Have Arsenal finally got our new Santi Cazorla?

Arsenal’s Next Santi Carzola Spotted, Have You Seen Him?

Has Arteta signed his own Santi Cazorla? He may have done so recently, and here’s why. Anyone who truly watched Cazorla play could tell he was a baller; the Spaniard could easily play the ball with both feet; he was a special player, and the video below (posted by afcjxmes on Twitter) shows what a player Cazorla could be on a good day.

Unfortunately, an Achilles injury cut Cazorla’s time at Arsenal short; he missed a number of games before leaving at the end of the 2017-18 season.

Many Arsenal fans have never recovered from the Spaniard’s departure, but they need not worry because Arteta has just signed the club’s next-best two-footed attacker in the £27M swoop for Leandro Trossard. Trossard was recently asked what makes him so hard to face and whether he is a righty or a lefty, he boldly admitted as per AFC Stuff, “My preference will always be on my right, I think I’m almost both footed, that’s why it makes it so hard to defend sometimes. I like to go on my left as well because I know I can score! I’m comfortable with both feet & it helps me a lot.”

Many believe that against Manchester United, the 28-year-old displayed flashes of brilliance. I’m sure you’ll agree with me that Arteta needs to give us the pleasure of seeing Trossard make his full debut in the FA Cup clash against Man City this Friday. It could just continue to justify why he was a better and more economical buy than Mudryk.

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  1. As much as I think the Trossard signing is a quality one ,he’s a completely different player who plays in a different position,IMO no comparison at all ,santi was and is a legend in my eyes who’s career was blighted by injuries and without them and the players the great Arsene signed to play alongside him we could have won another title .

      1. Have to agree with you. Next who? Ozil I guess, I’d recommend Sanogo! He joined us and we won the FA Cup😊. Mustafi and Kolasinac would be contenders too for the commenter. Our football club was in existence before the great Mr. Wenger was born, so automatically his signings don’t become legendary. Neither is Mr Wenger a legend as he won nothing in Europe as a player or coach. Likewise even Emery should be our legend as he “could” Have won the EL but certain players ensured he didn’t. Mikel is a legend as he won the FA cup within 6 months! Period!

          1. Wait long enough DK and the post arrives 😂😂😂

            I do believe we had a legendry group of players, with a legendry manager who became PL Invincibles…. perhaps certain “fans” weren’t around then?

            1. Strange one is LC Ken
              Obviously Wenger upset him somewhere down the line ,he doesn’t hold a grudge much does he 😂

              1. His posts become more and more pointless every day.

                In the world of football, Arsene Wenger is renowned for his contribution to the game AND our Invincible squad has been recognised as legendry throughout the game.

                It’s really strange that an Arsenal “fan” is the only one who cannot recognise these two facts, but I’m sure when MA has an Invincible squad, we will all be proud of his achievement.

                Last time I looked, AW had one the fa cup seven times, so that must make him a seven time legend!!!!!!!

        1. LC I realise of course that both you and I are not the type of AW hero worshipper to this very day that some of our fans are. And neither of us were taken in, like so many others, by Ozil.

          But when you claim, in extremely mean spirit IMO, that AW was NOT a legend, you part company with me.
          OF COURSE he was an Arsenal legend, probably the greatest one of all.

          AND I AM AFRAID TOO, THAT EVEN AS A MANAGER WHO WON THE FA CUP IN HIS FIRST HALF A SEASON, MA as yet, is only on the start of his journey to hopefully, in time , become a legend. TBH, I dislike posts that are obviously NON realistic, as yours was!

        2. Legend or no Legend, Carsola was a joy to behold in transition play he was simplu unplayable and a marvel with ball

      2. Do you have to win trophies before you become legend

        The duo of Teddy sheringham and Noble of Westham,what did they win? They’re the club legends…

        Harry Kane,not spud legend?

      3. You mean carzola didn’t win a title for arsenal? What about the FA trophy isn’t it a title. However the author has brought a topic l had with arsenal fans days ago. I wish Mikel could copy from the professor and change Leo’s position like carzola. Professor turned carzola from a winger to no. 10 finally to a box to box entertainer. What a player he was .to this day i still watch his game against man city in 2015 at Etihad. Trossad indeed could be that carzola if he can take xakas position

  2. Based on Trossard’s performance against us and his little involvement in our last game, he is a predominantly right-footed LW with an adept weaker foot

    Whereas Cazorla was a truly ambidextrous playmaker who was too slow to play on the wings, so we can’t really compare them

    A real ambidextrous winger is extremely rare, such as Ousmane Dembele

    As for Trossard’s comparison with Mudryk, I reckon Mudryk to be pacier, taller and stronger, but Trossard is way more experienced and seemingly has closer ball control skills

    Trossard could be a better buy if he keeps playing on the left wing or in the middle, because he has more spaces to exploit in those areas as compared to the right wing. Arteta shouldn’t repeat his wrong assignment on Willian, who’s flourishing at Fulham due to his position

    1. Gai, if you follow Trosard before, he actually has similarity with Carzola in certain ways. Not ambidextrous but his left foot is so good, he can dribble and has good passing range to score goals. Very dangerous player within and around 18 box. Under the coaching of Arteta, if he gets his opportunity to play on the left it would be difficult for Mattinely to enter the fray again.

      1. Yes, I have seen him playing against us and he was really dangerous on Brighton’s left wing

        I guess he will start ahead of Martinelli in FA Cup. If he can produce a goal or assist, he could be a starter in Goodison Park

        1. I agree.

          He has signed at the right time as Martinelli needs a break. Hopefully we will get them both firing at the end of season

  3. Of course, there are traces of the maestro, Santi Cazorla in Trossard’s game. I expect him to score tons of goals too, from both sides, playing in the No: 10 spot. Will be a joy to watch.

  4. I agree with the writer, he plays similar to carzola. Not the two foot, the stature, playing style all similar to carzola

  5. Talk about letting your self get carried away . Based on only a very few, albeit promising minutes, I for one would not be comparing “ten minutes Trossard” to the legendary CAZORLA .

    At least, not for some time to come. LETS AT LEAST WAIT AND SEE HOW HE DOES!

    1. @jon fox
      RealTalk. Santi’s gift was not just in his ambidexterity. He could also convert defence into attack at the drop of a hat.

    2. Dembele? I watched him in the WC and he is all left foot. As much as we have to hate him because of the club he plays for you could have said Perisic. If you’ve watched any of the Spurs’ games this year you will have seen Perisic taking set pieces with either foot, too. Or better yet, Marc Overmars, who was the first modern player I ever saw do it.

  6. Santi was a player who would have fitted easily into the Invincible squad – a maestro in his own right.

    Let’s just wait a while before comparing Trossard to him… or even Rosicky, another brilliant player.

    1. I agree 100% Santiago and Rosicky were just brilliant footballers.. The quintessential Arsenal players

  7. Many creative footballers are in their prime at 28. Santi came to us at 28 years old, was with us for years, and even after his injury would have been better than most that followed. Whether one calls him right or left footed, Leo de-facto, scores with and uses both feet. We have lucked up and signed a super skillful and creative player. I really hope he blossoms here.

  8. Well, Trossard looks a real bargain, but to early to compare him to Carzola. carzola was a gem, a quality player and Fans favourite. Lets see more of Trossard’s first!

  9. Certainly an economic buy as compared to Mudryk, also given the fact he has PL experience. His 2 footedness will help Arsenal greatly in attacks. He willl prove to be a real gem.

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