Is Alexis set to be Arsenal’s first-choice striker?

Alexis Sanchez Golden Ball

Alexis the Champion!

Alexis of course scored the first goal of the game, whilst also playing a perfectly waited ball over to Mesut Ozil for Arsenal’s third. Like he has done on so many occasions before, Alexis Sanchez has shown how much of an influential player he is on the ball and his skill, ability, confidence and determination to win, is exactly what has made him a great success at Arsenal. In fact after scoring 47 goals in 100 appearances for the Gunners, one goal behind the legendary Thierry Henry, Alexis has in fact been likened to Henry, with many suggesting that the Gunners may have finally found a player of similar calibre to replace the striker spot left by the Frenchman all those years ago.

The comparisons have continued today, with former Gunner Martin Keown speaking about the similarities of Henry and Alexis. The former defender said: “This fella is the icing on the cake, I haven’t seen anyone of this quality for years, since [Thierry] Henry. You just cannot take risks with him here, he picks his pocket [Gary Cahill] absolute quality.

“You can’t get tight to him. Cahill, David Luiz didn’t know how to cope with him. And it gives Arsenal that extra little bit of something.

“The Arsenal faithful have finally got a player that can make a difference. It takes a lot of things to be champions. But you need a player at the top of the team that he rest can believe in.”

First things first in that it’s true that Arsenal do have a player who they can believe in and the rest of the team can follow onto success. In fact through the likes of Ozil, Cech and perhaps even a little from Mustafi and Koscielny, Arsenal have plenty of players who are proven at a top top level and they can be the base for our success over the coming years.

I personally don’t take the approach so far however, to suggest that Alexis is the next Henry, because although their scoring statistics may be very similar, there are plenty of off the ball factors that do not make Alexis Sanchez the next Thierry Henry for Arsenal. Firstly is age, the fact that Henry achieved what he did in his eight seasons at Arsenal, at a younger age than Alexis. Henry was in fact arguably a bit of a ‘failure’ at his previous club before Arsenal and he developed into a world class player in North London at a relatively young age. Alexis Sanchez however is 27 now and was already a world renowned talent before he joined the Gunners.

Alexis also for me can have his periods of inconsistency and although he spent a lot of last season out injured, upon his return to the side, it did take some time for the Chilean international to settle and regain his form. For Thierry Henry on the other hand, the man was always on form and scored countless goals with ease.

There’s no suggestions in this to suggest that Alexis Sanchez isn’t a world class player for Arsenal, but to compare him to Henry and potentially name him as the next Thierry Henry, in my opinion may be the fans getting just a little ahead of themselves again. But on current form, surely Wenger must keep Alexis as centre-forward while he is scoring in every game?



  1. Wilshegz says:

    is he set to be? He is Arsenal’s first choice striker and because of that we have a genuine chance at the title.

    1. RSH says:

      it was never going to happen with Giroud. After 4 tries I think we can say he’s not good enough to bring us an EPL title. It’s still early days with Sanchez in this position, but things are maybe starting to come together….

  2. Arsenal007 says:

    Alexis is not ‘set to be Arsenal’s first-choice striker’…He is Arsenal’s first-choice striker.

    I still feel he’s more effective at the wings…but he’s proving himself every match that he owns the centre forward role.


  3. pubgooner says:

    If comparisons are being made we should also start comparing Ozil. The way he left Kante for dead for the third goal was a joy to watch. The race towards the goal with the ball was done at a breathtaking pace, this was fast. Kante just gave up the chase at half line and started ambling, puffing and panting. Kante, the league champion with his terrific pace, could not keep up. WC players at crucial moments get that burst of energy, nobody thought they had in them.
    Some in this forum doubted his ability, stating Ozil lacks speed and is lazy. Hope he proved the doubters wrong.

    1. Arsenal007 says:

      I think Ozil’s problem has never been that of quality. It’s been consistency. Let’s hope it’s different this season for him and the whole team…and we fans too.


      1. RSH says:

        Ozil was consistent last season. He did nothing wrong 2nd half of season, Giroud just decided to go on the worst goal drought ever, and the team fell apart as usual. Ozil was really the only one still playing decent. People were ridiculously premature in their criticisms of Ozil before the Chelsea game. Usually I’m the negative one, but ppl were calling for him to be dropped too… Glad he stepped up and showed his class.

        1. Arsenal007 says:

          LOL…I know you’ll prefer I said Ozil has been 110% excellent this season. But you know that’s not true. I’m not saying he’s a poor player and should have been dropped. I’m saying he wasn’t playing his best. For the first 2-3 games, his body language was quite off. He’s however picked up again, and I hope he maintains this quality…That’s consistency.

  4. muda says:

    You know someone is doing wonders when he’s compared to the KING himself.

  5. Twig says:

    Poor Perez 🙁

  6. Ugabooga says:

    Can Iwobi possibly be the black Ljungberg?
    Can Theo be the coloured Perez
    Can Coq be gilberto
    Can Xhaka be the white Vieira
    Can Chec be lehmann
    Can Ozil be the German Bergkamp
    Can Kos be Mustafi be Lauren
    Etc etc etc

    1. Ugabooga says:

      Can Wenger out be the French Wenger knows best?

      These are the questions that will be answered this season.

      1. Ugabooga says:

        Omg haters, all of you.

  7. RSH says:

    Was not for Alexis as striker, but have to admit he’s looking good in this position, and wenger proving me wrong. Question is can Walcott & Iwobi keep up his good performances out wide. We’re not as blessed with wide options as we are with midfielders and strikers. Hoping there is a role for Perez to play in this side soon, but this is working so far, so let’s just keep it going. COYG!

    And according to The Sun (please dont let this be a lie…), Coquelin will only be out 2 weeks, and not until 2017 as first feared, so thank goodness for that. Coquelin is very important for us.

  8. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I think that’s why Wenger the got Perez. To eventually replace Alexis on the left.
    Alexis IS are number 1 striker (well probably not for league and fa cup matches lol)

  9. Lexynal says:

    That is what comes along with quality; it also means – Utility. Because of his skills, intelligence and pace…I will take him as our first striker all day long. Do an interchange on the LW for tactical flavours (to daze the opponents the more)….that is what you can do when you have such a quality. I see better days ahead.

  10. Wilshegz says:

    can’t wait for us to get rid of Giroud, it has been a frustrating 4seasons watching my Arsenal play most games like a typical mid-table side.

    1. Ddog says:

      why would you want to get rid of him!? He’s great back up to have and offers a physical presence upfront, something we may desperately need at times when the speedy sanchez and perez types cant break down a defence. Giroud is very good player, he leads the line for france for gods sake. He’s not good enough to be Arsenals no. 1 striker but as back up, yes please, thank you very much.

  11. tissiam says:

    everyone with common sense knows that all the players will be playing a big part in arsenal challenging for titles except may be our defenders&goalkeeper who will play in all our important games otherwise we will see a lot of different combinations used in midfield&attack during the season depending on the opposition or if it,s a cl game to top the group or when it,s been decided already,a cup game or when we have to play twice in a week,injuries,loss of form….that,s why i hate when people dismiss players like giroud,perez,gibbs…..don,t forget it,s a team sport and you,re only as good as your squad,the players coming on from the bench will win us games for sure,remember only few seasons ago our bench was a disgrace today it,s full of quality so be supportive of all the players please.COYG!!

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