Have Arsenal finally found a keeper to rival Lehmann and Seaman?

Ramsdale reminds me of Seaman and Lehmann By Sylvester Kwentua

While growing up, I enjoyed watching Arsenal games, and one of the few players then who caught my fancy on a steady basis, was David Seaman. The tall and energetic goal keeper with a sharp reflex, was such a huge personality with zero tolerance for sluggishness, and in his games, he exhibited these traits. Shouting at defenders to be on the alert and dishing out commands from the back, were some traits that endeared me to Seaman.  He won several trophies while at Arsenal, while leading from the back.
After David Seaman left Arsenal, they got Jens Lehmann. In Lehmann, Arsenal had another charismatic goalkeeper with the mindset of a winner. His time at Arsenal was characterized by playing games without losing or conceding a goal. He was so influential from the back and he was able to guide his defender’s focus back to a game, if they seem to have lost their focus. Like Seaman, Lehmann also had a trophy-filled career with Arsenal, while creating individual records.
Now friends, these are surely not the best two goalkeepers Arsenal have ever had, but their impact in the teams they played in can’t be underrated. As a matter of fact, anytime Arsenal is being linked to a goalkeeper, most fans start imagining Arsenal getting a goalkeeper with qualities like theirs. However, over the years, while we have had some good goalies, in my opinion, we have never had a goalkeeper with the qualities Seaman and Lehmann possess. This season however, with the arrival of Aaron Ramsdale, Arsenal seem to have gotten a keeper with a little bit of Seaman and Lehmann.
Aaron Ramsdale’s exploits at Arsenal so far are so glaring for the world to see. From making important saves, to celebrating every goal scored by Arsenal, and every save made by him, to  organizing his defence, Ramsdale ticks all the boxes. Tall, energetic and full of sharp reflexes, Ramsdale is gradually reminding me of the great goalkeepers who have led Arsenal to important victories in the past. Hopefully, Ramsdale will also end his career at Arsenal with a cabinet full of trophies.
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  1. One thing about Jens is that not only was he hugely talented, he was also a character. He was entertaining to watch. He added more than just his talent to the enjoyment of the game.

    1. Yes exactly like Ramsdale, both have great rapport with the fans, character, entertaining and of course talented.

  2. Jens was an outstanding character. I’d definitely invite him out for a beer.
    Arsenal’s problem latterly was allowing defensive tactics to stagnate and then disappear leaving upcoming and very talented young goalkeepers like Fabianski and especially Szceszny exposed to the point of making too many mistakes and losing confidence. I mean, where are they now? Not exactly. slumming it in the lower leagues.

  3. The admittedly exciting RAMSADLE has played , as yet, precisely 8 Prem games, albeit unbeaten, in our shirt. I DO agree that all the preliminary signs are that, ONE DAY in the future, RAMSDALE may well rival Seaman or the lesser keeper, Lehmann, in our team.

    But Sylvester has an unfortunate habit of being as eager as a puppy dog to claim successes which have hardly yet even begun.
    As an older, more worldly wise, been round the block and back many times type of fan, I’d far rather wait and see, before rushing to claim long term success for a charismatic keeper who has had a tremendous START in our shirt, but as yet a mere start only.

  4. Way way way to soon to start even thinking in those terms Sylvester, Ramsdale needs to keep working hard, recognise and improve faults and try to continue to be selected over Leno, that’s all

    He looks a good shot stopper but like a lot of goalies seems to prefer to be busy as he was at Leicester (could bode well for Anfield) when he was outstanding. Looks better with his feet than Leno but maybe has a concentration issue to resolve, as I say easier for keepers to perform when they see a lot of the ball but he showed poor judgement late on against Watford when he had far less to do ion the match

    I don’t think the malarky helps with concentration myself, particularly the interaction with supporters during a game

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