Have Arsenal finally got a proper defensive coach at last?

Steve Bould was known as a formidable defender when he played in the Arsenal defence alongside Tony Adams, Nigel Winterburn and Lee Dixon, and when he replaced Pat Rice as Arsene Wenger’s assistant manager back in 2012, we all hoped that would be teaching our current defenders how to stop leaking silly goals which has been one of our biggest problems in the last decade.

But, if anything, our defending has got steadily worse as Wenger much prefers to get his teams to attack in numbers than worry about stopping the other side scoring, and it would seem that Bouldy does little more than Wenger in the dug-out, chewing gum and nodding occasionally at the Boss.

But at the beginning of this season Wenger brought in Jens Lehmann as a first-team coach, and according to our young centre-back Rob Holding, he is teaching him to be more fiery in his role. “Jens has been a big difference since he’s come in,” Holding said. “He’s very demanding and not afraid to get down and dirty with you – he’ll get at you and I’ll have a little snap back.

“But then after training we’ll speak about it and we’ll come to an agreement on what went on and then the next day it’s like nothing happened.

“There’s no grudges held and it’s what I think is the key to getting the best out of me. You’re more aggressive and more demanding as a consequence and that’s what I need to be as a centre-half.”

Lehmann himself was very well-known for his aggressive manner and was proud to have played in every game of Arsenal’s Invincible season. Could he be the one to finally teach our young defenders to fight like Arsenal did while he was playing?

Darren N


  1. Me says:

    I wonder if this is all being done with Wenger’s consent or not.
    I just get the feeling that things are moving in the background that will see him leave in the summer.
    If you allow one person to run everything you get what has happened at Arsenal.
    I don’t see the manager surviving this season – I cannot see how you can justify keeping a manager on whose team has performed as badly as Arsenal have.
    I have said it before but 33 points behind the leaders with eight games to go must only lead to one conclusion – a new manager…

    1. Admin says:

      That is all very fine, but why does every single post have to turn into a discussion about WengerOut?
      This post is about Lehmann and Bouldy, remember?

      1. Mickew says:

        Completely agree, it’s almost pointless people posting topics as every one is turned into ‘ get rid of Wenger’ how about discussing the articles everyone. We all get the point about Wenger please can we discuss other things, otherwise this site becomes completely useless from the discussion perspective.

        1. Admin says:

          The next article will be completely about Wenger okay? Now let’s discuss our training….

          1. Godswill says:

            Admin, until you bring back the thumbs by all means and at all cost unwanted comments will remain permanent.
            But we are talking about the way forward. Are we not? Then Wenger out must always come in. But am not saying so. If not, I will be wishing somebody to lose a highly paid job.

          2. Break-on-through says:

            Anyways, saying I wonder if Wenger has given his consent sounds petty. Of course he knows sure they are on the same training field for heaven sake, if he knows he’s consented. It’s either everything wrong is Wenger’s fault – or it’s anything that’s good means Wenger’s out of the loop. Like seriously, how can you take someone serious on Wenger out stuff when they say something like that, this is why Pires posted yesterday ..Cancer Wenger’s fault what next?. He took some flack for it but I knew immediately what he meant by it, offering a taste of home-brew.

          3. Gooner Craig says:

            Thank you!! Ahh it’s soo annoying and boring now ffs.
            I hate the inevitable ‘it doesn’t matter who we buy if Wenger is still in charge’ comments! It all just ruins the discussions

      2. Me says:

        Well the manager under performing is the story here and will continue to be the story until the issue is resolved one way or another.
        A coach giving a player new found belief to fight is nice – but its hardly a major issue of debate and discussion, especially when the player in question is nothing but a squad player.
        A more interesting subject of debate would be the Tuchel story – but that.s just me….

        1. Mickew says:

          Tuchel – The problem is more than likely not a story, but yet more crap from the press trying to sell a ‘story’. Unfortunately people listen to these made up ‘stories’ and believe them. How many turn out to be true – maybe 1%?

      3. PIRES says:

        Cause in the mind of some “fans” Wenger cannot coach his teams defensivly ,he “got” at last a “proper” defensive coach!!! He is anyway even responsible of the Nagazaki bombing!!!!!

        1. Me says:

          What the hell are you babbling on about?
          Nagasaki bombing?
          Considering once again how many games we have lost and silly goals we have conceded I think it is fair to say that yes, we did need a defensive coach…

      4. RSH says:

        wenger has brought every player in the club in, and has hired the majority of his staff, and is one of the main reasons the club is where it is right now (good and the bad). He’s going to be mentioned in most topics even if it’s about Arsenal seating chart.

  2. Me says:

    Jens Lehman has always been very passionate as a footballer – I remember the spats with Oliver Kahn so its good that some of that passion has rubbed off on holding.
    The trouble with today’s footballers – even compared with the invincible team are that they are pampered – ridiculous wages, sponsorship deals, expensive cars and houses therefore the motivation may not always be there – so its good that Jens is here.
    As for Tuchel just being a media story – surely that is how all truth regarding Arsenal begins, as a story.
    Wasn’t Aubameyang a story before he signed???

  3. Gelz says:

    In Bouldys day we never had this zonal marking tactic, he wasn’t coached zonal marking, it was get close to your man and not let them get a clear run up on the ball, we also used this tactic called the off side trap, where all our defenders were in tune we each other and moved forward in tandem, something that we was famous for. These days our defence look like a bunch of headless chicken. Even though Lehman has also come in to help coach that has still not helped us leaking stupid goals. You don’t want Wenger to mentioned in all articles but its hard not to, either these 2 are not allowed to do there jobs properly or they are useless at there jobs.

    1. Me says:

      All Bould does it sit there and do nothing.
      If he doesn’t move for more than five minutes they have to check his pulse.
      He has the managerial and coaching skill of a traffic cone…

      1. andcliff says:

        But you have to admit he’s a great gum chewer!!

  4. andcliff says:

    Jens Lehmann is a winner and as an ‘Invincible’ commands respect particularly with the younger players. He has had probably the best back four ever in front of him and knows how a defensive unit works. He might be the one to instil some aggression and confidence in our shaky defence.

    Good to see one of the legends back at the club and maybe some day Patrick Viera?

  5. Ozziegunner says:

    Unfortunately Steve Bould’s influence (whether he is being allowed to or not) on coaching Arsenal to defend as a team, has been a great disappointment.

  6. Arnold says:

    Steve Bould was an ok player but will never be a good coach same as Tony Adams most Arsenal fans will in imagination somehow when Adams will be a good defense coach everywhere he went and coach those teams end up religated – asenal needs a modern coach in Pep Calibre full stop

  7. AB says:

    Based on our defensive performances doesn’t look like that.

  8. Break-on-through says:

    Was expecting to hear something like this the moment Lehman got brought back to the fold. I thought same when Bould first came back. Lehman is direct, they’ll know exactly where they stand with Lehman. He needs to get on all their cases, I like what Rob has told us but he should go further by bollocking the first player that starts to drop down a gear, be so hard on him no matter which player so the other lads say f-me I’m staying on my toes until he’s gone. Or start at the weakest links if too many of them are already in cruise control.

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