongst those that we should be looking to improve.

While Xhaka could still be a strong option on rotation, he seems to be pushing hard at present to try and convince everyone that he is a leader, and a potential captain for the club, and I don’t personally see him being content in playing anything less than a key role in our side.

There is an issue with having too many leaders in the group, and when one no longer feels like he is playing an influence, he will grow frustrated.

Do you believe Xhaka should remain a key player next season, or do you agree that we should consider replacing him?


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Video – Mikel Arteta talking about our nerve-filled win over Leeds United

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  1. He has been good recently but talking about captaincy again raises concerns for me – just focus on what you’re doing and maintaining a high level of performance. Consistency is the most important area for him, not wearing an armband.
    He doesn’t need the added pressure, which would definitely come if he were made permanent captain again.
    As mentioned, despite how good he’s been recently, he is someone who could be improved upon over the summer and I’d still prefer us to move on from him

  2. He switched off at half time became careless and his half hit clearance led to the corner that they scored from .
    That sums him up for me . We could do better and should.

  3. Minority..don’t think so
    I think a majority would definitely cash him in for a fee.
    Not sure about 30m but 10 to 15m would be more realistic.
    Don’t get me wrong, he has been good for us at times and a heads gone on other occasions.
    Sunday was a prime example of him wanting to get involved for no reason
    A good.bench warmer but never a starter next season so cash him in and get an upgrade
    Onwards and upwards

  4. Since he’s been assigned into a more advanced midfield position in 4-3-3 formation, he’s been irreplaceable. We’ve tried Odegaard, Smith-Rowe, Saka and Patino in that left midfield position, but they can’t play as effective as Xhaka does

    I wish he can be better in tight spaces, but we currently have no one to replace him. If he has to leave because of his age or salary, we’ll need to sign Fabian Ruiz or Danilo from Palmeiras

  5. No the fans haven’t changed their mind on Xhaka, some may have been warming to him a great deal.

    There is a massive roll for him to play during this rebuilding phase due to his experience, knowing the culture and his controls of the dressing room.

  6. Must admit we are totally better with him in the team,
    But moving forward next season we need better, he always makes me nervous when another player tackles him, he is too hot headed and a red card waiting to happen..

    1. I was shouting to my TV, Xhaka please….. as if he would hear me when he was fouled intentionally by a lead player…..

  7. hes been good 2nd half of the season. But he’s been around long enough that he really shouldn’t be able to fool fans anymore. I see him costing us points in whatever euro competition we make. If Xhaka was the answer he wouldn’t have been a mainstay all our declining midfields the last 4-5 seasons 🤷‍♂️. Cant say he’s not a committed player tho but we need to keep improving the squad.

  8. Speaking personally, (as I am one fan only and NOT “Arsenal fans”, plural, as the headline says!!) I would hurriedly sell Xhaka for whatever he will fetch.
    But most important is to sell him, as immobile and slow paced players such as he, will never improve our team to the standard we need to challenge those above us.
    I say this,despite recognising that of late he has been in better form.
    But better form does not mean, IN MY BOOK AT LEAST, a better player. It just means he is currently playing as well as HE is capable.

    Not anywhere near as well as a better replacement could play though. All the above equally applies to Elneny too, IMO.

  9. The chemistry between him and elneny is top notch compared to Partey and himself.

    Retaining him is a must, he is a Chelsea sort of player, the type Mourinho break bank for, he toughens the midfield.

    There are no too many replacements of him out there that we can afford…

    If we can sign Bissouma, Wilfred Ndidi or Liverpool’s Guniean’ DMF (have forgotten his name)

    Then Xhaka should be swapped for 30m

  10. Here we go again? People assume that the majority is on their side. On the previous quote @Dan kit
    claimed the majority wanted Arteta out. Is that the majority of Arsenal supporters across the world or is it only on this platform? See this is the level of intelligence that amazes me. Dan kit listed a total of 802 votes and yet the Emirates is almost filled with +/- 50,000 Arsenal supporters at a time. Arsenal is one of the biggest and most successful clubs in London and they have a approximately 77.7m fans following on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram combined.
    I would not read too much into that 61% he so proudly quoted.

    Therefore I humbly ask who on here can prove that they speak for the majority of Arsenal supporters on Xhaka or any other topic for that matter?

    1. Lols
      You’ve have taken the whole post out on context
      We were talking about fans on here .

  11. Dboy, if the poll showed the opposite view, would you still have the same opinion?

    A poll is a snapshot of opinions, at a certain time, within a group of people ie JA followers.

    So many times on JA, we have been told that the “vast majority” favours one’s personal opinion and yet, it’s only being called out now, because it involves MA.

    You are 100% right when you say no one can claim they speak for the “vast majority” and, in fact, it shows a weakness in their argument, because they have to use this fictional “vast majority” as a means to bolster their personal opinion.

    As I said, the poll that DK refers to, was requested by a MA supporter and because it was not the outcome expected, it’s being dismissed – should we take that stance when AdminPat does his end of season poll?

    1. May your day be blessed.
      Somehow he has no issue with the writer when he mentioned majority in his words, but the moment Dan countertack that, he becomes the issue.
      We obviously could see why here .

    2. ken
      hope you are well
      personally who care about polls
      figures can be distorted and played around so you see what you want to see.
      right now for or against we should be united (and not manure united) and stand together for the next 3 most of games of our season
      if we lose people will say told you say, polls dont lie
      if we win then people on here will say the polls are a crux of wash
      forget polls and stand together to see the team home
      next stop spuds and if we cant see it home there we have 2 to go but i personally think we will end the spuds chances of taking top 4 from us on Thursday
      onwards and upwards

      1. AB, what you say is fine – but let’s be consistent shall we?
        The poll regarding Ozil was greeted with such a profound agreement of confirmation, yet we question this Mikel one?

        Personally, as long as MA delivers top four and CL quarter finals, as a regular occurrence, I would say he has matched and improved on his (and Wenger’s) past results…. I am hoping he does just that, because I support AFC.

        1. ken
          i am and have been consistent.
          polls mean nothing at this time of the year to us right now
          as for Ozil – maybe i was a minority but the guy was done for us a long time ago so i took no notice of polls on him
          life is strange Ken and we live from week to week on results – will he deliver again a top 4. i do hope so and i hope we close the gap a bit more on city and pool but i am a realist and say that is a tall order as they are so strong either current squad, investing big money on more good players or great recruiting like pool are doing.
          saying that some pool supporters wanted klopp out last year when they were outside the top 4… how fickle are we as fans
          we all live for the feel good factor and lately we have had more of them then the moody monday blues, so may long as it continue
          3 to go and we take stock after that on a poll
          onwards and upwards

  12. OT

    New contract for Elneny?

    Maitland-Niles p/ex for Tielemans to complete Arsenal’s centre midfield business for next season?

    Partey, Tielemans, Xhaka, Elneny, Sambi

    1. If it’s at a low weekly wage then why not ,he’s proved he can fill in as a squad player this last month ,will he happy as back up though and this will be his last big contract for him at the 29 years old

        1. I agree with u, xhaka has been decent in the second half of the season. But still needs an upgrade

          But would u really wanna sell him?
          Given we have European football now we need backups xhaka suits that besides we need a leader like him for such a young team

          I doubt we can find a player willing to take up backup role yet provide the leadership xhaka provides

          1. If Mikel has offered MO a new contract, surely we have to support that decision…. just as we should with Xhaka?

  13. The Gooners opinions on this Xhaka’s matter have so fat looking to be divided. With the slight majority of Gooners who have commented on the subject want him to stay. But not moved on by the club in the summer.

    But since his game for Arsenal and attitude are looking to be controversial within the fan base, if Arsenal can get a better midfielder than him who has steel like him, but is pacey to sign next summer. And can afford the cost. Then, Arsenal could offload Grant Xhaka for the right fee in the summer.

    But for their senior team experience, which isn’t easily replaceable. I don’t think it will a wise decision taken by Arsenal if they took it to offload both Xhaka and Elneny in the summer at the same time. But at least retain one of them if the club has to do an offload of ,midfielders in the summer to do an upgrade in their midfield.

    But Xhaka – Elneny midfield partnerships after Partey got sidelined with injury is reportedly to be a kind of top class productive midfield partnerships for Arsenal in their last four tun-in matches. Which they’ve won all to remain in contention for a top3 or top4 place finish this season. That’s after they have qualified for next season Uefa Europa League Cup competition.

    So therefore, if the current Xhaka – Elneny partnerships will continue to function well as it’s currently functioning up to the end of the season. And improved on by the duo midfielders. Why shouldn’t then Arsenal keep both players for next season’s campaign?

    1. I don’t know about most arsenal fans as I can only speak for myself.

      I have.

      Yes , I have completely changed my mind on GX.

  14. Xhaka gave a way a lot of silly penalties with things like two-footed tackles in the area. He also got sent off for stuff like that in other parts of the field.

    Moving him further upfield has helped mitigate the risk of penalties and he seems to feel less of an urge to jump in from further upfield so the sending offs have reduced.

    But… there’s always the times when everyone’s back for a corner, free kick etc when the penalties issue can haunt us and he still does do hotheaded things upfield, just not as often.

    With Partey as DM, it’s kinda hard to see what role he’s playing, therefore it’s hard to see who could be bought to replace him.

    One thing though – we can’t replace too many players all at once. When you look at the number of players supposedly coming in and there’s still some of the old guard to ship out… it may just be that Xhaka is what we’ve got because giving other positions attention is simply a higher priority.

    2 strikers, cover for both LB and RB, cover for when Partey is injured… backup GK. That’s half a team right there.

    1. next 3 games
      keep him, keep him
      after the 3 games
      sell him! sell him!
      here ends the discussion

  15. Completely changed their mind on Xhaka?
    I would say no, not completely as he still has a rash challenge in him (but then again so has Gabriel like in yesterday’s game) but he has played very well in the last few games and his partnership with Mo (who has been somewhat of a revelation recently) leads me to think both players should be retained.

  16. He has out his muzzle on and not but anyone if late but the potential still exists even though it has been under wraps.

    He is not a bad footballer by any stretch of the imagine and I think he has more heart than a lot of players including too many of his teammates for which I admire him. But, there are better footballers and if we want to get better and compete at the top we should be moving him on.

    It’s just a matter of time as someone else mentioned before that he costs us big time with some moment of complete and utter madness.

  17. I haven’t changed my mind at all – I do think that on the whole he helps the team except when he blows up and really, really hurts us.

    That is the Granit dilemma.

    I keep waiting for the bomb to go off and thankfully it hasn’t for awhile. Hopefully not on Thursday.

    If better replacements are found then move him but with more fixtures next year, maybe we need he and Mo for cover and support. I don’t think that we can expect too much money either but if somebody were to flash a lot of cash, well we should jump.

  18. Frankly I was like lloringunner on Sunday hoping Xhaka would calm down avoiding a second yellow.

    That’s what you get from Xhaka, but he’s like a glue in that team, it’s just that I can see we getting far more positive out of him than that yellow card that seems to follow him.

    We must not quick to rid ourselves of a crucial spine of our team, it’s best to error in keeping Xhaka than to make a mistake in ridding the team of him.

  19. We should not hesitate to offload him at the slightest opportunity. But to think of giving him captain again after throwing our captain arm ban to the ground, is taken it to a ridiculous extreme. Xhaka is a big burden.

  20. Xhaka has played better recently. This is probably related to several factors. The set up and approach of the team has helped in preventing the rapid transitions that all too often had caused problems for Xhaka and Arsenal in general. A key issue for example is avoiding situations where Xhaka is isolated in defence.
    Controlled possession, with certain core principles instilled in the team whether the team is attacking or defending helps realise the benefits of having a player like Xhaka whilst making his limitations less obvious.
    There are evidently better midfielders but we can really only afford to let him go if we can get an upgrade whilst at the same time strengthening other parts of the team.

  21. ” he has the ability to cost us a match with one single lapse in concentration.” — any player in the team can cost the game with a single lapse in concentration, thus the entire team should be sold.
    “Looking at the starting XI, I see the central midfield area amongst those that we should be looking to improve.” — do you not see that we are even weaker in the striking department

  22. There is a technical and tactically side to every footballers game based on deployment and role.

    Tactically Xhaka’s role in midfield have slightly changed in the midfield which beggot the improved performance/form. Xhaka cost us most times because he sat too deep and most times covering for the left back rather than also advancing with playing while we attack as a central midfielder. Playing in a more conducive role has given us same Xhaka whenever he is in the Swiss team.

    Quote me any day but mark this day, except Xhaka decides to leave by himself if not anybody bought will be coming to play along side him and not replace nor relegate him to the bench. Retain this more advance role and see him blossom and influence games more.

    Most persons here hate and dislike him but don’t judge him by his past, compare the role currently and judge him by who he is now which is a far better player with minimal mistakes

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