Have Arsenal finally found the formula for success?

With five wins now from the last six games for Arsenal, maybe Arsene Wenger was justified in his comments this week that suggested that the terrible first half performance away to Stoke City was just a blip and was a rare exception rather than the mormal way of things for the Gunners.

Even with all of our injury problems in every area of the pitch but especially in defence and central midfield, Arsenal are finding a way to dominate games and more importantly, to win them. That is why the manager spoke to Arsenal Player about his team having the right balance.

He was full of praise for the defenders Hector Bellerin and Mathieu Debuchy who played really well in unfamiliar positions, as well as the more tried and trusted Gibbs and Mertesacker and Szczesny in goal. And pointing out that the more creative Gunners have produced eight games in the last two games makes it clear that he is happy with that side of things.

A few more clean sheets would be nice of course and we alwayd want more goals, but with key players still to return, Wenger seems to have a very strong squad at his disposal. With the desire and attitude that is also becoming a bigger part of our game, has Wenger finally found the right formula to bring real success back to Arsenal?

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  1. I won’t go that far, but I have seen improvements these last couple of matches. So let’s keep improving and end this season on a high note.

  2. Improvement I’ve sure been there the past few games…I feel he should trust more some players like Campbell, Podolski and Bellerin (who looks a real talent at right back with a run of games under his belt)and put in place more rotations/flexibility!!Welbeck the only thing that’s missing for him is goals he is a fantastic team player: energetic, track back, make the extra pass, pace and power but needs to be more compose and selfish; at times he looks like he’s not even sure if he’ll score and ultimately doesn’t!!Hopefully Ozil comeback and play the same way when he cam from madrid at the beginning!!We need a big win against a top 5 team and then we cans say that we are on a run!!In the meantime let’s continue winning and climbing as close as we can to the top

    1. Check out this line-up






      With the current players as bench/sub..
      No defence that is unbreakable…….Or do we arsenal Fans ask for too much

        1. Not danny but costa d best striker in EPL currently……at the beginning of the season if that wenger bought a world class CB to compliment kos and brought Song back as well as buy costa which he had all the chance to Arsenal would have been deadly…but he chose to go to italy to officiate game……….We arsenal fans are big hypocrites, the board knows that; go and ask wenger he will tell u who most fans are…..I said D.costa and a fool is saying Danny costa…u just making fool of urself or u think I don’t know our average Danny welback….

          1. Costa is a ****, I think you’re the fool. I’d rather have Danny Welbeck improve and start scoring more consistently than getting a player like him.

    2. I agree but think Welbeck will become better in terms of finishing. Did OK against N’castle – perfectly good goal disallowed, won the penalty but he seems to be a 50/50 merchant – mixing cool, sublime finishes with hesitation or fluffs. With a front line of DW/OG and AS then there will be no overwhelming pressure for him to supply all the goals. But he is a MASSIVE team player – something he and Alexis has bought to our team and think he was a very useful buy.

  3. Since you all are so worried about the UCL draw today and because I am so nice, did a bit of digging and came up with the probability chart.

    Chances of Arsenal drawing-
    Real Madrid- 14.438%
    Barcelona- 14.659%
    Brayen Munich- 24.048
    Chelsea- 0.00%
    Atletico Madrid- 14.438%
    Porto- 14.438%
    Dortmund- 0.00%
    Monaco- 17.981%

    The teams in the second pot will play at home first. So we will play in the Emirates again and against Brayen Munich (according to the probability index).

    1. Hey Sumo – are you sure your probability calculations are right? Unless I have missed something then our chances of drawing Bayern are 16.66% (or 1 in 6) the same as for Real, Barca, Atletico, Porto and Monaco.

      1. Hiii jonestown1. Sorry I couldn’t reply to yesterday. Yes my calculations are 100% accurate. Just for instance if you see, the probability of Brayen drawing us were 1 in 5. (They couldn’t draw Schalke, Leverkusen and Manchester City). But us drawing them were 1 in 6(as you correctly pointed out). I will spare you the calculations but show you a simple solution (but first you need to understand that the draw doesn’t revolve around any club).

        Example 1-
        1. Chances of Brayen being picked in the 1st chit = 1/8
        2. Chances of Arsenal being their opponent = 1/5

        Example continued-
        1. Chances of Real Madrid being picked in the 2nd chit- 1/7
        2. Chances of Arsenal being their opponent- 1/6

        You see the higher difference in probabilities? This is just a small example. It involves various permutations and combinations. Probability is never that simple.

        Even though your 1/6 thinking is very logical but that is not the how it works.

        Hope I was able to help. 🙂

        P.S.- You should comment here more often. I love your views/takes on/about us.

  4. This season challenging for PL and CL is not possible because of the injuries. Players are coming to form and then immediately gets injured. He must target FA cup again this season.
    I dont think we need any reinforcement in attacking roles.
    Wenger must go all out for Defence improvement.
    He needs to try Pogba, if not then Song or Schliderine.
    A world class CB and i think that this team is ready for challenging majour honours nexteason.
    This season we need to outscore opposition as our defence is very thin.
    From the 1st minute we need to press hard as we did in last two games and score amany goals, we must not relax until we score 3 goals and keep pressing.

    Injuries have cost us this season.

  5. Yeah! we are improving, but if the consistence of losing to big teams continues over the weekend then it will be another blip, its unacceptable. I would love teams to start fearing Arsenal and not us fearing other teams. Hope for some serious revenge against liverfool

    1. Is Liverpool a big team?
      Doesn’t look like it at the minute…
      They look like the UTD of last year and we couldn’t even beat them!

  6. Not sure about winning formula`s, the only change we made from recent events was to play with two strikers and the return of Debuchy at full back. Will the formula change again when we have Walcott, Ozil, Wilshere Ramsey and Koscienly back in the squad? I think it`s more a change of attitude rather than players. Wenger has been forced to play players who under normal circumstances wouldn`t even make the bench so maybe they brought with them the winning streak we were missing.

    1. I agreed with you right up till the last sentence regarding the bench… maybe bellerin wouldnt make bench. I didnt thumb you down though.

  7. Seriously OP…

    “Arsenal are finding a way to dominate games and more importantly, to win them”
    Really? what games were those? We had a good game against Newcastle but a week after Stoke you can actually say we are dominating games?

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