Have Arsenal found right balance between Defence and Attack?

Arsenal finally got a decent and well deserved reward for their efforts in the Champions League game against Borussia Dortmund and while Jurgen Klopp was not happy with the performance of his players, Arsene Wenger suggested that it was the Gunners getting the balance of the side right, as an Arsenal.com report shows.

The manager said, “I felt we had a good combination between our usual passing game and our transition from defence to attack. We were highly focused to defend well together from the first to the last minute and we always looked dangerous. Defensively we were very good as well.

“We were more under pressure because on Saturday we played well but maybe we were victims of our generous attitude going forward. Here we had a bit more urgency to defend, especially when we were 1-0 up.”

We have all seen many times in the past that Arsenal were too focused on the creative side of the game and scoring goals. That was one of the big reasons for our way day woes against the big Premier League teams last season but we have been seeing a much more patient and disciplined Arsenal this season, some of the time at least.

There have still been times this season when we have lost defensive discipline, such as Man United’s second goal and all three of Anderlecht’s, but we have been punished so harshly for those lapses that perhaps it has driven the lesson home. Per Mertesacker seems to think so, according to Arsenal.com, although the big German knows that the team must now keep the same sort of focus and discipline into the rest of the season.

Per said, “We were very convincing [against Dortmund]. We have to show character and that is what makes me really happy for the next few games, because we have to sharpen up in the Premier League as well.

“We were very solid from the start. We scored an early goal, which is quite new for us. Our performance did not drop in the second half and that was the key.

“We really stuck together and tried to find solutions. When we scored the second, we dropped a bit, but we were defensively very solid. Everyone was up for it and that was the difference to all the other games when we suffered and conceded late goals.”

The thing that has impressed me most is the way we have started to press and press as a unit, perhaps having seen how Alexis Sanchez forces mistakes. If we can keep that up as well as not bombing forward and exposing the defence, perhaps we have hit on the right blend that can bring us success. What do you think Gooners?

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    1. We’ve been doing the basics of defense wrong for a long time… Far too long to have me convinced we have turned a corner in just one game. Even if we make 3 clean sheets in a row i’d still be not convinced. We’ve been beaten and beaten hard far too many times for me to think that Arsene will ever change his approach in defense.

  1. No. The early goal was the difference. If we would have scored early against manure we would probably have won that too. Goals change the dynamic of a game and arsenal are on of the worst teams when it comes to chasing a goal

  2. we made the right decision to sell Verm….hes out for the rest of the season..and only played a handful of games for a 29yo player

    1. In hindsight Yes but hindsight is 20/20

      Letting go of Vermaelen and not getting another defender (in addition to Debuchy and Chambers who replaced Sagna and Jenkison) was not a good decision. It’s the reason we have Monreal as CB.

      We started the season with Debuchy, Mertsacker, Koscielny, chambers, Monreal and Gibbs. 6 players for 4 positions. Wenger shouldnt have finished Summer business without getting another CB
      Anyway, we got Bellerin from the Academy and he did very well at RB, but when Debuchy and Koscielny gets injured, instead of playing Bellerin at RB and Chambers at CB, he plays Monreal at CB.
      Chambers is better at CB than Monreal. Also Bellerin is better at RB than Monreal is at CB.

      Basically, Wenger messed up the defense from end of summer. Thankfully, Koscielny is back who gives us breathing room

      1. Yes and Monreal is better than Mertesacker. Watching the game against Borussia I could see that he has realised that he must cover for the snail. M was never put under pressure so most of the time he could recover his position. The reality is that it is impossible for him to be quicker, to jump higher and to tackle without going to ground. Often some of the teams are so poor that he gets away with it. Until he is relieved and replaced this team will never prosper. Kos has learnt how to play with him so too Monreal. Should they have such a huge responsibility. No….

        1. Mertasacker plays like the old Sweeper type just so slow,he has to be the slowest player not just in the premior Lg but Sunday football over 40s as well even I’m faster than him,have you noticed that when he passes a ball he nearly falls over its as if his top half is slower than his legs. CB

      2. I don’t know what games you have watched ,but Monreal has done a great job as for Bellirin his last game was his best and full backs have cover from centre backs watch and see Monreal cover for Gibbs going forward and also for Mertisacker Remember Sagna covered for centre backs too and never had a bad game they seem to play better as more room inside to play from Stop picking on Monreal without him we would be in the s,,,,, pick on Wilshire cost us the game against United. CB

  3. Unfortunately it’s taken injuries to find this “balance.” The team plays much better when the coach doesn’t change the system to accommodate his favorites…difference now is that he’s forced to play a more effective team since injuries have left the team picking itself. On a very bright side, midfielders might actually have to play in the middle and wingers on the wing…

    1. That why I said, Wenger was lucky wilshere injured if not he won’t use that formation, he will use wilshere and carzola will be on the bench.

  4. OT:
    Now I know why so many people hate arsenal or I say they hate wenger not arsenal. Just after the win, he start to being an as*hole that speak like he know everything than the rest of the world. ” I don’t care what outside said, within our team we are united”. He is making more enemy and himself too.

    1. @justsoccerfan
      But he’s right. Why should he worry about what anyone from outside the club has to say about club business.

  5. Let’s hope we see Podolski start against WBrom his best chance now that Giriud is the only stricker fit. Love to see both on at start with Campbel on at 65 min and hope also Roscikey gets on have missed him
    Arenal 3 W brom 1 CB

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